Survey Money Machines Review – Take Surveys And Make Money?

There are so many ways to make money online, do you ever consider take surveys and make money at home?

It seems a great choice for all staying-home mom and the retired, but my opinion for Survey Money Machines isn’t as good as the founder said on their website.


Let’s read on for what I’ve found in Survey Money Machines’ system!

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What Is Survey Money Machines?

-Summary of Survey Money Machines-
Product Name:
Survey Money Machines
Hailey Gates created in 2005
Product Type:
Online Surveys Site with more than 200 opportunities
FREE to join
Best For:
People who have lots of time but have no other ways to make money online

Survey Money Machines(SMM) is founded by Hailey Gates in 2005, and it is a platform you find other market search companies’ surveys. You could do it at home and make extra money with Hailey.

Before I joined SMM, I hope I could do lots of surveys on just ONE website. After I joined, I found it’s not like this.

SMM will direct you to many other market research companies’ websites to do their surveys and they will get you paid based on the contract.

Meet The Founder

Hailey Gates is a stay-at-home mom with three beautiful children. She does online surveys for years with her limited time.

She does it so successfully that market research companies request her to find other likely-minded people to join this industry. This is where she started her website to recruit more people for online surveys.

Survey Money Machines Review –  The Founder

How Does It Works?

You first come to their website and create a free account, then you will get a 7-day challenge from Hailey.

She will teach you through a series of coaching sessions to make your ‘survey profile’ stand out to market research companies.

There are below opportunities you could work with SMM:

  • Doing online surveys
  • Taking phone surveys
  • Trying new products and keep them
  • Being a mystery shopper
  • Article writing

Hailey mentions Survey Money Machines works with more than 200 market research companies, so it’s easy to find an online survey on it.

How to Make Money with Survey Money Machines?

You need to sign up and become a member of SMM, and it’s FREE to join. Then you will receive an email from Hailey with her “7 Days to Survey Success” instruction.

She will let you know the highest paying survey companies each day and you could decide whether to sign up or not.

Normally, people cannot wait to join every survey company in her emails. At the same time, she earned commissions by introducing more people into the system.

Like what I received at my first email, she suggests me to join IPSOS I-Say and Inbox Dollars through her affiliate links to those companies.

Meaning we can get the chances to make money online by doing surveys for market research companies, and Hailey herself could earn commission by her referrals sign up for each survey.

Let’s know what other people said about Survey Money Machines.

What I Liked About Survey Money Machines

TOP#01 No Cost At All

Since it’s free to join Survey Money Machines, you won’t lose anything but the time you spend on signing up as many survey companies as you can like Hailey suggested.

Do you ever think other reasons why Hailey suggests you join many companies besides the higher-paying surveys?

It’s because she is affiliated with all the companies listed on her website, so she gets paid more when there are more people signing up!

You don’t pay a penny, but she got paid!

Survey Money Machines Review – Hailey suggests you join as many survey companies as you can!

TOP#02 It’s Legitimate

Although I don’t like to spend my time signing up for as many companies as I can, it doesn’t mean there are no legit surveys on SMM.

Like Swagbucks, I love to cashback or play little games on Swagbucks. It’s no surprise that a platform needs to have surveys to better understand its users or what other people think about certain topics to make it stronger.

Survey Money Machines Review – There are some legitimate programs on Survey Money Machines, such as Swagbucks!

But, not all of them is nice and decent, so you must do some researches and reading

TOP#03 No Previous Skills Needed

At a job interview, you may be asked about your previous related work experience for the position you are applying to. It might get awkward when you answer “No.” Right?

But, doing online surveys doesn’t require you any skills or the previous working experience.

Literally, everyone could apply for a company to start their journey of making money by doing online surveys although it takes lots of time.

Ugly Truth About Survey Money Machines

TOP#01 It Takes Lots of Time

It takes you lots of time to finish just one survey with little paid. Comparing other ways to make money online, I think the time you spend on surveys.

Imagine you spend lots of time and you only find a few pennies generated, will you change your mind not doing this at first?

I think it’s better to know all the ugly truth before you really devote yourself to any program, so I suggest you think twice.

TOP#02 A Few Pennies

It’s clear that doing online surveys won’t get you rich quick, and Hailey does mention this on her instruction too.

At first, don’t set your expectations too high. You won’t get thousands of sustainable income in the first month, and it might not happen in the future too.

She says if you find making $200-$500 per month works for you, then you might go for Survey Money Machines.

At least, Hailey is honest with all of us on this part. She didn’t lie!

TOP#03 Earn Points Not Money

For some survey programs on SMM, it actually pays you with points that they could be redeemed for gift cards, e-certificates or the product they are selling with a discounted price.

If you only look for making money online, you must choose those companies that pay you REAL money instead of a gift voucher, points, or product with a lower price as a return.

The worst is that you find you don’t gets paid for what you just finished doing, but only some points in your account. And, you need to accumulate to a certain threshold to exchange for a gift.

Survey Money Machines Review – Don't set your expectations too high, and you won't get thousands of money in the first month doing online surveys.

Who Is Survey Money Machines For?

Stay-At-Home moms, the retired people, and maybe students who like to make extra money online to pay their school fees.

Yes, I would say this is a good experiment for all to know any penny we earned isn’t easy, and you need to pay lots of time and effort to finish one survey if you are lucky to gets paid eventually.

My Alternative Way to Make Money Online

My TOP#01 recommendation to replace SMM is Wealthy Affiliate, you would get to know the basic knowledge of affiliate marketing and start to build your own online business.

It’s highly possible to make a sustainable income resource by your online business, and I’ve seen many successful cases from Wealthy Affiliate!


Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Here are some of the most active members from Wealthy Affiliate. Each of them did succeed in generating a sustainable income to replace their 9-5 jobs. You are more than welcome to check their stories HERE.

I hope you enjoy this review and you are more than welcome to share ideas or leave your comments below. I will reply as soon as I can, thanks.


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