Jaaxy Review – The Best SEO Keyword Tool

How to make people read your posts effortlessly and let Google do the hard works for you? Yes, keywords! A couple of great keywords will help you achieve this and Jaaxy is The Best SEO Keyword Tool that I used for all my posts.!

Right after I joined Wealthy Affiliate and learned all the training, I learned much valuable knowledge about how to rank faster on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. The first thing is to do the keyword correctly for better ranking! Jaaxy is the tool I used and it is included in the premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate

Disclaimer: As the owner of Smileaffiliatesuccess.com, I have tracked down special deals for products, tools, and services mentioned herein. When you click my affiliate links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. This is a win-win advantage for both of us.

What is Jaaxy SEO Keyword Tool?

-Summary of Jaaxy-

Product Name: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim
Product Type: Keywords research tools for any online business
Price: Free Trial (30 searches), $49/month or $99/month
Best For: Affiliate marketers, bloggers, content creators, etc
Rating: 98/100
Recommend: YES!

Jaxxy is a web-based keyword research platform for all your SEO purpose, no matter you are searching for the post title or the video title on your Youtube channel. Jaaxy could do all the keyword research for you. 

The founders of Jaaxy are Kyle & Carson, who also created my favorite affiliate training program called “Wealthy Affiliate

Since we want people to read our post every day, keywords become super important that could help our post ranked on page #1 of Google. If you could rank on the first page of google, it would definitely bring you more and more visitors to your website. Traffic means highly possible profits for your online business. 

But, without a legit keyword research tool, it’s a very difficult and tough road to choose the correct keywords from the dictionary, right? Jaaxy is created right there for you and it eliminates all the time-consuming researches.

Jaaxy provides all aspects of keyword, competition, average monthly traffic, brainstorming, and related affiliate programs which save me tons of time.

What Jaaxy Has to Offer?

TOP#01 Keywords research(of course!)

The way to do your research in Jaaxy is super easy. You simply log in and there is a search bar and it will come out some ideas that might be a good choice.

For example, I love smartphones, so I checked iPhone 11 on Jaaxy. It shows like the above screenshot. Before we go further, there are also some basic indicators that I would like to explain.

  • Avg.: This is the overall monthly traffic this search term gets, globally.
  • Traffic: The average monthly visitor for this certain keyword if you rank on the #1 page of Google
  • QSR: The most important indicator on Jaaxy! This is showing you the exact number of results in Google that you are competing with under this search keywords. The higher, the more competitions.
  • KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator, simply explain themselves!
  • SEO: A score based on traffic & competition, the higher the better!

In this case, I might go for “iPhone 11” or “iPhone 11 release”, both are good for me! 

The result of a quality keyword should meet some basic criteria:

The competition should be lower than 100(QSR) and the Avg should be higher than 100, so KEEP IN MIND for this winning formula: AVG>100>QSR.

You may watch the above official Jaaxy Walkthrough video from Kyle, and he explains everything you need to know.

TOP#02 Alphabet Soup

It happens quite often that we have nothing in mind for the perfect keywords. Don’t worry! Jaaxy has a brainstorming to help you with it. 

Let’s take iPhone 11 for an instance! After I typed in, it shows “keyword” + a-z which comes out some good ideas for your article title or youtube video title. All you need to do is drag the button from left to right to see more results, and it is definitely a piece of cake.

Jaaxy is so pretty powerful, right?

TOP#03 Keyword List Management

Sometimes, you find good keywords and wanna do cross check with each other for all the indicators. Yes, Jaaxy allows you to do this. After you searched for keywords for your niche, you could check all you wanna save then add to your list or create a new list. 

The 2nd, compare all the indicators under “Save Lists” for your perfect one to rank higher and faster. How can we not LOVE Jaaxy for the hassle-free experiences?

TOP#04 Search Analytics

Jaaxy also shares the result of how your keyword performs on the 1st page of Google, and it’s always good to learn from your competitors. As the old saying goes, “A good artist steals.” I think it’s very important to study what others are doing for some certain keywords then try to make your choices close to theirs but with something unique from you.

