What Is Print Monkey?

You found 30 “done-for-you” campaigns that could make you over $1,000 per day? But what is Print Monkey? In my review today, I will share what’s inside and how it works to help you make up your mind.

Before we start exploring together, I like to promise you something. I am not referring you to purchase Print Monkey to earn my commissions, so you won’t see me selling how good it is without showing the downsides that I found.

This review is also my approach to examine whether it suits my budget or personality. If it delivers what it claims on the sales page and beats my current platform, I will consider switching platforms. Without further ado, let’s dive deep.

Disclaimer: As the owner of Smileaffiliatesuccess.com, I have tracked down special deals for products, tools, and services mentioned herein. When you click my affiliate links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. This is a win-win advantage for both of us.

What Is Print Monkey?

-Summary of Print Monkey-

Product Name: Print Monkey
Founders: Brendan Mace
Product Type: Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing campaigns
Price: $13.03 + upsells
Rating: 30 / 100
Recommend: No

Print Monkey is from Brendan Mace, who creates and releases a new product every couple of weeks. This time, he built Print Monkey with 30 done-for-you campaigns to help you make over $1000 per day. His words, not mine. I would say this sounds too good to be true, and it probably is.

After digging deep, I have some concerns that push me away from Print Monkey. I will share all the good, the bad, and the alternative to help you fully understand this product to make a better purchasing decision.

Inside Print Monkey

Once you handed over your $13 to join Print Monkey, you will hit one upsell after another before you get what you actually purchase. You will get 30 done-for-you campaigns with simple step-by-step instructions, and they are ready to make you money in less than 10 minutes.

All you need to do is copy and paste those campaigns with your WarrorPlus affiliate link, and then you can drive traffic to your campaigns to make sales. This method is not something brand new but affiliate marketing that lasts for more than a decade.


To be honest, this training section is to show you how to use the software to create your campaigns. There is no real training inside the member’s area. It’s a bit weird that Brendan puts “Welcome to Smash” as the title of the first video. It seems that he only copies & pastes from his other product called Smash My Campaigns.

  1. Welcome to Smash
  2. Case study results
  3. Anatomy of Smash
  4. How Smash works


Besides the videos that teach you how to use the software to create your own campaigns, you will also get the below bonuses from Brendan.

  1. A transparent case study: Shows you these campaigns actually make money
  2. Set up instructions for all of our “done for you” campaigns
  3. Profit boosters: Enable you to instantly make at least 30% more money
  4. Exclusive training with Brendan Mace on how to reach massive amounts of profits online.


Just like other products from Brendan, you will also get upsells to make Print Monkey complete.

  1. Print monkey Traffic $37: Teaches you how to drive traffic to your campaigns
  2. Lifetime campaigns $197: Get monthly campaigns from Brendan for a lifetime
  3. Easiest System Ever $157: They set up everything for you and good to go for easy profits
  4. Limitless Traffic $197: Allow you to siphon the traffic directly from Brendan’s sales pages
  5. License Rights $167: You can sell Print Monkey as your own product and keep all the commissions.

Who Is Print Monkey For?

Brendan Mace himself. I will let you know the reasons why I said so, read on to find out more!

If you just started making money online, there are actually some legitimate platforms to teach you how to make money through affiliate marketing. Print Monkey is not one of them.

This particular training platform teaches me how to build my own website from scratch, and I’ve managed to make my first commissions in less than one year. If I can do this, trust me, you can make it too.

Ugly Truth About Print Monkey

TOP#1 Overhypes

Tell me which one of the claims of the sales page interests you the most.

  • I’m going to make it impossible for you to fail. And give you 30 of my best, money-making campaigns so you can make money today!
  • You’ll have your first campaign up and ready to make you money in less than 10 minutes.
  • Everything with ‘print monkey’ is 100% ‘done for you!’
  • You’ll be set up and ready to make money within a few minutes from right now!

If they tell you that you need to spend at least months or maybe years on seeing your online success, will you still be here to read my review? I guess no. Only with those BOLD claims they can get your attention to make money from your pocket.

TOP#2 Upsells

If the 30 done-for-you campaigns are good enough to help you make $1,000 per day, why do we need to purchase the upsells from Brendan? Isn’t it contradicting Brendan’s words on the sales page?

I am not a big fan of upsells since they imply that the front-end product is not complete or less effective without the upsells. If you insist on buying all the upsells, don’t forget to click the “No Thanks” buttons to get some discounts.

You can also check my other product reviews such as Smash My Campaigns, StealthD, or 0 to $100 In 24 Hours because they all come with upsells.

TOP#3 No Traffic Generation Training

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. If you cannot drive traffic to your offers/campaigns, you would not make any sales to earn your commissions.

It’s possible for Brendan to make $1,000 per day with 45,000 followers he has on his YouTube channel. He must know how to market his subscribers and makes lots of sales…

You may argue with me that Brendan provides the traffic training as the first upsell, which you need to spend another $37 to learn how to drive traffic to your campaigns.

But, do people even know this before whipping out credit cards to purchase Print Monkey? This might be legal, but I do think it’s unethical.

TOP#4 You Don’t Have Control On Your Business

Brendan mentioned that you don’t have to worry about buying a domain, hosting, or anything else. It might save you tons of time doing all the stuff at your side, but it also means you don’t have full control of your online business.

Running an online business is like running a business in the real world. If you hand over the core of your online business to someone else, don’t you think it’s too risky? What if Brendan decides to shut down the whole thing one day and your online business goes off too?

