Zilis Review – A CBD Oil MLM Company

Today, let’s talk about Zilis – a CBD oil MLM company that offers you a chance to make extra money by main recruitment and a few retail commissions.

If you often look for alternatives to cure ailments and illnesses, you would find out CBD oils or related products showing on page #01 of your Google search.

Will you make money by Zilis to replace your 9-5 jobs? I am not sure since there is no proof yet that anyone could live by Zilis. So, keep reading on my discoveries from Zilis.

I want to say first that I am not an affiliate of Zilis or want to sell you CBD & hemp oils here at my blog. I simply want to share my thoughts on Zilis and evaluate whether it’s a great opportunity to make a living or not.

Disclaimer: As the owner of Smileaffiliatesuccess.com, I have tracked down special deals for products, tools, and services mentioned herein. When you click my affiliate links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. This is a win-win advantage for both of us.

What Is Zilis?

-Summary of Zilis-

Product Name: Zilis
Founders: Steven and Angie Thompson in 2015
Product Type: CBD and Hemp Oil E-commerce MLM
Price: $99 to $1299 for Starter Packs
Best for:
Founders and top 2% members
Rating: 25 / 100
Recommend: No One

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the resin, leaves or flowering tops of two forms of the cannabis plant which includes marijuana and hemp. But, CBD minus the chemical – THC that makes people high.

Since the chemical – THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) is removed, ingesting or using CBD products won’t get you high. CBD products also give you holistic treatment, emotional balance, pain relief, or better sleep!

That’s why it gets so popular these years and it’s LEGAL in some USA states and in some countries.

What’s inside Zilis?

Unlike other CBD companies, Zilis doesn’t manufacture its own products, and they collect CBD products from other companies. Because of this, they like to mention they are the Amazon.com of CBD products.

Besides the products infused with CBD or hemp oil, Zilis also has non-CBD products to offer. Below are some CBD products you can find on Zilis.

  • Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Oil
  • Zen
  • Vera Life
  • Common Sense
  • Elemental Essential Oils
  • 7 Help CBD Oil

You’ll find out more about their products by clicking this link here and here.

Does Zilis Products work?

The company made it clear that Zilis products are not evaluated by FDA and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical conditions.

This probably explains why I cannot find both positive and negative comments on the internet for Zilis products. My personal experience for this kind of product might not work for me even if I could find some positive feedback on Google.

Based on my findings, there are some important factors that your CBD will work for you, such as:

  1. The amount of pure CBD in your product
  2. The percentage of diluting CBD per volume of product
  3. Other ingredients in your CBD product

Before really buying CBD and hemp products, I suggest you have a better read for the below articles.

Zilis Review – Healthy Disclaimer

How To Get Started with Zilis?

Here comes the most important part of Zilis. Yeah, How does it work to help you make extra money by Zilis? Zilis has two ways to achieve this.

  • Retail commissions
  • Bonus and commissions from team building

To first start your journey with Zilis, you need to pay $99 as an ambassador with a bundle of products you could sell already. Level – Ambassador is the lowest level in Zilis, and you could move up to the next few levels by paying more for the below starter packs.

  • Bronze Starter Pack – $199
  • Silver Starter Pack – $599
  • Gold Starter Pack – $1299

There are different products come with different level memberships. Normally, the more expensive membership means the better products you get and the higher profits come to your pocket.

Zilis Compensation Plan

There are seven ways to get paid by Zilis, but I conclude the main three methods to make money for everyone who wants to become an affiliate of Zilis.

Retail Commissions

It’s easy to understand if you ever know how MLM companies work. You get a fixed profit every time you sell their product using their platform. You get a wholesale discount for the products you like to sell and mark up the price to the normal retail price.

The gap between the discounted price and the retail price is the commissions you can earn.

Zilis Review – Zilis CBD and hemp oil

MLM Commissions

MLM commissions are only rewarded to Zilis Ambassadors who are recognized “ACTIVE“.

Active is defined as having 50 Autoship PV(automatic monthly product order placement) or 75 other PV in the current or previous monthly period from your own and your retail customer’s orders.

PS: Product Volume (PV) is a value assigned to each Zilis products. You could earn PV by purchasing various Zilis products for yourself or for retail purposes.

Direct Recruitment Commissions

This is the most important part in Zilis system. Recruitment!

When you recruit people into Zilis, you earn commissions. The commissions depend on what starter packs they purchase.

  • Bronze Starter Pack – $20
  • Silver Starter Pack – $60
  • Gold Starter Pack – $130

Higher level affiliates can also earn additional commissions such as the Infinity Fast Start, exclusive perks and, mind-boggling bonuses! You could have a better check here.

