Wealthy Affiliate Review - The Best Affiliate Marketing Platform For The Next Decade

Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Best Affiliate Marketing Platform For The Next Decade

Today, I like to share my first-hand experience of wealthy affiliate, and I think it’s the best affiliate marketing platform for the next decade.

“Again?” I totally understand your concerns at the moment. That’s alright. I was like you in the past.

I think Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the best one for all beginners in the Affiliate Marketing industry.

People who like to explore the Internet and embrace a digital nomad lifestyle with a laptop should give Wealthy Affiliate a shot!

So, ready? Just follow me.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

-Summary of Wealthy Affiliate-

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing & Training & Community & 24/7 Support
Price: Free Starter Membership & Premium Membership ($49/month or $495/year)
Best For: Affiliate Marketing beginners
Rating: 98 / 100
Recommend: YES

Wealthy Affiliate is built by Kyle and Carson in September 2005 in Canada. At first, they provided a keyword list membership platform since it was popular to use Pay Per Click(PPC) back then.

After 15 years passed, Wealthy Affiliate has turned into the world-class friendly and supportive community that every affiliate marketer needs at the beginning!

Wealthy Affiliate also includes many training, tools, webinars each week, and resources which makes building a profitable online business easier than ever.

Left: Kyle & his family, Right: Carson & his family
(Left: Kyle & his family, Right: Carson & his family)

Training for Beginners

There are three major training courses at Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Step-by-step training by Kyle and Carson
  2. Live Training each Friday night(Canada time) by Jay – WA’s training chief
  3. WA members’ training

The first official training – Online Entrepreneur Certification is an entry course for beginners like me with 50 lessons. It first introduces the basic knowledge of affiliate marketing and leads you to build your own website about a niche you have passion about.

Online Entrepreneur Certification - the basic training of Wealthy Affiliate
  • Level 1 Getting Started: This the 10 classes for free starters. It talks about the whole process of building your website & how to make money by it.
  • Level 2 Buiding Traffic Producing Website: This is the most important part of this training. It will teach you how to drive traffic to your website.
  • Level 3 Making Money: This is my favorite part because we all want to make money on our websites. You’ll learn about making money with affiliate programs from the internet.
  • Level 4 Mastering Social Engagement: You will learn how to drive traffic by various social media, including Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin.
  • Level 5 Maximum Success: So far, you learn the whole process with a clear understanding. In level 5, you’ll learn essential info on how to continue your success, drive more traffic to your site, and earn more money!

There are also tasks you need to finish before you move on to the next one, so you will know what you should do for each step.

For example, the below screenshot is lesson 6 of level 3. Once I read and watched all the training, I need to check all at the bottom of each lesson.

If I find something I cannot remember, I could go up to check & review again. In that case, I will have more chances to understand better the training.

Wealthy Affiliate's Interactive Tasks, you need to check each one after you finish classes.

The second, Jay’s live training for each Canada Friday night! He will cover the training ranging from SEO, WordPress tips, Instagram marketing, YouTube Marketing. Each live training lasts around 1-1.5 hours which is totally worthy.

The last is the training from members of Wealthy Affiliate, and they are sharing some useful tips for your websites, your social media, or the correct mindset.


Wealthy Affiliate makes the process of building a website become so easy, and it only takes about 30 seconds. Yes, 30 seconds!

They offer the below to make it happen:

  • Website Hosting
  • Website Builder
  • Website Domain Registration
  • Keyword Research Tool(Jaaxy)
  • Custom Business Email Address
  • Website Comment & Feedback Platform

Website host & builder are for both free and premium membership, try this today and start from HERE!

As for domain name for your website, it costs around $14-16 per year.


Yeah, it’s very rare to find a program that has a 24/7 support! Normally, almost every program I joined before Wealthy Affiliate is simply an online course that guides you to do something.

If you have a question, you need to send them emails and get their feedbacks after a long while. But, things are different at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have a question about each training, you can leave your questions right below the lesson.

Or, you raise a sitesupport ticket, then it only takes a few hours or even quicker to get the positive feedback.

The ways to solve your questions in Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. 24/7 support: you could raise a ticket anytime and get the feedback less than three hours or shorter.
  2. 24/7 Live chat: the quickest way to shout out your questions, but you might not get any response.
  3. Ask the community: ask a question and get the answer by other friendly members
  4. Private message: you could send messages to anyone inside Wealthy Affiliate including Kyle & Carson & ME!

I recalled I got a technical issue about my website, and I raised a ticket to 24/7 support on Sunday. After three hours, I got feedback from Wealthy Affiliate sitesupport team and all my problems solved. It indeed surprised me, and that’s how they work here.

Watch this official Wealthy Affiliate walkthrough video from the founder – Kyle!

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What I like about Wealthy Affiliate

The Training Courses

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is very easy to learn and execute. There is a walkthrough video for a better understanding of almost every lesson.