For example, if I go checking Jaaxy Review, then it would show me the below.

There are some interesting data I could follow. I usually go to their website and take notes and transform & improve mine every week for something good.

  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Word count
  • Links on site
  • Back Links
  • Alexa Rank
  • Google Adsense

TOP#05 Affiliate Program Research

Another headache of affiliate marketing is that we don’t know where to find things to promote. And, Jaaxy saves us from that nightmare. You could check whatever you like under Affiliate programs of Jaaxy, it would show all the related affiliate programs for your keywords.

There are 4 affiliate websites include Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River, and Click Bank.

Jaaxy Pricings

Currently, I am using Lite version of Jaaxy which comes with my subscription of Wealthy Affiliate. To consider the time Jaaxy saves me & all the great functions mentioned above, the price seems very little to me and I LOVE it. 

If you wanna try Jaaxy for free, simply click HERE for the first touch of Jaaxy. You would find the magic!

The Starter – FREE

It’s the free trial and will give you some bites of Jaaxy. You could do most of the searches on Jaaxy BUT with limited searches.

  1. 30 Keyword Searches
  2. 20 Keyword Results
  3. 2 Keyword Lists
  4. 30 SiteRank Scans

Jaaxy Lite

I am using the Lite version, which comes with my WA monthly subscription. It allows me to proceed with the below, and I use it every day for the best keywords for my post title or youtube video title, which will bring quality and free/organic traffic. You could consider getting a subscription to WA with the Lite version for free.

  1. Unlimited Keyword Research 
  2. 20 Keyword Results 
  3. 25 Keyword Lists 
  4. 100 SiteRank Scans

Advanced Features:

  • Manual Domain Availability
  • Affiliate Program Searches
  • Sort Keyword Data

Jaaxy Pro $49/month

The Pro version enhances some features from the Lite version, it makes sense. right? Once I get more visitors to my website or more researches to do for the strong competition, I will definitely go Pro to be well-prepared for the game.

  1. Unlimited Keyword Research
  2. 30 Keyword Results 
  3. UnlimitedKeyword Lists 
  4. 2000 SiteRank Scans(amazing!)

Advanced Features:

  • Brainstorm Platform
  • SiteRank Tracking

Jaaxy Enterprise $99/month

The enterprise version has everything better than the Pro version, and all the data is loading automatically without many clicks to see all the results. The faster reactions save more of your time which also requires more bandwidth. 

If you are new to keyword research, I would suggest trying the free version first for the taste then go for the Lite or Pro version. Both would work well for your keyword-searching adventures.

What I like about Jaaxy?

TOP#01 Super Easy!

It didn’t take you too much time to try all the powerful features on Jaaxy platform and it’s quick and accurate. I started as a newbie to the affiliate marketing world, but I log in to do some searches for my post every day to master Jaaxy. 

The best part is you don’t need too much data or numbers to paint a clear picture for you. Simply follow the winning formula:
AVG>100>QSR. You would get onto the page#1 in the long run.

TOP#02 Cost-Friendly

When I tried to think of another keyword platform or tools in the same price range, I found there is no. Especially, under the condition that it comes FREE when you happen to be one of Wealthy Affiliate member. Even when you choose the Pro version, it only costs you $49 for a month which equals $1.6 per day. It worths the time and effort!

Click HERE today to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and take Jaaxy Lite home for FREE!

TOP#03 I Got Some Proof(Dec’20 updated)

After running my site for a while now, I have decided to show some of my best ranking articles to let you know that Jaaxy does work, and it works pretty well.

I write reviews and share with my readers about online business opportunities that could take us to achieve financial freedom so that we can use the time for something more important.

My three articles rank on the 1st page of Google and they even outrank the products that I’ve reviewed. You may check the below screenshots or do the online researches yourself to validate my words, and I hope this is enough to your doubts about Jaaxy.

What I don’t like about Jaaxy?

