PromoRepublic Review – The Best Social Media Scheduler

PromoRepublic is one of The Best Social Media Scheduler I use on a daily basis, and it works quite well to manage all my social media profiles.

Social media plays an important role in our online business. When you start your own online business, you must get overwhelmed about all the different choices of social media management tools. Don’t panic, I walked the same path as you do right now!

You could securely connect PromoRepublic to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Google My Business accounts. These six should be enough when you first start your social media adventures!

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What is PromoRepublic?

-Summary of PromoRepublic-

Product Name: Promorepublic
Founder: Max Pecherskyi / Val Grabko / Mike Baranovskyi
Product Type: Social media management tool
Price: $9 / $39 / $49 / $99 / $499 / custom price monthly
Best For: all online marketers, small & local business, students, and more
Rating: 80 /100
Recommend: YES!

PromoRepublic is a web-based tool that helps manage all your social media accounts at ONE place! It works for marketers, small business owners, agencies & freelancers to create and publish content in Promorepublic.

It’s very simple to use, and it doesn’t need much time to learn the “HOW TO” for each feature. You will feel the social media management becomes easier.

They aim to bring the world with below three visions:

  1. Product: The fastest growing Social Media Management Platform with advanced content generation
  2. Education: To educate small and midsize business(SMBs) to become the thought leader in their own field
  3. Republic: An Online Community of SMBs, Marketers, Agencies, and Freelancers globally

Watch this video from Promorepublic:

Meet The Founder

Max, Val, and Mike came out the idea to create a product to manage social media accounts in 2014 when they were in Startup Wise Guys Accelerator. It’s the same year they got the first customer traction.

They spent about three years building connections with customers in the North America Market and they decided to set up their team in the USA.

Gradually, they grow Promorepublic with so much love and Artificial Intelligence in order to make it the most advanced social media management tool for everyone’s needs!

For me, checking the founder is an important routine to know whether this program or service is an online scam or not. But, Promorepublic is a nice and decent social media management tool based on my experience. I might get loose on this part!

It might seem I go too much about this, and you may also think “Faking the profile is not that difficult.” Yeah, it’s true, and you would get surprised that some online scams don’t want to fake it and people are still buying from them.

You are welcome to read my review on how to avoid online scams HERE.

How Does It Work?

Once you log in to Promorepublic, you would discover that the platform is designed in a nice and clean layout. It only takes you a few moments to understand how to navigate on Promorepublic.

Tips: if you don’t know how to use, just try it. It worth a try on Promorepublic.


Once you logged in Promorepublic, you will arrive on this page – Calendar firstly. It shows very clearly for my Instagram account, and this page will also record all the posts generated by Promorepublic.

You could either click upcoming events to see other posting ideas you could leverage for your social media accounts. PromoRepublic tries its best to provide high-quality content as much as possible, and they do have a team of designers and copywriters to create posts for us.

Upcoming events provide you the historical dates, special events, holidays for you to take advantage of and promote to your social media. It’s no harm to post holiday-related content on your social media since people relate to this easily!

Social Media Ideas

If you run out of ideas for your social media accounts, just click “Post Ideas” to see what Promorepublic has to offer today. It has many options to suit your taste, and I find they are so helpful.

For me, I always click “Upcoming Events” to know if there are some fun day celebration this week. Like I found November 30th is the “Stay Home Because You’re Well Day”, and I immediately chose it to be my post on 30th Nov.

You could also explore in “Recommended For You” option, and there are 1725 post ideas waiting for me inside. I only need to scroll down to see which one meet my expectation for my intent of the post, and then add my words & post it to my social media!

It’s indeed a piece of cake! No much effort needed for this!

Besides “Upcoming Events” and “Recommended For You”, there are other options under “Post Ideas”:

  • Animated: newly added feature, but it’s GIF format which doesn’t work well for Instagram
  • Stories: It gives you templates for your Instagram stories
  • Articles: there are the most suitable Promorepublic has chosen for you
  • Quotes: probably explain for itself
  • Instagram: the posts inside this option are already with many hashtags added, very effortless!
  • Pinterest: the post here is more infographic of many “HOW TO” content
  • Linkedin: Yeah, post for your professional Linkedin profile and connect with more elites
  • More: Other content to publish

Graphics Editor

If you don’t like all the ideas in the previous features and want to create your own posts, that’s alright. PromoRepublic does have an option called “Editor” in the main dashboard where you could find many high-quality content ideas for you.

If you still find none here, you could start creating your own post with the built-in tools in Graphic Editor.