If you have a question for certain lessons, you could just leave a comment right below the lessons. Kyle will answer by himself, yes, the owner of this platform.

Affordable Premium Membership

Each great program has a trial for people who have doubts. Yes, the first membership Wealthy Affiliate has to offer is Starter membership which allows you to try most features of this platform as below.

  • Live 24/7 help
  • 10 lessons of WA’s core certification course
  • 10 lessons of WA’s Affiliate Bootcamp
  • 2 Siterubix websites/ website builder/ website hosting
  • Sitespeed Performance Boost
  • 30 keyword searches on Jaaxy
  • Access to 2 training classrooms
  • Affiliate programs search

Your starter membership lasts as long as you want, and you could also upgrade your membership during the first 7 days & get your First-Month-Premium Monthly-Offer at $19 with full access to WA.

After the first month at $19, it’s easy to find that WA is a legit platform, and you could either join the Premium membership by paying $49 monthly or $495 yearly.

I chose to pay yearly because it would be around $42 for a month($7 cheaper than monthly payment). It only costs $1.34 dollar a day for all the powerful tools and features that come within the premium membership, which is very affordable!

If you google the price of website hosting, keyword research tool & support, it’s easy to exceed the price for $42 a month.

Besides the yearly Premium membership, you will also get the below bonuses once you join WA this year.

  • one FREE .com Domain ($14 value)
  • 100 Community Credits
  • Bonus Live Class (AMA With Kyle, Succeeding in 2020)

After becoming a premium member, you get unlimited access to all the training. On top of Online Entrepreneur Certification training, you could take Affiliate Bootcamp training as much as you like!

Online Entrepreneur Certification is the root of your affiliate marketing business while affiliate Bootcamp is the weapon for you to promote Wealthy Affiliate!

The Community

I cannot express how much I love the community at Wealthy Affiliate and I think it’s second to none. They are everywhere from any corner of the world, and they are very kind to answer your questions or solve your concerns.

They help me with so many questions I have for my website, and I know I could go further after so many positive feedback received.

You may feel blue or feel down when you find out there is no breakthrough for your website, but you will definitely get many motivations and inspirations from their posts every day.

What I don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate

It’s Mainly Focused On Organic Traffic

Wealthy Affiliate is mainly focusing on Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and very limited about paid traffic. Although there are some lessons about PPC(Pay Per Click) here, I have to be honest to say it’s still not complete.

Jay also has some extra training for Facebook ads, but it’s still limited. We need to educate ourselves by the resources outside WA! Life is full of self-education, right?

Jay’s live training covers a part of paid traffic like Facebook ads.

Using SEO methods provided by Jay would definitely lead to success in the long run but not in a sprint. People nowadays tend to be eager to see the positive results for their hard work. So, this brings us to the next point!

It Takes Longer To See The Great Result

Since it’s not a “make money quick” program at Wealthy Affiliate, it’s expected to wait for 2-3 years to see the amazing result for your hard work.

People search for opportunities to get money online quick, but it takes hard work, consistency, and patience to achieve your goal.

This is the main reason why people quit in the first 6 months if they didn’t see any positive results for their favorite niche websites.

Good things about the organic traffic taught at WA are that it’s FREE at least.

It’s Written In English

As an international platform, it’s often written in English. For those who are not native English speakers, it might be a problem.

It might take longer if you are not a native speaker. But, there are still some members who achieved their goal by endless & non-stop hard work, consistency, and patience like Jerry Huang(Watch the below video)

For more successful stories, you are welcome to check HERE.

Jerry is my mentor of Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks to him, all my technical issues got solved sooner than I think.

Mostly Asked Questions:

How Long Does it take to Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate?

This is a very common and normal doubt that every beginner would think when they start their journey at WA.

Let’s go through again what we are learning and applying for our website at WA: learning SEO to rank faster on Google & sharing all the posts to your social media accounts for more exposure.

It takes about 2 months to build your website and expecting incomes for the 3rd – 6th month on the basis of your consistent hard work.

So, the reason WHY it takes so long is that WA mainly focuses on FREE organic traffic and it’s the easiest way to achieve your goal without paying too much, right?

Simply, follow the training here with massive actions and DO NOT QUIT!

How will I succeed with so many competitors out there?

There are so many strong competitors on the internet, and the chance seems little when you ONLY think to compete with others.

Yes, I have this concern before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. But, you will succeed sooner once you focus more on creating quality content and providing value to your target audience.

I understand this, but it won’t lead you to any success. So, keep this in mind. No two websites are the same on the internet! We all have our own thoughts and our own ways to describe the same thing.

I still get visitors every day when I know the topic is super competitive! If you share great value for your target audience, the chance would more than your imaginations.

How much time do I need to invest in my business?

I met lots of people who worry that they cannot make time for something, but I see them often spending on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

So, if you wish to chase for your online success, it would be “The more, the better!”