TOP#01 Only Support in English

When I tried to search for some keyword in other languages, the search of Jaaxy would not process your request since it cannot read other languages. Jaaxy only reads English. It’s a drawback if you look for the keyword search tool for other languages.

TOP#02 Click Manually

Only the Jaaxy Enterprise version eliminates all the manual clicks to see results. In Pro version, you would have to click sometimes to load data. Not to mention my Lite version! 

I always think every click save me tons of life comparing if I check each keyword one by one on Google, how long it would cost me to the right keywords? In that case, it feels nothing.

My Conclusion for Jaaxy

I love Jaaxy more than any Keyword tool on the internet for its simplicity and time-saving, and I use it every day as the best SEO keyword tool. 

I strongly recommend Jaaxy if you are a blogger, an affiliate marketer, a content creator and etc… It’s no harm to have it a try when Jaaxy also provides a free trial, right? 

Click HERE to know Jaaxy better today, you are welcome!

I hope you enjoy my review about Jaaxy, and you are more than welcome to leave a comment below or share all the beautiful experiences for your keyword hunting online.

46 thoughts on “Jaaxy Review – The Best SEO Keyword Tool”

  1. Hi,

    Jaaxy is definitely my favorite Keyword research tool, it is indeed a great time-saver and I can’t even think how tough it would be to write my blog posts without it.

    Jaaxy is not just a keyword research tool, it has so many other great features as well.

    With respect to languages, what language did you try to make a search?

    I think it works great with languages that are in the Latin alphabet. For example, I have tried to do the search in the Romanian language, and the results showed up, while in the Russian language – no.

    One quick question here, I have been thinking recently of what keyword research tool to use for Youtube, and somehow I thought I would need a different keyword tool, rather than Jaaxy.

    Do you have any experience of using Jaaxy for your Youtube channel, how do you know that it works great for Youtube, just the way as it does for Google search?

    Best Wishes,

    • Hi Natalie,

      Thanks for the feedback! I am using Chinese to do my keyword research sometimes, and that’s where I see Jaaxy only works for Latin alphabets(maybe more soon!).
      As for Youtube, I often right-click “View Page Source” on the Youtube video to know which keywords are tagged and check each keyword in Jaaxy for QSR & Avg. Then, you will get the answers.


  2. Hi Matt,

    I use Jaaxy as well and find it way more intuitive than the Google Keyword Tool (for which you now have to have an Adwords account).

    The problem with using different keyword tools is that they each use different terminology to describe different factors and that gets confusing..!

    So I now use only Jaaxy and it does a great job for me.



    • Hi Martin,

      Thanks for the feedback, I think you are correct! Different keyword tools have different terminology to describe the same data, and people just get confused.

      My advice is the same as yours – only use Jaaxy for keyword researches and leverage its power for the best keywords. 🙂


  3. Hi Matt.

    I am a big fan of the Jaaxy! I love to use it. It is a great tool and without any doubt a perfect solution for your business online.

    I like all the features it offers, from finding the best keywords, niches, all the analytics, and ranking feature as well.

    Your review is one of the best I found about the Jaaxy. I can recommend it to everybody who needs a great tool for keywords research, niche building options, and great support.

    I also like your site. very clean, nice design and informative.

    Keep up the great job.


    • Hi Igor,

      Thanks for your feedback as a user, I love this connection! I am just like you that I want to recommend Jaaxy to anyone who needs a keyword research tool, and Jaaxy is indeed the best one I can find at the moment.

      It’s affordable, powerful, and reliable. Everyone can easily leverage what Jaaxy has to offer, and I cannot imagine one day I cannot use it for all my content creations.


  4. I also use Jaaxy, I have the Lite version.

    I love it and I find it easy to use. I was, however, looking for some information on how to better use it and get more out of it, and your article has given me several more tips.

    I haven’t used the alphabet soup much, but I just tried it out again and it is actually great. It really helps you get creative with a possible title for a new blog post.

