Best 10 Sleep Affiliate Programs

World Sleep Day is celebrated every year on varying dates in March, and in 2023, it’s Mar 18. 

Do you like to sleep, or do you have sleep problems? Why not promote sleep-related products to make money online in your sweet dreams? 

In today’s post, I share the best sleep affiliate programs to help you find the one that suits you best. Let’s dive deep.

Disclaimer: As the owner of, I have tracked down special deals for products, tools, and services mentioned herein. When you click my affiliate links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. This is a win-win advantage for both of us.

Sleep Affiliate Programs

1. SleepOn

Commission: 10%
Cookie: 60 days

SleepOn offers home sleep testing devices, self-care sleep management products, and other high-quality bedding. They aim to help people with sleep problems. Customers can find wearable devices, snore-reducing devices, teeth-grinding stopping mouthpieces, steam eye masks, etc.

ShareASale hosts its affiliate program, and program keywords include sleep monitor, sleep tracker, snoring device, sleep apnea, and health care. Affiliates get eye-catching banners, text links, coupon codes, and a dedicated program manager who takes care of everything for your affiliate marketing business. 

2. Sandland Sleep

Commission: 15%
Cookie: 15 days

Sandland Sleep’s products contain a unique blend of all-natural ingredients that help you fall asleep faster and longer without hurting your body. Customers can shop by sleep options to find the right products, such as tablets, pills, under-tongue tabs, bedtime patches, etc.

They have high confidence in their products and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if the products don’t work for you. 

Affiliates can find their affiliate program on ShareASale, which they have run since 2021(quite new!) The average sale amount was $38, with an average commission was $$5.29. I hope those stats help you make better decisions. 

3. Dryft Sleep

Commission: 20%
Cookie: 60 days

Dryft Sleep offers gentle mouth tapes you can put on your lips while sleeping. Dryft Sleep Stripe is the only product they have at the moment, and it helps support dental hygiene, stay hydrated, have healthy digestion, and have hormonal health. They make the products in the USA, and they’re drug-free.

ShareASale hosts its affiliate program. Program keywords are sleep aid, snoring, nitric oxide, sleep apnea, mouth tape, breathing, etc. Affiliates get assets and tools to use in marketing promotions. Dryft Sleep will also give you options to share their brand and products with your audience. 

Wealthy Affiliate commissions in Mar 2023
Wealthy Affiliate commissions in Mar 2023

4. Honeydew Sleep

Commission: 10%-15%
Cookie: 60 days

Honeydew Sleep is a family business on a mission to change the world through better sleep. They have handcrafted pillows with the utmost quality, purpose, and passion. Besides luxurious pillows, they also have sheet sets, pillowcases, and silk eye masks if customers want the whole Honeydew Sleep experience.

They host the affiliate program on ShareASale. The commission rate varies between 10%-15% based on the sales made from your referrals. The more you promote Honeydew pillows, the higher your rate will be. So if you believe a pillow can solve sleeping problems, this is the one you can’t miss.

5. Yana

Commission: 2%
Cookie: 45 days

Yana is on a mission to elevate your sleep routine by inviting comfort and security into bed with you. They offer body pillows to help you stretch your legs when you sleep, which helps you sleep comfortably till morning. 

Their pillows are made with organic cotton, bamboo velour, shredded latex, and no harmful ingredients. If you struggle to find a cozy spot to sleep in, Yana is exactly what you need! 

Their affiliate program’s keywords are pillow, pregnancy pillow, home goods, sleep, and body pillow. If you are a huge fan of body pillows and can’t wait to share Yana’s body pillow with your friends, you can join its affiliate program on ShareASale.

6. Emma Mattress

Commission: 10%
Cookie: up to 180 days

Emma Mattress is dedicated to providing a superior sleep experience worldwide. The company was founded in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2015 and has since expanded to 33 countries across four continents.

The Emma Mattress utilizes patented technology developed by a team of top experts and award-winning professionals from Germany to ensure optimal spinal alignment for its users.

The average sale amount is $1,000, which means you can earn up to $100 per sale through your affiliate links.

7. Wesper

Commission: 10%
Cookie: 90 days

Wesper is a tech device that empowers individuals to achieve better sleep outcomes. Through comprehensive testing and monitoring solutions, Wesper helps users understand their sleep patterns, make informed health decisions, and ultimately improve their overall sleep quality and well-being.