I personally devote myself to my blog at least 3 hours after my 9-5 job, and I try my best to prioritize this as my top#1 task for my life at the moment.

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Here are some of the most active members from Wealthy Affiliate. Each of them did succeed in generating a sustainable income to replace their 9-5 jobs. You are more than welcome to check their stories HERE.

>>>Join US Today<<<


Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the best affiliate marketing platform for the next decade!

I have to be honest with you that I was like you, knowing nothing about affiliate marketing when I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

The training is very user-friendly and well-organized for all beginners, so I decide to promote it to make people understand this platform and learn all the amazing things about affiliate marketing.

I hope you enjoy my review on Wealthy Affiliate and you are more than welcome to share ideas or leave your comments below. I will reply as soon as I can, thanks.

78 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Best Affiliate Marketing Platform For The Next Decade”

  1. Hi, Matt, I like your honest and open personality, I think just due to this fact, you are getting a lot of visitors to your website every day.

    It’s true that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best online affiliate marketing training programs, and most importantly, it has that competitive advantage of being more affordable if to compare with other training programs.

    I agree with you that it takes more time to see results, but I think it is still worth it. And the skills that one can learn from this training are simply priceless, these are in great demand nowadays in this era of informational technology.

    I have seen a lot of negative reviews about WA but I think they are so just because of the person who makes these kinds of reviews are promoting another training program which is usually, a lot pricey.

    What do you think about this?

    Best Wishes,

    • Hi Natalie,

      Thanks for your feedback, and I like it. 🙂

      Wealthy Affiliate caught my eyes because I could pay less than $1 dollar a day to get full access to everything it has to offer, and this is the exact reason why I joined at the very first.

      So far, it worths every penny from my pocket although I think they should charge me more since I use this platform every day and night with much diligence.

      I do know some people write about the bad review of Wealthy Affiliate to promote other similar kinds of overpriced programs, and I think there is no other place better than Wealthy Affiliate. Normally, I read as many reviews as possible before really signing up with the program I have interested in, so I would suggest people do the same to avoid being scammed.

      It’s always better we know both good & bad parts of any program, then decide to become one of them.


      • Wow! You really went in depth being honest.

        That’s the downside I would see about Wealthy Affiliate, they mainly focus on free traffic which takes time to see results even though they still teach you on paid ads which boost results until the free traffic starts to flow.

        I believe if you really dedicate yourself, you can get results. As you said that sometimes you can doubt yourself when you see the competition however no websites is the same. Even if they are about the same thing, you tell your story differently and provide value to your audience.

        With all these affiliate marketing platforms I’ve seen so far. Wealthy Affiliate is most affordable and offer so much at the same time.

        Best wishes,


        • Hi Jordon,

          Thanks for your feedback, and I like them!

          Yes, there are no two people telling the same story, so it calms me down when I think of the thriving internet business. Every moment you spend on your website worths it and I am pretty sure that we will get our own online success very soon if we are not quitters.

          From your words, I can see we have the same mindset and I am glad that we can connect in my article. I believe you will be interested in Jaaxy – the most powerful keyword tool that comes with Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plan. Let me know your thoughts on Jaaxy, too. 🙂


  2. Hi Matt,

    A very comprehensive review, thank you!

    I’m glad you made the very important point that WA is not a get rich quick scheme. All too often people come looking for quick bucks because they have just lost their job or experienced some other crisis.

    Wealthy Affiliate is not for those people.

    It is best addressed when you have time to plan and absorb the lessons completely, to put some things into practice and experiment to see what works for you.



    • Hi Martin,

      Love to see your comment again here at my website, and I think we have the same thoughts about Wealthy Affiliate!

      Wealthy Affiliate is not a “make-money-quick” scheme, so I hope this review can give those people a head-up if they are looking for it.

      The best part of Wealthy Affiliate is the community & the keyword tool included in the premium plan. Based on my research, the costs of website hosting, website builder, keyword tool, and the support from other similar platforms are way much more than Wealthy Affiliate’s pricing.

      I sincerely hope people could cross-check the costs, and they will understand how wonderful & affordable Wealthy Affiliate is.


    • Hi Jntikoane,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your honest feedback here. I like that Wealthy Affiliate always tells us the truth with the correct guide to make things work.

      If you are interested, I believe you will also like the check my FULL review about the keyword tool that comes with Wealthy Affiliate Premium plan.

      You are welcome,

  3. Hi Matt!

    Another great review of WA from your side. It is a pleasure to read it. I agree with many of your statements.

    WA is a great place to learn about many things related to online and affiliate marketing. It is also not a get-rich-quick scheme. The community is unique. I could mention many more things that are specific for WA, however, I enjoyed your review.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Igor,

      Thanks for the feedback, and I am glad you like my Wealthy Affiliate(WA) review.

      I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate(WA) is not only a platform with many things related to online and affiliate marketing. The WA community is awesome, and I feel everyone is so supportive and helpful that it makes me want to stay longer before bed every single night.