Zilis Review – Ranking

Extra Bonuses and Perks

  • Blessing Bonus: Qualified city ambassador or the above with the ability to help your local community. By reaching city ambassador, Zilis will reward you $100-$400 per month. You could help a non-profit organization, a family member in need or a total stranger.
  • Healthcare Bonus: Regional Ambassadors and above can get the health insurance reimbursements up to $1,500 per month.
  • Jeep Bonus: For any area ambassador or above, Zilis will reimburse your lease or loan payment for a Jeep Wrangler or Grand Cherokee. Nothing says freedom like a Jeep!
  • Global Bonus Pool: Qualified regional ambassadors and above can get a quarterly revenue sharing from 2% of the total company sales.

What I Liked About Zilis CBD Oils

TOP#1 A CBD E-Commerce Platform

Zilis recognizes itself as a CBD e-commerce platform, and they did a good job on this platform. Look at the layout of Zilis shopping page. It’s simple and easy to find CBD products you like to purchase by category.

At least, they make the shopping experience a great one. Everyone could find what CBD products they want! If I need to pick a bone from the egg, I would suggest Zilis IT team to add a feature that users could compare the products they choose to know the differences.

Just like Apple’s website, you could choose three phones for a comparison to know which one is the best fit. I will be happy if I could see the same on Zilis.

Zilis Review – Zilis CBD and hemp oil

Ugly Truth About Zilis CBD Oils

TOP#1 Upsells after Upsells

I’ve written an article about how to avoid online scams, and upsell is one of them. Although Zilis is not a scam, I found it’s full of upsells after upsells.

You begin with $99 with a bundle of products to sell. If you want to maximize your earnings by Zilis, they encourage you to spend more purchasing the starter packs which costs $199-$1,299.

This is very obvious a pay to pay business format which is not my type of thing. For a beginner of any kind of online marketing, it’s a huge amount of money we are talking about here.

TOP#2 Mainly Focus On Recruitment

Although Zilis has the products you could earn commissions by the gap between wholesale discounted price and retail price, it’s obvious that this is not the sector Zilis wants to focus on.

If you look closely at its compensation plan, it’s easy to find out they offer higher commissions for recruiting more people into this system.

Let’s look at this video from an insider of Zilis. He mentions clearly that you move up to the next level by building your team tree. Meaning you can earn more by recruiting more people.

TOP#3 Low Income Potential

Since I don’t find any proof on the internet that there are some people could make a living only by Zilis, it seems it’s really difficult to make money by this program.

What I found on Zilis website is that they mentioned the Ambassador(the lowest level of Zilis) could make less than $300 per year. If we do math here, $300 / 12 months = $25 per month.

So, it’s no surprise why there are no positive proofs we could get from Google’s search results on this. And, Zilis doesn’t update this income disclosure after 3 years.

Let’s try to be more rational on this, won’t you renew income disclosure once any member could make more than $300 a year? This is a great PR(public relations) material to show the world that Zilis does work!

Zilis Review – Income Disclosure

Who Is Zilis For?

Zilis is a business opportunity for those who are experienced in the direct selling, network marketing, and MLM industry.

My TOP#1 concern for Zilis is the income disclosure on its official website, the ambassador could make less than $300 per year. Meaning $25 per month. Besides, you need to find more people to join this system(recruitment).

I think Zilis will work for people who are really good at recruiting or who are really enthusiastic about health and wellness in the CBD & hemp sector.

Is Zilis A Scam?

Based on my findings on Zilis, it’s not a scam. BUT! It’s indeed a legitimate MLM company that you try hard to get an income less than $300 a year. Meaning less than $25 per month.

So, if you go for Zilis, I would suggest you think twice before you go for the $300 income. I don’t think it’s worthy the money you join to become an ambassador or the time you spend on purchasing and selling what you get from Zilis.

My Alternative Way to Make Money Online

My TOP#1 recommendation for making money online is affiliate marketing. You don’t even need to purchase a product or any kind of online service.

The best part is you could turn your passion, the things you love the most in your real life into a stable income. If you try harder or make more effort into this, it would be highly possible to generate a full-time income to replace your daily job.

The affiliate marketing platform I am using is Wealthy Affiliate. It guides me to the digital nomad lifestyle meaning I could work anytime & anywhere with a laptop on my lap!

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Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Here are some of the most active members from Wealthy Affiliate. Each of them did succeed in generating a sustainable income to replace their 9-5 jobs. You are more than welcome to check their stories HERE.

I hope you enjoy this review and find it useful and helpful for you to make the decision. You are more than welcome to share ideas or leave your comments below. I will reply as soon as I can, thanks.


Matt is a 30ish guy who has a corporate job and chases the dream to become a digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle. He is passionate about making money online and will keep creating quality content to find his online success.

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