What Is Traffic Authority About?

Welcome to my Traffic Authority review. Let me guess you wonder, “What Is Traffic Authority About?” so you google to read one after one review about it. Am I right?

If you want to know Traffic Authority, you are in the right place. I am curious, just like you, and do my online research to know whether it helps me to make extra money online.

Before I further share my findings, I have to tell you a few things.

  1. I am not referring you to buy any Traffic Authority products to earn my commissions, which I loathe the most when I read online reviews. You will expect an honest and unbiased review here on my website.
  2. This review is also my approach to examining whether this program suits my personality or not, and you can make your final decision by reading this review to the end.
  3. Checking things online can save you time and money, and you just showed me you are doing great. Congratulations, your hard earned money is safe and secure.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Disclaimer: As the owner of Smileaffiliatesuccess.com, I have tracked down special deals for products, tools, and services mentioned herein. When you click my affiliate links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. This is a win-win advantage for both of us.

What is Traffic Authority About?

-Summary of Traffic Authority-

Product Name: Traffic Authority
Founders: Chad Stalvey, Greg Chambers, and Doug Wellens
Product Type: Internet Marketing Training Courses with MLM structure
Price: $220 to start + upsells up to $8,397
Recommend: No!

Traffic Authority is a program that teaches you many aspects of internet marketing, but the focus is on traffic. You can join the program to learn how to drive traffic by paying various traffic packages and making commissions if you decide to promote the program to the online world.

It used to be called Infinite Leverage in the past. Once Infinite Leverage shut down, Traffic Authority took its place, which raised a red flag in my head when I knew this.

To be honest, there are much better internet marketing programs than Traffic Authority, and you will know the reasons further down.

Inside Traffic Authority

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. No traffic means no income. That’s why many traffic generation programs today help you drive traffic to your sites. Most of them are scams, while some are legitimate.

Traffic Store

You can buy various traffic packages, ranging from $220 to $8,397.

Once you buy the traffic package, you will get the respective clicks. It’s around $1 per click, but it’s hard to say that those clicks will generate leads for your websites.

  1. Basic Package: $220, 170-190 clicks
  2. Bronze Package: $440, 340-380 clicks
  3. Silver Package: $660, 510-570 clicks
  4. Gold Package: $1,097, 850-950 clicks
  5. Platinum Package: $2,197, 1700-1900 clicks
  6. Titanium Package: $4,297, 3400-3800 clicks
  7. Diamond Package: $8,397, 8100-8400 clicks

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Traffic Optimizer

Besides $220-$8,397 for Traffic Store, you can pay $27 per month for Traffic Optimizer to better manage your links. Here are what to expect inside Traffic Optimizer.

  • Link Tracker
  • Split Testing/Rotator
  • Exit Popups
  • Timers
  • Site Monitor
  • Capture Page Builder

Traffic Academy

Traffic Academy is a monthly subscription($97) to learn internet marketing to promote your websites or to promote Traffic Authority itself. You will learn the below training and much more.

  • Online Marketing Basics
  • How to Sell Retail Traffic
  • How to Place Banner Ads
  • How to Sell the Business Plan

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Traffic Reseller Program

You need to renew your membership every year by paying $20, and you will qualify for commissions if you sell any Traffic Authority products.

Both you and your sponsor will get high-percentage commissions, and this is the way Traffic Authority could keep running the business.

Compensation Plan

  1. Basic Package $220: earn a $100 commission for each referral, commission rate: 45%
  2. Bronze Package $440: earn a $200 commission for each referral, commission rate: 45%
  3. Silver Package $660: earn a $300 commission for each referral, commission rate: 45%
  4. Gold Package $1,097: earn a $500 commission for each referral, commission rate: 46%
  5. Platinum Package $2197: earn a $1000 commission for each referral, commission rate: 46%
  6. Titanium PackagE $4297: earn a $2000 commission for each referral, commission rate: 47%
  7. Diamond Package 8397: earn a $4,000 commission for each referral, commission rate: 48%
  8. Traffic Optimizer $27: earn a $20 commission for each referral, commission rate: 74%
  9. Traffic Academy $97: earn a $50 commission for each referral, commission rate: 52%

The commissions of your first six sales will be split 50/50. 50% of the commission is paid to you, the other 50% is paid to your sponsor.

For the 7th and the following, it becomes 80/20. 80% of the commissions go to you, the rest 20% goes to your sponsor.

Side note: Sponsor means the one who brought you into Traffic Authority. In the MLM industry, it’s called “upline.”

Who Is Traffic Authority For?

Based on my affiliate marketing experiences, I suggest you avoid this program.

No one should pay up to $8,397 to Traffic Authority with unknown traffic sources or simply to qualify for commissions.