    Jaaxy has helped me enormously finding keywords and I have also created keyword lists for new blog posts I want to write in the near future. Like this, they are saved and I don’t forget about them. Some of these lists are quite long and so they keep on giving me material for many posts, during months.

    Like you, I highly recommend Jaaxy. You don’t need to be a website expert to use the Jaaxy tool 🙂

    • Hi Christine,

      Love you enjoy Jaaxy so far. I enjoy Jaaxy every time I try to find the perfect title for my articles or simply to know certain keywords data & comparisons.
      Jaaxy does provide a smart way to eliminate all the hassles that we face in our keyword researching on Google instant again and again. To consider the time you can save, it’s worthy to use Jaaxy!

      Not to mention the lower cost compared to other similar platforms, the alphabet soup that gives you creative keyword combinations, and save list…


  5. Hi Matt,

    I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and also use Jaaxy almost every day. Yet I was able to learn a lot more about the functions of Jaaxy from your article, You provided much detail about the various functions of Jaaxy that graphically explained its benefits.

    When I looked at the video in your article I noticed a discrepancy about the prices. The video showed that the Pro and Enterprise versions cost $19 and $49 a month respectively. Your article listed this as $49 and $99 a month. Since it appeared that the video was made around the time the iPhone 5 was introduced do you think the prices have been raised since then?

    Regardless, even at the higher prices Jaaxy is still a steal because of the competitive advantage you get having access to this amazing tool. You also made the point that the Lite version is included with the Premium membership to the Wealthy Affiliate platform at $49 a month. My recommendation to anyone interested in Jaaxy to go this route.

    I feel you did an excellent job in sharing valuable information about Jaaxy.


    • Hi Edwin,

      Thanks for pointing that out! Yes, the price of Jaaxy Pro & Enterprise went up, and it’s $49 for Jaaxy Pro & $99 for Jaaxy Enterprise at the moment. The price changed in September 4th, 2017 by Kyle – the founder of Wealthy Affiliate & Jaaxy.

      In order to leave no confusion to people, so I removed Jay’s video made in 2014 when the time Jaaxy’s prices were lower. Even when it’s higher, I still think it provides lots of advantages and useful functions. The best way to use Jaaxy is to join Wealthy Affiliate premium membership, and you can get full access to it.

      It looks like we both find the best affordable way to use Jaaxy. Good job!


  6. Thank you, Matt, for a great review regarding JAAXY. It is definitely a simple tool and saves me a lot of time. On top of that, it helps my articles to rank high on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

    I, too, take advantage of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate to access JAAXY Lite for free. However, the temptation to upgrade is definitely there for ease, convenience, and speed.

    I have not used other keyword tools before other than JAAXY. Do you know of any other keyword tools that are comparable?

    • Hi Ha,

      Jaaxy is the best keyword tool in the same price range, and the best part is that Jaxxy Lite is included in the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Subscription. So, you are already a WA premium member, I believe you can get my points easily. If not, I would suggest you read my review HERE.

      Other keyword tools are pricey or not that competitive as Jaaxy, so I don’t really have other preferences. But, I do use kwfinder to check the performance from other languages(such as Chineses, Japanese, Korean…)


  7. Nice review.

    You went into really showing what it is and how to use it. Also having a video tutorial was really helpful.

    I personally use the Jaaxy keyword research for every blog post I put out and having that with the Wealthy Affiliate program can do you really good for anyone who wants to go into affiliate marketing.

    • Hi Jordon,

      Yes, checking the keywords I want to use for every title of my articles becomes my routine now when I create my content for my online business. You are correct that Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate could help you a lot for your online business without too many hassles you need to do by yourself.

      It looks like we have some thoughts in common, and it’s great to connect with likely-minded people here.


  8. I love using Jaaxy! It is a great tool for searching keywords. I’m new to blogging and online marketing, so Jaaxy has been a lifesaver for finding the right keywords to blog about. Great review! Thanks.

    • Hi Carla,

      Thanks for your honest feedback on Jaaxy, I love it too. I have to admit that I use Jaaxy every day for all keyword researches no matter the title of my posts here or the hashtag of my Instagram posts.


