What Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery About?

When you search online for affiliate marketing then come across Affiliate Marketing Mastery, you must wonder “What Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery About?” If yes, you are in the right place. In this review, I am going to tell you everything before you sign up with Affiliate Marketing Mastery. I am also sure that you will be able to make your final decision once you read it to the end.

First of all, I am not referring you to buy Affiliate Marketing Mastery or request you to click a “BUY NOW” button to earn my commissions. I hate it a lot when I read reviews online, so you can trust me that I won’t sell you anything about Affiliate Marketing Mastery here.

Secondly, I can see that you are doing your online researches well, so that’s probably the reason why you landed on my site. Checking the training programs you like to join is the first step to avoid online scams. Congrats, your hard-earned money is now safe and secure.

Without further ado, let’s explore Affiliate Marketing Mastery together.

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What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery About?

-Summary of Affiliate Marketing Mastery-

Product Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery
Founders: Created by Stefan James Pylarinos in 2016
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course + Facebook Private Group
Price: $997 one-time or $397 three installments
Rating: 70 / 100
Recommend: No

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is an online training course created by Stefan James Pylarinos in 2016. With high-quality videos, webinars, and downloadable PDF contents, it soon became one of the best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses online.

It’s full of great value for a complete beginner to understand how affiliate marketing works with the right mindset and the right methods. You are able to build your online business by doing affiliate marketing with Stefan’s guide, but the major downsides are the price and lack of successful students.

About Stefan James

Stefan James is a well-known online entrepreneur, and he is the founder of Project Life Mastery where he sells many of his online training courses. He successfully generates a million dollars through the affiliate marketing business model, so he wants to help people to achieve the same by his training courses.

Inside Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a well-designed and detailed training course, which includes 70+ videos in seven modules, downloadable PDF contents, webinars, and a 90-day email coaching program.

Let me breakdown the seven training modules and give you ideas about what you are going to learn from Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

Module 1: Strategy and Mindset

Both the strategies and mindset are the main structure of your online business when you start your affiliate marketing journey. Stefan talks about the best approach and ways of thinking for your online success. There is no overnight success for your affiliate marketing business, so you need to have a correct mindset to proceed.

Module 2: Niche Selection

A niche should be something you have passions in, and Stefan guides you with some standards to find your very first niche. Besides, he will help you find related products to make commissions. Module 2 also teaches students to do keyword researches for the niche to attract more potential customers.

I did also write an article about how to find your niche, feel free to read it without paying $997.

Module 3: Creating Your Online Brand Presence

You will learn how to pick your brand name and do marketing on various platforms. you will learn how to pick the domain name and hosting service, then set up the WordPress blog. He will also share some essential WordPress plugins and teach you how to design your blog in a good theme.

The second part of module 3 is to set up your brand’s social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Those social media accounts will eventually bring more traffic to your blog.

Module 4: Quality Content Creation

Only high-quality content will bring you high-quality traffic, so Stefan will guide you how to develop many SEO-optimized articles with quality materials to build a trust between you and your readers/followers. They will eventually become your customers.

Once done the writing part, you will also learn how to create social media posts and YouTube videos. If all the above sounds too much for you, I suggest you focus on creating content for your site first, then try to manage social media accounts later.

Module 5: Marketing Strategies

Your online brand is done. You learn how to create content for your website, YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, and Twitter accounts. In module five, Stefan will educate you on how to generating traffic, site visitors, and followers/fans by using effective marketing strategies, including the below:

  • Advanced SEO techniques
  • Blog site & social media promotions
  • A huge & strong email list creation

Module 6: Earning Revenue & Monetizing Your Traffic

The higher the traffic the higher the income. You might have many site visitors ans huge followers on social media but you don’t make huge, so Stefan will teach you how to avoid the blunders lots of people make, ways of successful selling & marketing, and locating the relevant affiliate programs & products.

Module 7: Performance & Analytics

It’s time to check your performance for your blog/website, and this step is crucial for every affiliate marketer. By doing this, you will understand how to monitor, analyze, and enhance the performance. Once you master on analyzing the performance, you will get better outcomes for your earning.

Who Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery For?

  • A complete affiliate marketing beginner
  • A crazy fan/follower that only needs the step-by-step training from Stefan James
  • A person who look for a legitimate & high-quality online training course and have $997 to pay

Ugly Truth About Affiliate Marketing Mastery

TOP#1 Expensive

The price is the first ugly truth of Affiliate Marketing Mastery while you have other cheaper but the same legitimate options online. It used to be $1,997 one-time payment, but the price is down to $997 one-time/$397 three installments($194 more than one-time payment).

