Best 5 Wedding Affiliate Programs

I’m about to introduce you to the world of wedding affiliate marketing. If you stay with me, you will learn about an intriguing way to earn income in the wedding niche. Are you excited?

In this blog post, I will show you some of the best wedding affiliate programs so you can make money online while attending your loved ones’ weddings.

Disclaimer: As the owner of, I have tracked down special deals for products, tools, and services mentioned herein. When you click my affiliate links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. This is a win-win advantage for both of us.

Best 5 Wedding Affiliate Programs to Consider

So what’s the deal with wedding affiliate programs? Simply put, they allow you to partner with businesses in the wedding sector, from wedding dress designers to flowers, and earn a commission for every customer you refer.

It’s a smart move if you fancy yourself a matchmaker between products or services and those planning their dream wedding. How happy this could be!!!

Choosing the right program is crucial, and you’ll want to keep a few things in mind, such as the commission rate, cookie duration, product quality, and brand reputation.

1. Kennedy Blue

Kennedy Blue
Kennedy Blue

Commission: 10%
Cookie: 180 days

Kennedy Blue creates high-quality, affordable wedding attire with over 90+ styles and 30+ colors, making it easy for brides and bridesmaids to find the perfect gown.

Affiliate Program Highlights:

  • 10% Per Sale
  • $5 Additional Bonus for Free Color Swatch Leads
  • 180 Day Cookie
  • Compelling Creative Inventory
  • Up to Date Deals in the SAS Deals Database
  • Dedicated Affiliate Support Team

2. Fifty Flowers

Commission: 10%
Cookie: 90 days

FiftyFlowers has been the go-to destination for wholesale flowers for DIY weddings and events since 2002. Their customers receive premium fresh-cut flowers directly from the farm, delivered straight to their doorstep.

Backed by a team of expert customer service representatives, FiftyFlowers aims to help customers easily and conveniently design their dream events.

Affiliate Program Highlights:

  • 10% Per Sale
  • 90 Day Cookie
  • Average Sale Amount: $300, means you might earn $30
  • Regular newsletters provide you with updates and new promotions
Wealthy Affiliate commissions in Mar 2023
Wealthy Affiliate commissions in Mar 2023

3. For Your Party

Commission: 10%
Cookie: 30 days is the premier online destination for personalized wedding accessories, party essentials, and favors. It offers an extensive range of products, including napkins, matches, cups, and more.

Their goal is to make it easy to design your wedding party accessories while offering the best customer service in the industry.

They use ShareASales to run their affiliate program. Program keywords are party, coasters, matches, and party accessories. Affiliates will get creatives, a frequently updated data feed, and a dedicated affiliate management team to succeed online.

4. Suit Shop

Commission: 10%
Cookie: 90 days

SuitShop is the premiere destination for affordable, size- and gender-inclusive, and yours-to-keep suiting. Made for everybody and on every occasion, SuitShop offers the first and only coordinating collection for men, women, nonbinary individuals, and kids.

Complete with quality to love, simple sizing, and caring customer service, SuitShop delivers the ultimate suiting experience to get you looking and feeling your best.

5. Minted

Commission: $1 per lead
Cookie: up to 120 days

Since 2007, Minted has been an inclusive artist forum where anyone can submit ideas—a marketplace to discover, advocate for, and buy exceptional work.

They source creative content from global artists and then sell the best content in art, home décor, and stationery directly to customers. Most importantly, they have beautiful wedding invitations and wedding accessories.

When you integrate these programs into your content, you’re not just selling; you’re providing value, advice, and trusted recommendations.

Choose something that resonates with you and your audience. Whether your platform is a blog, social media, or even a YouTube channel, if your audience is engaged couples, there’s an operation to make a profit while helping them plan their big day.

Strategies for Success in Wedding Affiliate Marketing

Now that you’ve got some top wedding affiliate programs in your toolkit, it’s crucial to discuss strategy. Let’s focus on how to maximize success with these programs.

Success in wedding affiliate marketing involves more than picking the right programs; it involves seamlessly integrating links into your content. You want to make sure your links feel organic, not forced.

Always bear in mind the importance of authentic promotion. Being transparent and honest with your audience builds trust and loyalty. This is something I can’t stress enough.

When discussing a product or service, it’s imperative to be genuine. Share personal stories or how you’ve seen the product work for others. And remember, transparency isn’t just nice to have—it’s a MUST.

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Analytics play a big part in shaping your affiliate efforts. Keep a sharp eye on your performance data to understand what’s resonating with your audience. That way, you can adjust your strategies for even better results over time.

In affiliate marketing, a static approach just won’t cut it. You’re going to want to adapt, experiment, and evolve. Trials and errors are your friends. Keep trying new tactics and content styles to see what clicks.

And if you ever feel stuck, industry forums, and affiliate marketing networks can be goldmines of information. Don’t shy away from reaching out for advice or collaboration opportunities.

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I really hope that these insights help catapult your wedding affiliate marketing efforts to the next level. Your first attempt doesn’t need to be your last. Keep refining your approach, and the results will follow.

I hope my blog post helps you today and you get information on how to focus on your affiliate marketing business. If you have anything to say, don’t hesitate to comment below. I will reply within 24 hours.

Best 5 Wedding Affiliate ProgramsBest 5 Wedding Affiliate Programs

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