      I almost forgot to mention the best keyword tool including in the WA premium membership. Jaaxy is so user-friendly and easy to use, and I recommend you to check my FULL review.


  4. This sounds like an exciting prospect! Other than the fact that they focus on organic traffic in the training, is there anything else that you think would need to be changed or updated?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Markus,

      Thanks for your feedback! Yes, I did find some of the training courses are not so up to date, but it still works for all the SEO. One more thing here, WA is going to have a HUGE update in 2020, I will keep you posted soon.


  5. Hi Matt,

    I love this review, it’s very clear, thorough, and honest. Like you, I also think that the online community in Wealthy Affiliate is second to none, everyone is so supportive and you can always count on help.

    Training is indeed excellent! I learned so much since I signed up at Wealthy Affiliate. And besides the training, there are also the webinars and members training and tips. You never stop learning.

    It is true that it may take a while before you start earning money with your website, but what I like about WA is how honest they are about that. No false promises of quick money. You have to put in time and effort, and in the long run, not everyone will stay in the race …

    It is just too easy to give up, which many people do, but more rewarding to stay in the race and keep on working on and building your websites. Many people want quick money online and are perhaps not willing to put in 2-3 years of work. But what are 2-3 years of online work compared to approx. 30-35 years of working 9 to 5? For me, the choice is easy 🙂

    • Hi Christine,

      It looks like we are connected by the same thoughts towards affiliate marketing, and I love it!

      It’s true that people nowadays only want to make quick money and don’t want to spend time & effort in studying and building their online business step by step. And, I see many people quit once they find no positive feedback in the first 6 months. That’s a pity that they cannot make it to success.

      I am like you that would definitely grow seeds in my website and build my online business for at least 3 years or longer to see the results. 3 years in my life seems little compared 30 years stuck in the office doing something you don’t like that much, right?

      Anyway, thanks a lot for your honest feedback.

  6. Hello Matt,

    After reading your post I got an excellent overview about the features and benefits of Wealthy Affiliate. You mentioned that this platform works best for beginners. That is true from the training perspective.

    However, I also found out that the hosting and website creation part is one of the best available especially at such a low cost. I imagine those who want to move in the fast lane using PPC and other means to promote their business can still benefit from joining Wealthy Affiliate.

    The depth and breath of training as well as services sound amazing. If anyone wishes to start an online business I feel joining Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go.

    A appreciate coming across this post of yours as it was easy to read and understand. Showcasing some of the members who are making full time incomes working part time was indeed proof that Wealthy Affiliate works.



    • Hi Edwin,

      Love to see you here! I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is not a platform for all beginners and it also works for the experienced. Meaning every one could find treasures they are looking for to make their online business smoother!

      I came to WA when I knew nothing about affiliate marketing, and I learned a lot from the training courses and LIVE training sessions every Friday night that makes my progress going faster. I cannot imagine my online business without Wealthy Affiliate at the moment, and this is the reason I have this review and encourage people to give WA a trial at no cost!


  7. Hi Matt,

    I just Love Wealthy affiliate premium program. I do not agree with you it is only for beginners. I may seem most attractive for beginners because of the low cost. Beginners will learn more and get more value than they ever would any other place.

    But there are so many resources within the community that allows everyone to grow from where they are beginner or senior.

    Organic growth lasts longer and is more reliable than using ads in the long run. But You can decide to run ads if you want – It is all up to you.
    Nice review!

    Thank you for reminding me of how great wealthy affiliate community is.

    • Hi Hilde,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your honest feedback. I agree with you that not only beginners but also the seniors could get the advantages from Wealthy Affiliate, and the beginners will learn more & get more value.

      Everyone who likes to pursue an online business through affiliate marketing definitely finds this platform, and this is 100% for sure.


  8. Hi Matt,

    Great job on your review of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s informative and credible with the testimonials of success from some of our members. Yes, it is a lot of work but it pays off if you follow the training. Keep up the great work!


    • Hi Larry,

      Thanks for the feedback, love to connect with people who are likely-minded. Hope everything goes well for you so far. 🙂


    • Hi Russ,

      Thanks for coming by and leaving your thoughts on my FULL review od Wealthy Affiliate. I believe everyone could get what he/she likes to learn from this amazing platform and achieve their financial goal.

      I’ve seen many success stories from WA, you could check HERE if you are interested. 🙂


  9. Thank you, Matt, for the thorough review. Your table of content is very helpful so we can jump around to the area we are interested in most.

    One thing I found in addition to the consistency of time and effort is to have the ability to write lots and lots. In order to bring in more organic traffic is to have constant and fresh articles every day when possible. Create a structure and discipline to follow and stick with it.

    It is hard when there are many distractions especially working from home. That is another reason why many people lose interests as you mentioned above. I do find myself procrastinate and allow life to distract especially when it comes to writing. Good for you in taking advantage of the program. Do you have a discipline or structure for yourself? Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Ha,
      Thanks for your honest feedback, and I do find the writing part of my online business is the hardest.