What I Liked About Print Monkey

TOP#1 Affiliate Marketing Works!

When it comes to making money online, affiliate marketing is my top pick. It doesn’t need you to have lots of capital to invest and you can start from zero prior experiences & skills.

If you still don’t have any clues about what affiliate marketing is, let me explain the process quickly.

Affiliate marketing lets you promote others’ products without creating your own. You can build a website as the home base of your online business and write product reviews with good SEO & keyword researches. So, you get a chance to rank higher on search engines, meaning people can find your reviews easily.

If they like what you share and get enough information about the product, they will purchase the products through your affiliate links. Here comes your earning potential.

The Process of Affiliate Marketing

TOP#2 A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you purchase Print Monkey via WarriorPlus and not happy with it, you can request a refund within 30 days after purchase. But, this only applies to the front-end.

For the upsells, you only get a 3-day money-back guarantee except for the 2nd one. People might purchase the upsells and think they will also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, but it’s far from the truth.

That’s why you need to do your online researches before purchasing any digital products to protect your hard-earned cash.

Is Print Monkey A Scam?

No, I won’t call it a scam since you get 30 DFY campaigns and the videos of how to use them. However, I won’t recommend it to anyone interested in making money online after I showed you all the red flags.

I prefer to build my affiliate marketing website with quality content, just like this one you are reading now. If you like my sharing, you will check my latest updates once in a while, bookmark my site into your browsers, to try the services & tools I recommend.

The process does take time and effort to see positive results. Some spend months to make their first commissions while some make it in years. The harder you are willing to put on your website, the more you are going to earn with it. If this sounds like your thing, feel free to check my alternative below.

Alternative Program(My Favorite)

I believe that you don’t need to join Print Monkey when you can get all affiliate marketing at a $49 membership fee per month. An alternative I do recommend is Wealthy Affiliate(WA).

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing education platform that comes with training courses, powerful tools & features(one keyword research tool included), and the 24/7 support you need to maintain your affiliate marketing business.
  2. On Wealthy Affiliate, we won’t give you false and misleading claims to make you think it’s easy to make money online. We all know things won’t go in that direction.
  3. Wealthy Affiliate offers a 7-day FREE trial without credit card details required. If this is not your cup of tea after 7 days, you won’t lose a penny from your pocket. I will also be your personal coach & advisor for your online business, so see you very soon on the other side.
  4. There are many WA success stories on the internet, and I am sure you can find a lot with one simple Google search. I’ve handpicked the most inspiring ones in the next paragraph, so enjoy them.

>>>Try Wealthy Affiliate Before Bed<<<

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Here are some most active members from Wealthy Affiliate. Each of them did succeed in generating a sustainable income to replace their 9-5 jobs. You are more than welcome to check their stories HERE.

I hope you enjoy this review and you are more than welcome to share ideas or leave your comments below. I will reply as soon as I can, thanks.


Matt is a 30ish guy who has a corporate job and chases the dream to become a digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle. He is passionate about making money online and will keep creating quality content to find his online success.

4 thoughts on “What Is Print Monkey?”

  1. That’s a good point, if the system claims to make such big money, then why the need for upsells?

    And when you mentioned this part, it really got me thinking.

    Thinking not only about Print Monkey but about so many other business opportunities that claim they have the ‘done for you formula.’

    I personally did not believe in these automated systems. I got burned a few times, and I am glad that I checked out your review. I mean 13 bucks is not a big deal, but when they try to lure in with the other offers, then it becomes something to worry about.

    I personally would like to learn the ropes of building my own online business rather than giving to me someone else. As time goes on I have more control and do not have to depend on someone else and pay so much for stuff that I could have learned.

    When I read about your NR.1 recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate, it seemed like the place where I could learn but also be guided by folks who know what works. The success stories you posted are amazing.

    Thanks so much for all the help.

    • Hi Roopesh,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your honest feedback here, appreciated.

      Yes, there are many DFY or automated systems in the making-money-online niche, and none of them work well for your online business. You still need to do lots of work on your side to maintain your business. Otherwise, we should be all millionaires right now.

      On the other hand, my recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, is the best place to start for beginners since it could guide you on how to create your online business from scratch with full control. There are 2 million members in the community, and they update the training content every day, so you will get the latest information all the time. I hope you like it as I do.


  2. Another one by Brendan Mace … How many money-making programs has he got so far and why is he creating new ones every few weeks?
    Like you, I am also absolutely no fan of upsells. I don’t mind if a company has perhaps only one upsell which is optional and just a nice extra but not something you MUST buy to succeed … But if there is more than one upsell, I am no longer interested. I think that the price should be made clear from the beginning.
    The claims are indeed overhyped. He makes it sound so easy when affiliate marketing is not that easy at all. It is easy once you have sufficient traffic but it takes years to build that kind of traffic, and not one day.

    • Hi Christine,

      Yes, Brendan Mace tends to launch a new product every couple of weeks, making him a serial product creator. You might ask if his product does work, why is he launching so many products? Right? I tried to find the answer from my reviews…
      Offering you a low-cost front-end to lure you into a much more expensive sales funnel is the classic marketing strategy for products like Print Monkey. Upsell is a huge turndown for me, and I don’t like to suggest my readers purchase them too. So, either mention upsells clearly on the sales page, or I shut down the sales page.

      That’s also the reason why I love this affiliate marketing training platform so much since it’s very transparent and showing you every cost you need to cover before you purchase.



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