VigLink Review – Make Money Online By Doing Nothing

Viglink is one of the best affiliate programs that I know so far since it helps you make money online by doing nothing. How could that possible? Yeah, I ask myself thousands of times for this too.

Take the Amazon Affiliate program for an instance, you need to add your affiliate links one by one in your post. If someone clicks your links and does purchase the product, you would get the commission.

But, Viglink’s technology shortens the process and does it for you! Let’s go further to understand it.

Disclaimer: As the owner of, I have tracked down special deals for products, tools, and services mentioned herein. When you click my affiliate links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. This is a win-win advantage for both of us.

What Is VigLink?

-VigLink Review Summary-

Product Name: Viglink(Now it’s called “Sovrn Commerce”)
Owners: Oliver Roup in March 2009
Product Type: In-text Advertising/outbound-traffic monetization service/Affiliate Network
Price: Free to join, good for all of us
Best For: Everyone, both beginner & the experienced
Rating: 80/100
Recommend: YES

It’s hard to define Viglink/Sovrn in one way since it’s the combination of in-text advertising, outbound-traffic monetization service, and affiliate network. All of them describe Viglink well.

It connects bloggers, affiliate markets, publishers, and website owners with the merchants’ affiliate programs to promote a product, and Viglink creates a win-win-win for three parties. Us, Viglink, and The merchants!

Consider the time you spend on Amazon Affiliate program in the past, now you know Viglink which could help you save tons of time. You don’t need to add affiliate links in your post anymore, sounds impossible?

Let’s go through the whole process together.

How Does VigLink Work?

By signing up with Viglink, the system will automatically scan all your posts on your website and help you insert the monetized links for earning revenue from a resulting click or sale.

Viglink is working with more than 70,000 merchants, so it means they have a wide range of affiliate programs to suit all your needs.

Once you sign in, you will have access to many affiliate programs and there is no need to apply for each affiliate program separately.

Here comes the best part of Viglink! It hyperlinks each keyword related to a product or service in their database and links them to the best suitable affiliate programs. Sounds wonderful to me!

Let’s see more the major 3 tools Viglink has to offer:

TOP#01 VigLink Convert

Viglink automatically scans your post and transforms the existing product links to revenue-generating links to maximize your profit.

They will cross-check their database which has more than 70,000 merchants and link your existing product links to those brands’ affiliate links with a better commission rate.

Sounds super easy, right?

TOP#02 VigLink Insert

Viglink automatically reads your content, old & new, and find out the keywords which are not linked with other affiliate programs. For those unlinked keywords, they would hyperlink them to the highest-bidding retailer.

For example, you have a keyword called “iPhone 11” that Amazon, Verizon, and Walmart have the exact product to sell. If someone clicks the Viglink of your “iPhone 11” keyword, Viglink will direct him or her to the highest-bidding retailer.

In this case, Amazon, Verizon, and Walmart could sell one “iPhone 11” and make a profit. They pay Viglink, so Viglink gets money. And, you earn a commission by your keyword “iPhone 11”.

It’s a win-win-win situation, and I fall for this!

Viglink provides three ways to help you make money by convert, insert, and anywhere.

TOP#03 VigLink Anywhere

Yes, just like the wording “Anywhere”, it does not limit you with limited source. It allows you to make money with limitless links.

You find a product you like to share with your target audience, that’s cool. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL of the product and create your own Viglink. Once done that, you are free to share on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

People see your post and click the link, then Viglink will direct them to the highest-paying retailer’s page. Yes, the retailer makes a profit if people do purchase eventually. They would pay Viglink and you earn a commission.

A piece of cake!

How to Make Money with VigLink?

From Merchant Side

If you have your own product to sell, Viglink is also a good start for you. You are able to leverage 87,000 publishers on Viglink and it helps you for all social-media promotion.

You could focus on improving your product till it’s perfect. Once you’ve done that, it’s better to have your own affiliate program.

If this sounds great to you, please click HERE to be one of Viglink Merchant today.

From Publisher Side

If you have a blog or a website, Viglink would be no doubt a great opportunity to make money online.

What you need to do is simply sign up HERE, but you will need a website to get the approval by Viglink. I’ve written an article about how to build a website just in one minute, you are more than welcome to check HERE. More precisely, 30 seconds!

It’s not difficult to take all the advantages of Viglink. What you should focus on should be producing more quality content for your own niche, check here to get ranked higher on Google.

Viglink Referral Program

Another way to make money online from Viglink is leveraging its referral program. You would find your own referral link once you finish the process of signing up.

You will earn 35% of commission for the first year once someone uses your referral link to join Viglink.

The best way to gain the attention of your potential referrals is to write a Viglink review, just like what I did here and you are attracted by this helpful post. If you consider joining Viglink once you gain lots of interest, I would love that you use my referral links.

Thanks a lot for your great support!

What I Liked About VigLink

TOP#01 It’s easy!

For a person who doesn’t like much about coding and programming(ME!), I think the whole process Viglink provides here is the best choice. It’s second to none!