      Currently, I am working 9-5 in the day time and spending 2-3 hours after work every day building on my website. I am quite diligent and persistent because I enjoy the process of chasing a life with both financial & physical freedom. For the weekends, I usually work at least 5-6 hours on my website, and they work well for me. I believe the more you want it, the more time you can squeeze from your tight schedule, right?

      For my reviews of any MLM, I have created a template for my content creation. I will develop more templates for different making-money-online programs or training courses when I have a chance to review them. Thanks for asking.

      I hope the above does solve your questions.

  10. Matt,

    I felt the honesty, clarity and conciseness through the entire review. It was clean, crisp and very superior to mine. Your use of the precise images were so damn effective and I would have never thought of some of the things you included in your content. Amazing job! It was very easy to read and understandable and I truly got the sense that you understood every facet of what you wrote about.

    Are you getting a great deal of referrals with this post? Are you using it as a home page or blog roll?

    All the best to you!

    • Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your honest feedback. Helping people and providing value to my readers might be the top priority on my website here, so I didn’t count the referrals by this post or other articles on my website. I simply share the things I love with my readers. 🙂

      For this article, I am not using this as my home page, but I pin it as the top article of my blog roll. I hope this solves your questions.


  11. Hi Matt,

    Awesome platform – I am glad you’re a member as well!

    Do you have any bonuses available within Wealthy Affiliate for new members? I’d love to hear more about that!


    • Hi Dario,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your questions about Wealthy Affiliate. So far, I received lots of support(or you call bonuses) from my helper & many other experienced members inside this amazing platform. What they offer is valuable and saving me tons of life doing researches on Google.

      But, I did provide new members with two FREE Wealthy Affiliate Promotion Videos for the use of Instagram Story. You may check HERE & THERE.

      I will keep making those kinds of short videos when I am not so busy creating my content. 🙂


  12. This is by far an indepth information about Wealthy Affiliate which looks pretty good with more than enough tools and features to enable one stand out in the Online marketing industry. I definitely will be have a sneak peak into this as i have been looking for the one institution that will take my career as an internet marketer to the next level.

    • Hi Wilfred,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your honest feedback on this review. I do think Wealthy Affiliate is the platform that everyone could leverage no matter you are a beginner or experienced. The best part from Wealthy Affiliate is that they include training, live training session, and keyword tool inside the premium membership. I cannot find other programs that offer the same competitive price as Wealthy Affiliate.


  13. Great job Matt!
    Your review is so detailed, it refreshes my memory about the training obtainable on the wealthy affiliate.
    I totally agree with you that WA for now is simply the best, you presentation about the support and the vibrant community are facts.
    It all depends on the individual to utilise the tools and resources provided in WA to achieve success on his affiliate marketing campaign.
    Thanks for the wonderful review.

    • Hey Taidi,

      I am glad you find this review helpful, and thanks for backing my up about things that I mentioned in this article. I feel amazed that I can connect with likely-minded people on the internet and share the same value for the affiliate marketing platform that we all use together. Appreciated!


  14. Hey Matt,

    Thank you for giving us such an elaborate wealthy affiliate review. There is a whole lot to admire about this review and wealthy affiliate. Found the review menu very helpful for one to get to a specific section in the review.

    I don’t know what you use for the images but man they are nice and well placed.

    lastly, thank you for telling us about how long it can take you to reach success due to the fact that WA is more focused on Generic traffic. What other resources to you recommend if one wants to speed up this process?


    • Hi Gyvine,

      I use Canva to make the Featured Image if you are asking for the tool. It is what I learned from Wealthy Affiliate by Jay’s LIVE training session, so WA does help me a lot for my online business. This blog is something I built and applied everything I learned from the training. 🙂

      For the other resources, I think the paid ads are also relevant once you find your articles on page 01 or 02 of Google, then you could try to maximize to get the most impressions.


  15. Hi Matt, Thanks for sharing. It’s interesting that Wealthy Affiliate has so many good features that can help affiliate marketers to be successful. This sounds like an awesome, one-stop-solution portal.

    I have roughly watched a few clips of Jerry, is good that he is so fluent in mandarin and able to explain things clearly. I can see he is such a determined person and know exactly what he can do. I am also looking into an affiliate program, but not very sure where to start. Perhaps I should check out more on Wealthy Affiliate to learn more. Thanks, Matt.

    • Hi Yongli,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your honest feedback here. 🙂 Yes, I got much help from Jerry, and he is the one who introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate.

      If you want to look for any affiliate programs, you could check the introduction of the affiliate programs platform included in Wealthy Affiliate’s premium subscription. It’s one of Wealthy Affiliate must-try features, don’t miss it. 🙂


  16. Hi Matt!

    This is a very honest and well-written review of Wealthy Affiliate. I can see you are passionate about this program. I am too. If it wasn’t for the easy-to-follow training, I would not have made it! And the community is awesome too.

