What Is 3 Step Method?

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  • What is 3 Step Method?
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  • Who Is 3 Step Method For?
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  • Is 3 Step Method A Scam?
  • My Alternative

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What is 3 Step Method?

-Summary of 3 Step Method-

Product Name: 3 Step Method
Founders: Unknown
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Program
Price: $37 + upsells
Recommend: No

3 Step Method is an affiliate marketing program that you can leverage to create an online income stream without prior experiences needed.

The unknown founders claim that you could make $10k per month with 3 simple steps. It caught my attention because it sounds easy to make money online, so I dug deep to see the secrets behind the program.

Let me show you more details right below, so you can be the judges yourself to make better decisions.

Inside 3 Step Method

You need to pay $37 to get access to the member area. They will tell you the simple 3 steps to make $10k per month.

Choose Your Niche & Build Your Website

3 Step Method makes it trivial, but finding your niche is essential.

Your niche should be something you are passionate about, so you will be motivated to write about things you are highly interested in. In that case, working on your niche will be like a hobby instead of work.

3 Step Method tells you to choose a niche without telling you why, so people might rush through this step and not think clearly.

Sign Up To Affiliate Programs

In the next step, you learn to promote others’ products to make commissions, so you don’t have to create your products.

You can start a blog, a Facebook fan page, an Instagram account, or a YouTube channel to promote things you love.

3 Step Method suggests you build a website/blog since it is the best way to run your affiliate marketing business. Once done, you will find the products in the affiliate networks such as ClickBank or JVZoo.

?Pro Tip: How I Find Affiliate Programs?

Earn Commissions

They will tell you that you can start making money when someone purchases the products through your affiliate links.

Wait… How about the tips about making $10k per month? Nothing taught about making $10k in your first month makes the whole thing skeptical and unreliable.

No training on traffic generation, lead generation, or email marketing. It’s tough to succeed in affiliate marketing in this way.

?Pro Tip: How I Start An Email List?


Once you pay $37 to join 3 Step Method, they will also provide you the below upsells to help you make the most from 3 Step Method:

  1. $47: To access their insider secrets to make a 6-figure income per year.
  2. $97: To triple your profits
  3. $147: To access pre-made websites that generate more sales.

Who Is 3 Step Method For?

No one! They don’t provide you enough training about affiliate marketing, and you hit many upsells once you pay $37. I don’t recommend it to anyone interested in affiliate marketing.

If you start trying to make money online, don’t give up now. GPT sites are an excellent start to turning your daily online activities into a few bucks. It’s possible to make $20-$50 per month by online surveys, watching videos, or reading emails.

If you are talking about making $200+, an online business is what you need to get what you want. I’ve leveraged Wealthy Affiliate to make a stable online income. If I can do this, trust me, you can make it.

Wealthy Affiliate commissions in Mar 2023
Wealthy Affiliate commissions in Mar 2023

Ugly Truth About 3 Step Method

TOP#1 Unknown Founders

You create a lucrative program to help everyone make $10k per month; wouldn’t you want to show your name and face to the world? I know I will.

Hiding your true self means this program isn’t as good as mentioned in the pitch video, or the founders have no confidence in this product.

The guy in the pitch video isn’t the founder of 3 Step Method. Look what I found!

He is just an actor from Fiverr.com, and everyone could pay him to make professional videos, so I went further to check testimonials to know whether they are actors.

TOP#2 Fake Testimonials

On the website, I found a member review on 3 Step Method. He might seem sincere and honest about his earnings, but he is also an actor from Fiverr.

His name is Barry, and he got lots of good reviews on Fiverr. He is good at acting and advising his clients, so he got many 5-star reviews. His prices start from $75 to $150, depending on the length of your scripts.

So, fake founder and fake testimonial, what else can we trust?

TOP#3 Not Enough Training

3 Step Method didn’t provide enough affiliate marketing training to build a successful online business.

They only touch the surface of affiliate marketing, and your online business should have more advanced knowledge.

TOP#4 Upsells

Seriously, I think all the upsells should be mentioned upfront, so everyone can clearly understand how much they will have to pay.

Why wouldn’t they add in the $37 training course if those upsells are so important? Buying those upsells will be no different if you cannot make money with the front-end product.

What I Liked About 3 Step Method

TOP#1 A 60-day Money-back Guarantee

If you purchase 3 Step Method from Clickbank, you can request refunds within the first 60 days after purchase. At least we can take our hard-earned money back.

Is 3 Step Method A Scam?

I won’t say 3 Step Method is a scam, but it’s not the kind of program I would recommend to anyone. Before you make your final decision, I hope this review helps you well.

My top pick is affiliate marketing when it comes to making money online.

I prefer to start a blog running an affiliate marketing business. I can drive traffic to my site with good SEO, keyword research, and quality content.

When my readers like my sharing, they will love to try the products I promote. Here come my earning potentials.

The Process of Affiliate Marketing

It might take a longer time to see positive results, but I am sure the time and effort I put into building my online business are worth it in the long run.

If this sounds nice to you and you want to escape the rat race, feel free to check my alternative to make money online.

Alternative Program(My Favorite)

You can get all at a $49 monthly membership fee or $495 yearly. An alternative I do recommend is Wealthy Affiliate(WA).

  1. You get access to talk to the founders(Kyle & Carson) of Wealthy Affiliate, and they would reply to your feedback most of the time.
  2. There are many success stories from other premium WA members. Check the next paragraph. It’s never too late to be successful like them and make money from your websites.
  3. You get all the legitimate affiliate marketing training courses, powerful tools, features, training courses, and support you need to maintain the success of your online business.
  4. Except for the domain name for your website, there is no cost you need to cover in Wealthy Affiliate premium membership. And, you can start for FREE today without giving your credit card information. So, there is nothing to lose if you don’t like it after the 7-day trial.

You are more than welcome to check my full Wealthy Affiliate review HERE, or click the button right below to start your online journey with us.

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Here are some most active members from Wealthy Affiliate. They succeeded in generating a sustainable income to replace their 9-5 jobs. You are more than welcome to check their stories HERE.

I hope you enjoy this review, and you are more than welcome to share ideas or leave your comments below. I will reply as soon as I can, thanks.

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What Is 3 Step Method?What Is 3 Step Method?

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2 thoughts on “What Is 3 Step Method?”

  1. Hi Matt,

    This sounds like one to stay well away from!

    I hate upsells. Sure, have some different plans, but the process of enticing people to sign up with promises of big earnings only for them to find that they have to spend a whole lot more money to access the training they need in order to make the big bucks is unethical – at least to my mind.

    Definitely not a fan of this approach and I agree with your conclusion: steer clear!



    • Hi Martin,

      Yes, I am also not a fan of 3 Step Method due to the way too simple steps to make money online and three upsells. Doing affiliate marketing is legit, but it’s not as simple as 3 Step Method told us. I would stay with my alternative to build my online business. Thanks a lot for your feedback.



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