Their technology combines at-home, next-day sleep data, raw data, AI-data analysis, and more, providing accurate and comprehensive insights for both patients and healthcare providers.

8. Buffy

Commission: 10%
Cookie: 45 days

Buffy offers earth-friendly, skin-friendly, and cruelty-free bedding & home products that are ultra-soft for a sustainable and cozy night’s sleep.

They prioritize using sustainably produced fibers and recycled materials without compromising on comfort. The material choices aren’t solely based on the positive impact on the environment but also because they provide a superior feel to traditional options.

9. Sleepline

Commission: 10%
Cookie: 60 days

Sleepline is a team of experts passionate about providing you with the best sleep solutions and advice, and they have done it since 2018.

Their solutions include lifestyle changes, natural remedies like sleep gummies, and proper mattress selection to help improve your overall health and well-being by achieving a better night’s sleep.

10. YogaSleep

Commission: $65 per sale
Cookie: 60 days

YogaSleep has been helping people worldwide get quality sleep since 1962. They offer natural products to aid in achieving a good night’s rest.

Besides the popular white noise machines, they acquired Yogabed in 2017 to expand their product line and offer better mattress delivery services to customers. Yogabed offers a 10-year limited warranty with every mattress purchase.

How To Celebrate World Sleep Day?

Feel sleepy? You can celebrate World Sleep Day by following activities:

  • Take a nap
  • Sniff lavender or other flavors that help you sleep
  • Enjoy a nighttime bath
  • Try a short meditation in a quiet place
  • Tidy up your bedroom with clean bedding and pillowcases
  • Give your smartphone a break
  • Use #WorldSleepDay on social media platforms
  • Pin this article on your Pinterest board for future reference

How To Get Started?

You may start a blog sharing your experiences with World Sleep Day, especially if you are interested in the health, sleep, or bedroom niche. It’s a great time to create more sleep-related content and drive traffic to your blog. 

Pro Tip: How To Find Your Niche? 100 Niche Ideas!

Create Quality Content

After setting up your blog, the next step is to create quality content, just like I did in this post. Remember that “Content is King” and should be your top priority. 

One common mistake I’ve noticed among affiliate marketing beginners is spending excessive time choosing the best theme for their blog and neglecting content creation.

If you create content that people search for online, you will drive massive traffic later. I’ve written this article to show you step-by-step instructions on how to create quality content. I am sure you will like it!

Pro Tip: The Best WordPress Theme! Fast and Lightweight!

Promote Content

After crafting valuable content that attracts readers, the next step is to promote it. Pinterest users tend to engage well with seasonal content, making it an effective method to drive traffic to your blog posts.

A useful tip to remember is that World Sleep Day falls on March 18th, so you can plan and create content promoting relevant products 3-6 months in advance. As the date draws near and search volume increases, your articles have a better chance of ranking at the top.

Don’t forget to learn how to use Pinterest to promote your blog posts. You may be surprised how fast your content ranks!

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How To Find Affiliate Programs?

I use two ways to find affiliate programs. Both methods work well for me! 

  1. Type “World Sleep Day + affiliate programs” on Google to get thousands of search results. 
  2. Find “World Sleep Day + affiliate programs” inside Wealthy Affiliate

If you like to know how I find affiliate programs inside Wealthy Affiliate, feel free to check How I Find Affiliate Programs!

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for promoting sleep affiliate programs:

  • Choose the right affiliate programs. Not all sleep affiliate programs are created equal. Make sure to choose programs offering high-quality products or services your audience wants.
  • Track your results. It’s important to track your results to see which affiliate programs drive the most traffic to your blog. This will help you optimize your campaigns and get the most out of your affiliate marketing efforts.
  • Be patient. It takes time to build a successful affiliate marketing business. Don’t expect to get rich overnight. Just keep creating high-quality content and promoting your affiliate programs, and eventually, you’ll start to see results.


I listed the best sleep affiliate programs for you. If those don’t suit your blog well, you could google it or join Wealthy Affiliate to find the perfect affiliate programs. 

I hope my blog post helps you today and you get information on how to focus on your affiliate marketing business. If you have anything to say, don’t hesitate to comment below. I will reply within 24 hours. 

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Best 10 Sleep Affiliate ProgramsBest 10 Sleep Affiliate Programs

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