    You are an inspiration to me because I also have a 9-5 job. But sometimes I’m too tired when I get home from work and I don’t spend enough time working on my blog. And you spend at least 3 hours working on it! That is awesome to me. Keep it up!

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Billy,

      Thanks for backing up my Wealthy Affiliate review. I agree with you that it guides all users with an easy-to-follow training of Affiliate Marketing.

      As for the 3 hours per day working for my website, YES, I spend much more on weekends, and I feel close to success each time I publish an article.

      Thank you,

  17. Hi Matt,

    This is a very thorough and honest review of what is the best affiliate marketing platform in the world.

    Before your review, I had never really thought of Wealthy Affiliate having cons but your points do make sense. You elaborate on them well enough to the point that I’m starting to see them as cons too. I’m referring to focusing so much on organic traffic and taking a while to see results. These can be legit cons to others on any day.

    The entire article is one masterpiece and I’ll advise anyone to jump on the WA platform as soon as they can.

    Well written.

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback on my review of Wealthy Affiliate, which is indeed a great platform for anyone who loves to build an online business by affiliate marketing.

      Love to connect with people that share the same thoughts about something, it gives me lots of motivation to go further.

      Thanks for the shout out,

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for backing my up by leaving your honest feedback, love to connect with likely-minded people on the internet.


  18. Wealth Affiliate is the best home community online. Who ever is thinking about starting a home business needs to click the link on this article and sign up. I am so happy I am a member of this community

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment on my review of Wealthy Affiliate. I think it has the best friendly online community in the industry, so I am glad we have the same thought toward it.

      If you need any help from this platform, there are always other expert members who are willing to solve your questions or technical issues. I don’t feel lonely when I pursue my online business because I know there are always someone on Wealthy Affiliate who can help me.


  19. Hey!
    Most people are still skeptical about affiliate marketing and how one can build a passive income without having to own a product.

    Your review is crisp and to the point, I like the simple explanations and I believe everybody does. Wealthy Affiliate is in business for 15 years, OMG! They’ve evolved and set the milestone for other companies.

    Thank you so much for this review.

    • Hi Mohiuddin,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your honest feedback on my WA review. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a company that is “under promise” and “over deliver” compared to other affiliate marketing platforms, so that’s the reason why I like it so much and use it every day.

      For the success stories of affiliate marketers, I think it’s not very difficult to find some examples online in 2020. For details, people could check my article HERE.


  20. Hello Matt! Love your review! I Have been a member since August 2019 and never regret it! 😊
    You have covered everything about Wealthy Affiliate and JAAXY is such a powerful tool.
    The training at Wealthy Affiliate is fantastic and easy to digest.

    Unfortunately, I rush through it too fast and did a huge mistake when it comes to properly SEO on my website. I was too impatient when I first started out. Thanks to JAY’S webinars I found out what I have done wrong. But unfortunately, I needed to fix my 84 posts. Only 70 to go 🤣🤣

    I have never been able to find out about this without the webinars, or the help from the awesome community!

    All the best,

    • Hi Fred,

      Thanks for backing me up for my WA review, I believe both of us are at the right place to do the affiliate marketing online. 🙂 I also find the Jaaxy is super powerful and could be used for checking every title of your content titles. For example, your article title, YouTube Video title, or even the hashtag for your Instagram posts.

      I love all the above and cannot imagine I cannot access them one day.


  21. I truly love the amount of information included here. You’ve done a wonderful job explaining in depth of what WA is about and what it can do for anyone! Being a part of WA myself I have learned and done so much within a little over a month. I joined randomly on a Tuesday night… and I emphasize randomly.

    I didn’t know what I was getting into but I decided to give it a try and the amount of progress I’ve made I won’t ever look back and think I made a wrong decision.

    Anyone who is thinking about joining… JUST DO IT! I highly recommend and it’s articles like these that should ultimately make you want to dive in with our community!

    • Hi Vivienne,

      Thanks for backing my up for Wealthy Affiliate. I did join it one year ago, after one year, I am still here working hard toward my goal. I believe both beginner and the experienced affiliate marketers could benefit from this platform.

      In WA, we help each other to grow step by step and support each other for any questions you have for your websites. I am glad you are on board with us.


  22. Hi Matt,

    Thank you for such an honest and open review, It was worded great! The company does do their best and sure does over deliver. I cant believe they’v been running for 15 years, that just goes to show that they are a great affiliate marketing company that is continues to grow.


    • Hi Christina,

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate runs business for 15 years already, and let’s expect more for the next 15 years. I do think they are under-promise and over-deliver, so that’s why I like to use their service to run my website too.

      I hope you find WA works well for you, and don’t hesitate to contact me once you have questions about your business too.


  23. I agree with all your have shared about Wealthy Affiliate, and I joined this community to provide the members with more advanced marketing strategies at no cost to the members.