I don’t need to add links individually for each keyword in your post. Therefore, you could focus more on the quality content and provide value & help to your target audience.

TOP#02 Automation

I mentioned quite often in the previous paragraphs since it’s really convenient for affiliate marketers.

They automatically scan your posts, both old and new, and convert your existing product links to revenue-generating links to maximize your profit. Or, they turn your unlinked keywords connected to the highest-bidding retailer.

No matter you already linked or unlinked keywords, Viglink helps to maximize your profits!

TOP#03 A Great Alternative of Amazon Affiliate

Although Amazon is the best FREE affiliate program in the world, people don’t like the truth their links only last for 24 hours. They do it for certain reasons.

What if we don’t need to worry about the limited hours for all affiliate links on our posts? Yes, Viglink!

There are more than 70,000 merchants on Viglink, so you are able to leverage Viglink for the best suitable affiliate programs.

This is good for those regions where Amazon doesn’t support or those who are not approved for Amazon Affiliate Program.

TOP#04 Higher Commission Rate

Since there are more than 70,000 merchants on Viglink, Viglink bargains with all of them for a higher commission rate.

It’s highly potential that publishers could get a higher commission from a resulting click or sale.

PS. Viglink does keep 25% of your commission as a fee to use their advanced technology.

TOP#05 Lots of Opportunities

There are more than 70,000 merchants when Viglink scans both old & new articles and hyperlink some keywords to their affiliate programs, you will definitely find out some opportunities.

Sometimes, a few words we didn’t recognize as profitable keywords, but Viglink treats them like hidden treasures. And, the best is you don’t need to apply one by one for all related affiliate programs to your niche. It saves tons of time.

Once you sign up with Viglink, you have all the access to more than 70,000 merchants’ affiliate programs in Viglink’s database!

TOP#06 Quick Payment

Once you start to generate money from your quality posts, you could request for monthly payment. On Viglink, there is no minimum threshold.

Viglink ensures a faster and instant payment to you without too much time spent on waiting!

Ugly Truth About VigLink

TOP#01 You Need A Website

You need a nice and decent website or blog to join Viglink. If you want to make good use of Viglink, it would also need your efforts to get more traffic to your site.

If you only get a normal website with a little traffic, it would take longer to make yourself a nice & decent profit. I’ve written a post about how to do good SEO, click HERE to read more about it.

TOP#02 It Takes Time

“A good thing needs to wait.” Mom always told me that. It’s highly possible that there is no positive feedback when you are using Viglink for 6 months or longer.

People and I often feel the process doesn’t work as easy as Viglink mentions on their website. Signing up Viglink doesn’t mean you could make money online in a short period.

There is no overnight success on Viglink and other legit affiliate programs that I know.

TOP#03 No Total Control

Sometimes, you want to hyperlink certain keywords in your post to make your target audience to click, right?

But, promoting with Viglink doesn’t allow you to do this. Viglink scans your post automatically and hyperlinks your some of your words into affiliate links.

You have no idea what words Viglink hyperlinks each time which means you don’t have the total control of all the links!

TOP#04 No Promotional Materials

There are THREE parties in this collaboration, we as publishers, Viglink as the middleman, 70,000 merchants.

So basically, most of the jobs are done by Viglink, you don’t’ actually get any promotional materials from any merchants if you are willing to promote their products on your website.

Don’t worry! In this case, you could either create your own promotional videos or banners that match the style of your website. Or go to the merchant’s official website and study the campaign they are promoting and use some of them if you like it.

TOP#05 Viglink Killer – Ad Blocker

Nowadays, people tend to loathe a website full of crowded ads, and it does leave a bad user experience if the ads keep shows up and blocking you for the real content.

If they do activate Ad Blocker, those links from Viglink would also be blocked. So does your potential earnings.

How to Apply Viglink?

Sign Up First

  1. Go to Viglink
  2. Enter Your Email Address
  3. Check your VigLink Email in your inbox
  4. Clicking the confirmation link
  5. Set up your account(passwords & your personal info)
  6. Configure your campaign(Campaign name, type, category and the platform you use)
  7. Sign up complete

Activate your Viglink

There are two ways to activate your Viglink, both work well.

#01 Copy and paste the JavaScript code into your page, let’s watch a demonstration video from Viglink.

#02 Install VigLink Plugin, this is what I did. It’s super easy, let’s follow the process by the below video!

>>>Embrace Viglink Tonight<<<


Viglink is the saver of lazy affiliate marketers, and I am one of them. Don’t laugh at me! It helps you make money online by doing nothing!

What I focus at the moment is to produce quality content on my website as frequently as I could. If there is a tool that could shorten the process and save me more time, I would love to embrace it and do things more important to me.

Fortunately, I found Viglink(Sovrn Commerce)!

I hope you enjoy my review on Viglink(Sovrn Commerce) and you are more than welcome to share ideas or leave your comments below. Let’s make money online by doing nothing.

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Matt is a 30ish guy who has a corporate job and chases the dream to become a digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle. He is passionate about making money online and will keep creating quality content to find his online success.

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