Ugly Truth About Traffic Authority

TOP#1 Pay To Play

You need to pay for the product then you get the chance to earn commissions, which makes it seems like a Ponzi scheme although Traffic Authority does provide actual products.

If your referrals buy the higher traffic packages, you can only earn the commissions of your traffic package, not the commissions of the higher ones.

Do you know what the worst part is? Your earning potential is related directly to the traffic packages you paid. This inevitably pushes all the members to buy the top packages just to qualify for the highest commissions.

TOP#2 Focus on Reselling

The founders of Traffic Authority want you to resell the programs so they can keep earning money from your pockets & others.

If you go further with the training courses in Traffic Academy, you will know this is true.

For people who are just starting their online business, it’s challenging to promote the program to anyone. Not to mention the costs they need to pay for the clicks & other products.

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TOP#3 The Traffic Sources

How are you sure that the traffic they provide you be 100% workable or non-illegal? Without telling us the traffic sources, it’s impossible that people could leverage them to make more sales.

What I Liked About Traffic Authority

Nothing I like from Traffic Authority, sorry…

Is Traffic Authority A Scam?

No, I won’t call Traffic Authority a scam since it offers actual products to you(those clicks) after you pay the costs. But it’s not the kind of product I recommend anyone to try.

I prefer to start a blog with quality content for my readers, so they can learn something new every time they visit my website.

Once they like my articles that provide them insight and honest advice, they will become my fans/followers/customers. They will love to try things I promote here.

The Process of Affiliate Marketing

It might take longer to see positive results, but building an online business is never easy. No program could bring you thousands of money overnight, so try to think this is a marathon, not a sprint.

People who can last in the long run get the most rewards on their hands. This is my cup of tea, so if you are still with me, you will like my alternative to making money online.

Alternative Program(My Favorite)

You can get everything about affiliate marketing at a $49 monthly membership fee or $495 yearly. An alternative I do recommend is Wealthy Affiliate(WA).

  1. You are not restricted to promoting Traffic Authority’s products, but you can promote any niche you have passion for with the related products or services.
  2. You don’t need to pay for those upsells provided by Traffic Authority. WA doesn’t require you to spend money on extra services except for the domain name for your website.
  3. You can create your starter account by paying nothing for a 7-day trial, and you don’t need to type in your credit card number when you sign up. So, if you don’t like WA after seven days, there is nothing to lose.
  4. You get all the powerful tools, features, training courses, and support you need to maintain the success of your online business.

You are more than welcome to check my full Wealthy Affiliate review HERE, or click the button right below to start your online journey with us.

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Here are some most active members from Wealthy Affiliate. Each of them did succeed in generating a sustainable income to replace their 9-5 jobs. You are more than welcome to check their stories HERE.

I hope you enjoy this review and you are more than welcome to share ideas or leave your comments below. I will reply as soon as I can, thanks.

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What Is Traffic Authority About?What Is Traffic Authority About?

Matt is a 30ish guy who has a corporate job and chases the dream to become a digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle. He is passionate about making money online and will keep creating quality content to find his online success.

6 thoughts on “What Is Traffic Authority About?”

  1. I didn’t know about Traffic Authority until I read your article but I’ve heard of methods that are similar to Traffic Authority and some of them are on the same page as you. The idea sounds a bit cool. All you need to do is pay for traffic (also dealing with the up-selling which some people don’t like that) and some people don’t want to go through the process of building a website etc… Though I believe when you go through the process you know the ins and outs of what you’re promoting. Plus you don’t feel tied down to promoting one thing with the Wealthy Affiliate program, $49 a month, you get to promote different products/services that you can find which interest you.

    • Hi Jordon,

      Thanks for the feedback, there are many online programs claiming they could provide you quality traffic without telling you clearly about the sources. It also seems that you need to promote Traffic Authority to earn commissions. Comparing to Wealthy Affiliate, you can leverage it to promote anything you have passions on, which brings you more freedom in affiliate marketing. I am sure you will like WA if you decide to run your online business with help from 1.5m WA members.


  2. Glad I saw this before having to test it out myself. I’ve actually been with WA for a year now and wouldn’t look back, such great value! I’m on Premium, but it’s so worth it.

    • Hi Gareth,

      Love to know that you are with WA for a year now, and I am sure it must be awesome for your WA journey, right? What I am sharing here is just my approach to examine whether Traffic Authority suits me or not, and my readers could take the advantages of my reviews. For me, it’s kinda my diary to keep records of my online discoveries. 🙂


  3. Thank you for this review. It’s both informative and comes with good content. I know more now about what the Traffic Authority is and how it works. I’m glad you added an alternative as well.

    • Hi,

      Yes, compared to Traffic Authority, my alternative does provide more reliable & workable training courses that you could leverage for your online business. No matter you are going to build a website or running ads on Facebook, you can always find the useful information inside.



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