    If you are looking for a legitimate business training community this is your best choice, you get just about everything you need to get started, and with my mentoring for free you can also after you take your basic training have access to my years of experience for advanced marketing strategies.

    The tools included are well worth joining,

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for backing me up for Wealthy Affiliate, it is a platform for beginners and experienced marketers. Your free mentoring seems a good opportunity that all members could leverage for their own affiliate marketing business, and this is exactly what I called “The World-class friendly community” in the industry.

      I am sure that all WA members could check your websites and learn from your advanced marketing strategies.


  24. This is a great review, very thorough, and I agree with everything you say about its value and worth. I particularly love that you included links to articles where people show how much money they made from the skills they learned on the site.

    I have been in Wealthy Affiliate for about 3 months and am loving it, and I like the cons you covered as well. Very similar to what I put in my review.

    The one about the English language mainly impacts on the videos, as I am finding I can easily translate something with Google translate if it is text, by copying and pasting. This works even if you don’t know what language it is. I recently answered someone’s question that was in Indonesian, which I didn’t know until I put it in Google translate. I may update my review to include this translation information.

    My only quibble with your review is on the pricing and the process of going from Starter to Premium. You can actually have the starter membership for 6 months, whereas you said 7 days. There is a discounted first month if you upgrade in the first 7 days, you also didn’t mention, but it is not mandatory to do this. Now most people won’t want to be without the use of private messages after the first week, or be limited to only 20 lessons for that long, but it is totally up to each user.

    • Hi Bryce,

      Thanks for your honest feedback on my review of Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s quite nice that I can see you like this platform so far. I also appreciate that you point out some missing information for the starter membership of WA, and thanks a lot.

      For the language concern, it’s indeed an obstacle for people that don’t understand English. But, just like you mentioned in your comment that you use Google Translate to solve a question in Indonesian, which sounds great to me. This is what we called a world-class friendly community in WA.

      If you are not fluent in English, you could use Google Translate to do all the training here and work hard for your affiliate marketing business. It might take longer, but I believe it worth all the time and effort you spend in the long run.


  25. Excellent review, I agree with a lot of what you have written here. I am a fellow member of the community. Can I ask you more about paid traffic? I was always under the impression that using this can have severe negative effects on your rankings. Is this true?

    • Hi Catherine,

      Thanks for leaving your honest feedback here at my review of Wealthy Affiliate. Paid traffic could bring instant visitors but they might check on your site for a few seconds then bounce out to search for another site that they really want. This might imply search engines that you are not providing something they want which might influence your ranking. Simultaneously, you lost the money you spent on running paid ads.

      That’s why I prefer organic traffic(FREE), you could have higher-quality traffic if you do good SEO on your articles with a powerful keyword research tool. It will take longer to have visitors, but once you build trust with them, they will become your followers as well as customers.


    • This is a great article about WA. I started using WA a month ago. I am still very new but with all the training and help the results seem very promising.

      I never thought of enjoying making a website or writing posts. I was scammed a lot with other affiliate platforms but Wealthy Affiliate is by far the most realistic affiliate program I have ever come across and I recommend WA to anyone starting Affiliate marketing.

      I enjoy it and look forward to making some money soon. Very good article!

      • Hi Chantelle,

        Thanks for backing me up here. I must say your decision is great. With patience, persistence, and hard works, you might achieve your goal in the long run. Feel free to share your questions or concerns here, I am happy to help you. 🙂


  26. Hi Matt, Thank you for your honest feedback on Wealthy Affiliate. I recently joined and I don’t make a lot of money at my job especially with 4 kids to take care of. There is a lot of people out there that promise get rich quick but you have to pour a lot of your own money at first into the program and you have to dedicate a lot of time. You may see the get rich slow and the organic traffic as a negative but I see it as a positive because I do not have to “go into debt” to do it this way.

    There were 2 reasons I joined WA. One, the community of support that everyone talks about. It is real and it will keep you going in the hard times. I also had an experience with their technical support. I got an email back from them about 30 minutes later and it wasn’t just a “what seems to be the problem” kind of email. The issue had been FIXED! Very impressive!

    Two, the fact that they didn’t promise a get rich quick. They were very honest and said this is work and if you want to get rich, you will have to put in the time.

    An added bonus after I signed up, I figured out how CHEAP it really was. Forget about the training and the community and step by step guide… the website upgrades alone are worth the $! I paid nearly that for just a website domain without the upgrades right before I joined.

    Thank you so much again! I enjoyed reading your take on this 🙂

    • Glad you like WA as I do, it’s always wonderful to connect with someone who has the same thought toward WA.

      Wealthy Affiliate is so low-profile, under-promise, and over-deliver. Only you join this affiliate marketing platform would understand what we are talking about. I do think this is the most affordable training course that comes with many powerful features, weekly training sessions, and sitesupports. The best part is that you can try it for free without giving your credit card information.

