Why You Should Join Wealthy Affiliate?

You came to my blog for some reasons, and you want to learn how to get money online and wonder why you should join Wealthy Affilaite?

You may hear Wealthy Affiliate program from others, and you are doing researches whether it’s a scam or not. Yes, I went through the same process before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, and I am embracing it now.

Since we all look for a legit platform to get money online, I won’t promote something that I don’t actually like it and I barely use it.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that I want to log in to every day for all the great tools it has to offer. Among all the great tools it offers, I list out TOP 6 features I LOVE the most.

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What’s Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

Before we go for the TOP 6 features, for those who don’t know Wealthy Affiliate yet, you may check my full review HERE.

Wealthy Affiliate is built by Kyle and Carson in September 2005 in Canada. After 14 years passed, Wealthy Affiliate has turned into the world-class friendly and supportive community that every affiliate marketer needs at the very first beginning.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform helps people to turn their passions into a blog or website that generates a passive income eventually. It requires you to follow their step-by-step training, 24/7 support, and tools to make it happen.

I guess now you have the basic understanding of Wealthy Affiliate, let’s go directly for the top 7 features I LOVE the most about it.

Top#1 Easy Access to the Founders

I think it’s hard to find another affiliate platform that you could chat or talk about your technical problems by a simple personal message, right?

He shows up often to boost my morale and motivates me to go further. Things are not like this at other affiliate marketing education platforms or programs, and you might think Wealthy Affiliate is nonsense by this.

BUT, it’s just the way the founders – Kyle & Carson does at Wealthy Affiliate! You are not ALONE, and they take care of EVERYONE!

Sometimes, I left my feedback on an article that we are discussing what we could use to optimize our blog & website. Kyle would feedback with his own thoughts right below my comment.

I don’t know what the other founders does at their own platforms. What I know for sure is that Kyle & Carson are really supporting and helping me, and I am just one member from 300,000 members inside Wealthy Affiliate.

It seems impossible, YES, I feel impossible too.

If you do find a platform where you could also talk to the founders, please drop me a message or leave a comment with the platform name & website. I cannot wait to try by myself.

Top#2 Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

When you become a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, you are able to use Jaaxy Lite version for your keyword searching adventures.

Living in the thriving Internet era, it’s not possible that we could get ranked higher than other competitors for the same keywords.

Taken “Make Money Online” for an example, it should be easy-understanding for everyone. No need to offer more proofs, you know this keyword is super competitive online, right?

So, the alternative is to find a not so competitive keyword to help us get ranked on all search engines!

Jaaxy is built and created for this purpose, let’s see the below screenshot that I get from Jaaxy. There full review is HERE, you are more than welcome to have a look!

Although “Make Money Online” has more visitors than “Get Money Online”, the QSR is more than double.

It also means the competition of “Make Money Online” is more than double than “Get Money Online” on all search engines!

Therefore, from the very beginning, I don’t even try to use “Make Money Online” for my target keyword for my posts.

I would go for “Get Money Online” and try to get ranked on page #1 of Google, Bing & Yahoo.

It saves you tons of time for the competition, and I think everyone needs this no matter they are naming for their post title or video title on YouTube.

The comparison feature is the first one I LOVE from Jaaxy, and there are other great features on Jaaxy – The Best SEO Keyword Tool.

If you only want to take Jaaxy home, I suggest you try Wealthy Affiliate first!

Why? Do you know Wealthy Affiliate lets you try for FREE? When you sign in to try Wealthy Affiliate, you are granted the FREE access to try Jaaxy as below limited searches!

-Jaaxy Starter-

  1. 30 Keyword Searches
  2. 20 Keyword Results
  3. 2 Keyword Lists
  4. 30 SiteRank Scans

Top#3 Website Comment & Feedback Platform

Kyle and Carson makes Wealthy Affiliate a “Pay-It-Forward” platform for every member, even for a starter.

You could log in and choose SiteComment to either request or leave comments because we all understand that comment & engagement are the critical criteria search engines evaluate your website.

If you do it correctly, you would have the high possibility to boost your rankings. The more comments & engagements, the higher rankings.

The higher ranking, the more possibilities you could make it a full-time income resource by your blog or website.

Besides SiteComments, you could also ask for the feedback on your post and website.

No matter SiteComment and SiteFeedback, each request would require two credits. You could earn one credit by giving your honest and insightful comment on other member’s post! This is what we called “PAY-IT-FORWARD”.

When I am busy at building my own blog and writing my posts, I don’t always find out somethings I could improve. I quite often go for BOTH SiteComment and SiteFeedback for the BEST results.

The only difference between SiteComment & SiteFeedback is that all the words you leave for SiteComment would be turned to the real comment for the requesters” blog post while SiteFeedback only stays inside Wealthy Affiliate for the honest suggestions from all the members.

Top#4 A True Community

Here comes the other feature I found the reason why people love Wealthy Affiliate as me. A True Community!

The journey to be successful on affiliate marketing is lonely, especially when you first started.

But, in the platform of Wealthy Affiliate, there are not only beginners like you but also many experts in all kinds of marketing.

You could simply enter the related classrooms for your questions, and it usually takes about one day to have the feedback.

For example, I have a question between the SiteContent and WordPress. After just one day, I got feedback from another member with the correct answer.

It cleared something stuck in my head for a few days and couldn’t google the right way doing it by myself.

This timely support does help me with all the technical issues I face while applying all the training I learned at WA platform on my blog. I feel GREAT!

Besides the wealthy affiliate platform and WordPress related, there are also classrooms you could raise your questions. Such as: content writing, keyword research, SEO, local marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and video marketing.

You might find the answers to run a better and smoother blog & website.

Top#5 Earn Money by Teaching Others What You Know

For every member of Wealthy Affiliate, you are allowed to share the valuable knowledge as training. You could either write a step and step training or make your own tutorial video to educate other members.

For example, Jerry – my mentor shared a very powerful training called “WA Bootcamp Hacks”, and I love it! It gives the great insight to remind you what other stuff you could do for your online business.

I find that if I didn’t join Wealthy Affiliate, it would cost me double or even triple time to achieve what I got at the moment. Wealthy Affiliate is like a treasure island for me! The only thing I am afraid of is I don’t have too many treasures to carry with two hands.

Top#6 Free to Get Started Without Time Limitation

The best part of joining Wealthy Affiliate is that they provide you a FREE 7-days trial! YES, 7-days.

So, you could try all the above features in 7 days then think whether you like it or not. Most people like myself joined Wealthy Affiliate right after 7 days passed.

Why? I think the reason is simple. Because I found a place full of likely-minded people and they help each other. With all the support and those great tools provided by Wealthy Affiliate, you are able to run faster to achieve your goal.

Watch this video by one of the Ambassadors from Wealthy Affiliate, you would get a better idea today!

>>>Try Wealthy Affiliate For FREE Today<<<


To be honest, I am glad Wealthy Affiliate is the first affiliate marketing program I joined.

There are more and more scams on the internet and most of them are just selling their membership with poor training.

It’s very difficult to find a program like Wealthy Affiliate with many likely-minded people & experts, great tools, and perfect education of organic SEO. Even you find another one, I guess the subscription fee must be much higher than WA.

So, please consider a trial before real joins Wealthy Affiliate, your successful online business is not far from HERE.

I hope you enjoy reading my TOP 6 reasons Why You Should Join Wealthy Affiliate. You are more than welcome to share ideas or leave your comments below.


Matt is a 30ish guy who has a corporate job and chases the dream to become a digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle. He is passionate about making money online and will keep creating quality content to find his online success.

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