The Best Free Keyword Tool – Google Instant

You might get confused about the keywords for your post title and content. But, there is a super powerful tool call “Google Instant”.

I assume everyone knows about Google, right? It’s the best FREE Keyword tool on this planet!

On the Google search page, simply type in the product or service you are promoting, and it will tell you which are the most popular keywords that people check all the time. It gives you a clear idea that what keywords have a high possibility to help you get more organic traffic to your site.

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Just Google It

For example, if I go google “iPhone 11” + “a”, then Google will automatically tell me “iPhone 11 apple”, “iPhone 11 and 11 Pro”, or “iPhone 11 apple pay” are the first three frequent googled items. In order to attract more organic traffic, I would add some of these in my article.

Let’s go next with “iPhone 11” + “b” to know more about what people are thinking. The first three items are “iPhone 11 battery”, “iPhone 11 black”, and “iPhone 11 battery life”. In this case, I could write more about the battery life on iPhone 11 and all the colors iPhone 11has to offer from Apple’s website.

Let’s review again the process for “iPhone 11” + “c”, it tells you “iPhone 11 colors”, “iPhone 11 case”, and “iPhone 11 camera” are the most popular keywords people are searching on Google. So, you could add those elements to your post. Then, it would help you with more organic traffic.

A Powerful Alternative

I used to do these searches on Google again and again from “a” to “z” to include any possibilities in my post, and transform my posts into keywords rich article for better ranking on Google.

What if I tell you there is a tool that could save you from checking one by one but using a quick way for you? YES, THERE IS! It’s Jaaxy. There is a super powerful tool in Jaaxy which is “Alphabet Soup” as below screenshot. Simply drag the button right or left by alphabets to see in one place.

I used Jaaxy every day to see what keywords are the most suitable for all my hard works since there is no other feeling that could compare the joy you find a perfect keyword, right? I guess you could understand with a smile on your face now.

Jaaxy also offers a very easy way to know whether the keywords you are checking are good or not. Let’s use the same “iPhone 11” for instance. You could see the results below. There are some indicators for the result but don’t panic now, it’s simple.

Only understanding Avg. & QSR would be enough! Avg. is the overall monthly traffic this search term gets, globally. QSR means the exact number of results in Google that you are competing with under this search keywords. So, the winning formula is AVG>100>QSR. Got the idea?

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No matter you like to Google(the best free keyword tool) or try Jaaxy for your title, I think a perfect keyword would definitely save you tons of time for better ranking on all search engines(Google, Bing, Yahoo). If there is another tool like Jaaxy that could save more of your time for something bigger, I would definitely join them to focus on things more important since we only have 24 hours a day!!!

I hope you enjoy my post about The Best Free Keyword Tool, and you are more than welcome to leave a comment below or share all the beautiful experiences for your keyword hunting online.

In case, you are wanting more info about Google Search, please watch this video. You are welcome!

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