      I need to admit that I like the idea that I don’t need to type in my credit card information to try WA one year ago, then I fall in LOVE with it.

      People do need to take the first action to know how good Wealthy Affiliate is. 🙂


  27. Thanks for the very informative article. I am always looking for ways to make money online but none never seem to work out. Your site has a lot of in depth detailed information so I will be using it as a base for my research.

    I appreciate the details you gave.


  28. Hi Matt,
    Loved your indepth review.
    I have always had my reservations about many online schemes because most of them don’t come with full disclosure and then will hit you with lots of hidden fees once you sign up.

    Wealthy Affiliate isn’t like that, and it is certainly different in terms of the wealth of resources provided and allowing for a free 7 day starter plus 10 lessons to try it out.

    I’ve sent this link to a couple of my friends who got laid off due to this COVID-19 pandemic. This might be a viable option for them…..

    A question – how would you address one of the cons you identified, which is the use of organic traffic which might not be as rapid. Are there apps to use?


    • Hi Ceci,

      I believe the affiliate marketing industry will skyrocket in the future, so your friends will thank you on this if they do put lots of effort and time on building their own websites of doing affiliate marketing.

      At the moment, I took massive actions to solve traffic issues. For example, I write as many articles as possible on my website after finishing my 9-5 jobs, usually three hours a day during the week, more on the weekends. Or, I will use the sitecomments and sitefeedback features inside WA and other WA members are willing to take a look for my website and give me suggestions which I highly appreciated.

      If I find out that any of my articles rank on page 1 or 2 of Google, I would try paid traffic to maximize the expressions. But, for now, keep creating content is my first priority.


  29. Very informative review for Wealthy Affiliate! I like the way you layout the training outline. It will help the reader have a clear understanding of the knowledge structure at WA.

  30. Thank you for sharing this article Matt, it was very interesting to read it. I have joined Wealthy Affiliate more than a year ago and I can say I was worried too, before starting because I was investing money in the membership and had no idea is it going to pay off, but I’m so happy I did.

    I learned so much with WA and now I have to websites, I learned tons of good information about affiliate marketing, building my own brand and creating an amazing website I love.

    I agree with you that one of the negatives with Wealthy Affiliate is that it lacks training about paid traffic and concentrates just on free traffic, but there is plenty of good information out there about PPC campaigns and how to run them. Now I’m trying to master it and doing some experiments with PPC campaigns to see what works best for me.

    Thanks for sharing this great WA review, I hope people will find it helpful and it will help them to make the right decision.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Marius,

      Thanks for backing my up for my WA review, glad we have something in common & we connect here.

      I do hope that paid traffic could be as comprehensive as free traffic taught inside WA, and this is exactly something I will hope Kyle & Carson update the training soon although the main course is organic traffic. 🙂


  31. Hi Matt, wow this a great informative article on wealthy affiliate.

    The support they and the community offer is very encouraging. Starting a website can be extremely scary but it sounds like this company is by your side the entire time.

    Thinking I my sign up.


    • Hi Tracy,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your honest feedback. The support and the community from Wealthy Affiliate are the best compared to those 100+ companies that I reviewed on my website. You will get an instant response and they don’t judge your naive questions about everything you want to know, so newbies can learn as much valuable knowledge as possible to build their online business.

      I remember when I first started my online business by WA, all the feedback for me is so constructive and judgment-free. What they want to do is helping my to grow my business in the correct direction, this is also something that I am always grateful for WA & other experts on the platform.


  32. Hi I love your comment, you’re really realistic. I am a beginner at WA and I love. I’s true you have to work hard to be successful. Each day count, you provide helpful tips to keep going. Thank a lot

    • Hi Sylvie,

      Glad that you like my WA review. Yes, with patience, persistence, and hard works, you will achieve your financial goal by doing affiliate marketing. Don’t give up your dreams.


  33. I really love this platform. I do think some of the training videos could do with being updated as this can be a little confusing for people who are just starting out, but once you get past that it really is phenomenal! The community is the best I have experienced. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Catherine,

      Thanks for backing me up for Wealthy Affiliate, and I am glad that you love it here. I remembered when I first started my online business, the support from the community is second to none. I am shy and introverted in real life, so I kinda worried that people might not answer my questions. But, NO, the sitesupport and the other experts here help me all my concerns. That’s why I feel grateful every single day when I log in to WA.

      I hope you are doing alright for your website, cannot wait to see more from you.


  34. Hi Matt

    I am also a member of WA yes, but the way you have explained it in this article sounds better than I would have. You have nailed it. I like the links that you have put for credibility of what you are talking about in terms of earnings using this affiliate marketing platform. I will surely look forward to learning more from you.

    Stay blessed

    • Hi Tavengwa,

      Love to connect with other WA members here at my website. Hope everything goes well for your training on WA and your online business. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have some concerns. I am happy to do that for you.



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