If I do have $997 in my pocket, I would choose another alternative to learn the similar training of affiliate marketing online. I will tell you my choice in ONE minute.

TOP#2 No Tools Included

Affiliate Marketing Mastery costs you $997, but it doesn’t provide you any tools that could help you build your website. We all know that doing affiliate marketing could make you nice and decent income. But, without those powerful tools, it’s hard to get you succeed.

The essential tools that you need for your online business, which Affiliate Marketing Mastery doesn’t provide:

Because Affiliate Marketing Mastery doesn’t provide those tools, it brings us back to my first point – IT’S EXPENSIVE!

TOP#3 Not Many Students That Succeed

You might watch a video that Stefan shows proof that his students of Affiliate Marketing Mastery have made same success. But, if you look closer and check each one’s website and social media accounts, it’s easy to find out that their websites and social media accounts don’t update for a long while.

Joining this program won’t guarantee your success in affiliate marketing, but it’s something we need to cross-check while we have other cheaper alternatives, right? This should be one of the references when you are looking for an online course.

What I Liked About Affiliate Marketing Mastery

TOP#1 High-Quality Training

To be honest, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is really comprehensive and easy to follow. Therefore, I am sure that you can learn how to do affiliate marketing in the right way. The first best part is that all the training materials are high-quality, so it feels good when you indulge yourself absorbing what Stefan has to talk about affiliate marketing.

The second best part is that I didn’t see many hypes in this training course which didn’t sell unrealistic dreams to all students. Sometimes, if an online training program mentions that you can make money quick, you need to be cautious. But, for Affiliate Marketing Mastery, Stefan makes it clear that it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. So, I like it!

TOP#2 Facebook Private Group/Support

It will be difficult to go on your affiliate marketing journey alone, so you will be invited to join a private Facebook group once you pay $997. There will be other experienced students that answer your questions or technical issues. Sometimes, when you feel down and have no power to go further, you will be motivated by other students’ success stories inside this group.

You could also direct your inquiries to the AMM support team on the official website, so you won’t be ignored. Don’t worry!

TOP#3 30-Day Refund Policy

This gives me confidence when I purchase anything online. Sometimes, real products are just not matching your expectation. Stefan understands this, so you can get your money back if you are not 100% satisfied of the product. No questions asked after you write an email to request a refund.

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery A Scam?

No, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is not a scam at all. Even though there are three ugly truths that I loathe from this online training course, I cannot call it a scam. I am sure that Stefan James spent lots of time and effort in making this course, and everyone could learn many useful tips to run a business through affiliate marketing.

But, I still cannot recommend AMM to someone who is interested in affiliate marketing. Why? Because I have a better alternative that I am currently using right now. If you are still with me, I think you will like it too. Check below!

Alternative Program(My Favorite)

I believe that you don’t need to spend $997 for Affiliate Marketing Mastery when you can get all at a $49 membership fee per month. An alternative I do recommend is Wealthy Affiliate(WA), and it’s much cheaper if you calculate the numbers.

  1. Wealthy Affiliate offers a 7-day trial that gives you full access to all features as Premium members, and you don’t even need to type in your credit card information for the starter account. There is nothing to lose when you try WA at first.
  2. You don’t need to pay extra costs like a keyword research tool, website hosting service, site speed, or image Optimizer for your WordPress site, WA got you covered just like an ALL-IN-ONE platform.
  3. You get all the powerful tools, features, training courses, and support you need to maintain the success of your online business.

>>>Try Wealthy Affiliate Before Bed<<<

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Here are same most active members from Wealthy Affiliate. Each of them did succeed in generating a sustainable income to replace their 9-5 jobs. You are more than welcome to check their stories HERE.

I hope you enjoy this review and you are more than welcome to share ideas or leave your comments below. I will reply as soon as I can, thanks.


Matt is a 30ish guy who has a corporate job and chases the dream to become a digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle. He is passionate about making money online and will keep creating quality content to find his online success.

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  1. Hi Matt,

    This seems like a pretty comprehensive program but it does, of course, lack websites and hosting.

    Interesting that they brought their price down – but it’s still pretty expensive, especially given that hosting and websites are not provided. Although hosting is not particularly expensive you still need to find a good host and that can be difficult for people who don’t know what to look for.

    A website can, of course, be quite expensive if you choose to have a designer build one for you. The alternative is to go for a packaged website (Wix, Squarespace or WordPress.com) but, in most cases, sites built with those tools load slowly and, in the case of Wix and Squarespace, are not very Search Engine friendly.



    • Hi Martin,

      Thank you so much for sharing your true experiences of Wix and Squarespace that are not very Search Engine friendly, which left us to choose WordPress to build our website to do our affiliate marketing business.



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