The whole process to create the best post on your own:

  1. Click Background and pick the one suits you the most for your intent
  2. Add some elements to flavor your post with strong illustrations
  3. Add text to express your words to your target audience


  • For each image, you could adjust brightness, color contrast, saturation, blur, and opacity. (Try it, it’s fun!)
  • You could upload your favorite image for the content. For example, your business logo!
  • Save your creation for future use and mix & match all elements together.

Social Monitoring Tool

Once you post your content, you could click “Statistics” in the main dashboard to see the number of likes and comments. It gives you a basic understanding of some certain posts got popular than others.

Try to study for the most popular posts on your social media account, and replicate all the key elements for your future posts to maximize the monitoring tool by PromoRepublic.

For example, I found this post got 4 likes. Generally, it’s difficult to get more than one like(you like it) when you first start your social media account. It’s the reason why people quit their social media account since it takes some time to get followers.

I could study what elements I put in this post might be the key factors. Is it hashtags attracting more attention? Or is the color on my post causing more likes?

But, please don’t overthink! Just do some A/B testing based on your findings to testify and find your own path!

Tips: you could REPOST your content here to see whether it works again!

What I Like About PromoRepublic

TOP#01 Super Easy

It doesn’t take me lots of time to learn the way to handle PromoRepublic, and it’s very user-friendly. I only need to log in and choose my favorite posts from the recommended, then arrange for the whole week. All done, I could move on to something more important for my online business.

And, the scheduling tool is also easy to understand and easy to arrange your post. You could either manage on a weekly or a monthly basis. For me, I posted my first content less than 10 minutes once I became familiar with PromoRepublic.

TOP#02 High Quality

You might try some other FREE social media management tool, but some of them are with poor quality and it might make your audience dislike it.

All the post ideas at PromoRepublic comes with high quality. I finally get rid of the low-pixel image, the watermarks, and the lack of ideas when I landed here.

TOP#03 All Access

When I first start my trial, I get access to all great features in PromoRepublic. I’ve tried some other online social media management tools, but they do have locked features only for premium members.

Some of them provide free trial but all the results are with their logo watermarks on it, and it doesn’t make you feel quite well. I could understand them, but it is not like PromoRepublic!

Ugly Truth About PromoRepublic

TOP#01 GIF Animated

The newly added animated ideas don’t work well for Instagram – my main social media medium. It seems like it must be an mp4 file to make it like a real animation on Instagram.

If you post animated content from PromoRepublic to Instagram, the animated post would be frozen like a normal still image.

TOP#02 A Sense of Aesthetics

Here’s the crucial part to manage your social media. If you were like me lack of aesthetics, you may find it difficult to create your post.

You would end up spending more time than others to create mediocre content for your social media account, and you may find it frustrated when you compare your works to the masterpieces all over the internet.

But, thanks to the content factory team from PromoRepublic, this became off since the team provides and delivers a high-quality content ideas to make it easy for anyone who wants to take this duty.

TOP#03 No Refunds

If you don’t like it and want to cancel your subscription, SORRY, PromoRepublic does not provide any refund. Based on their cancellation and termination, you will retain access until that billing period is over and you will not be charged again for the next billing month.

I think the reason is they give you full access to use all features on PromoRepublic, so you should understand how good their product is after a 14-day trial. I love it, so I suggest you think twice before you finally subscribe to PromoRepublic.


There are 1+4 plans for PromoRepublic. If you were like me, a solopreneur, you could start from a solo plan that only costs you $9 monthly with 3 social profiles to connect. It’s very ideal for me to start managing my social profile, and I think it suits my appetite so well.

Besides $9 plans, they do have another $39 plan if you have one team member to join your business. It allows you to connect with 10 social profiles.

If you are a team, there are four different monthly plans to meet your needs:

  1. Standard $49: 10 social profiles + 2 team members.
  2. Professional $99: 30 social profiles + 15 team members.
  3. Business $499: 150 social profiles + 75 team members.
  4. Enterprise $custom price: all negotiable per your requests


I hope you enjoy my Promorepublic review, and I also hope it helps you understand how great PromoRepublic is. It’s easy to use, easy to create your content & post it, and easy to track your post. Not to mention you could try the trial for 14 days!

But, think twice before you do purchase PromoRepublic since they don’t provide a refund!

You are welcome to try the trial, and you would definitely find the good features as I do in this post. If you still have questions, you are more than welcome to PM me or leave your honest feedback below. I would try to feedback within 24 hours!


Matt is a 30ish guy who has a corporate job and chases the dream to become a digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle. He is passionate about making money online and will keep creating quality content to find his online success.

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