  9. I’ve actually used Jaaxy Lite quite a bit but I’ve managed to miss many of the features you showed here lol! I’ve just been checking out the QSR and Avg ratings and haven’t really used the other tools. Thanks for the thorough review, I’ll go check out these features right away!

    • Hi Jukka,

      Normally, I am just like you only using the AVG & QSR these two indicators for my keyword researches. There are also some times I run out of ideas, I would go using Alphabet soup to generate more inspirations. Glad that my Jaaxy review gives you some tips. 🙂


  10. Hi Matt,

    Thank you for this well-written review about one of the best keyword tools out there. I love using Jaaxy because of the many features it provides.

    Jaaxy will not only help us to find the best long-tailed keywords but also help us to brainstorm more ideas, check out our site ranks, do search analysis, save our search lists, and more.

    Jaaxy is definitely our best friend in order to create contents that will rank well. I recommend this keyword tool for sure.


    • Hi Ferra,

      Thanks for backing me up for Jaaxy, glad you love using it as I do. I love the alphabet soup the most, and it provides me many ideas that I never have in the past. So, you might check it out once you run out of ideas. 🙂


  11. Hi Matt,

    I spend a lot of time doing keyword research. Finding keywords is a chore that is worth it, so I put up with it.
    I have tried keyword tools in the past and wasn’t too happy with them. I think I might give Jaaxy a try.
    Do I just type a keyword into the tool and it spits out other keywords that are similar?
    It would be great if it did because manually looking through other websites for their keywords is very time-consuming.

    • Hi Greg,

      Yes, Jaaxy saves you tons of life by providing you not only the stats to know the performance but other keyword ideas to choose from. You can use the time you used to spend on checking keywords one by one into building your online business with more high-quality content.


  12. Hi Matt.

    This is a really good review of the Jaaxy keyword tool, and I support what you have said about it. The review is well laid out and it is very informative and insightful. Hopefully a lot of people will come across your review and invest in using the Jaaxy tool.

    I used to use the Google keyword tool but at the moment I just use the Jaaxy tool as I have found it has been really helpful.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your honest feedback. Jaaxy is what I think the best part of Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership, and it helps me with my article titles, hashtags on social media, and some inspirations by Alphabet soup. For beginners, you will need a keyword tool like Jaaxy to guide you on the right path.

      I’ve also written an article about how to use Google Instant for keyword researches, maybe you will be interested. 🙂


  13. Hello Matt. Absolute great review on Jaazy. How it works, what it does, and how important it is for anyone that have there own website. Using Jaaxy myself it has taken hours worth of work off my hands. A must for anyone.

    Thank you for the great information

    Best regards

    • Hi Felicity,

      Thanks for the feedback. I am just like you using Jaaxy every day for my keyword researches, and I always check on the alphabet soup for more inspirations when I run out of ideas. The best way to get it is through Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership, then you can get the lite version for FREE.


  14. Great review on Jaaxy. Its a great in-house tool for keyword search withing the Wealthy Affiliate. I personally find it very simple and easy to use. You’ve provided us a great review for anyone to follow if they require any support with this brilliant tool to enhance your SEOs.

    Best wishes

    • Hi Rani,

      I have to admit that I use Jaaxy for every word in my head at the moment, haha… it’s so simple and intuitive to use. Don’t forget to try alphabet soup to generate more inspirations for your keywords hunting.


  15. Hi Matt, I also use Jaaxy but I should be using it more often, I think I try to many tools to try and get the best solution but in the end it’s confusing, perhaps I should stick to one solution and master it. I like the brain storming which I have not use yet but will now sink my teeth into after this post. Thanks for great post. Regards Barry

    • Hi Barry,

      Love to see the feedback from other Jaaxy users. Just like what you mentioned here, the better way is to master one platform of keyword tools and understand powerful features to the fullest. In that case, you will find your money spend on the service worth every single day. Although Jaaxy Lite version comes for free within Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership…

      If you still don’t know what Wealthy Affiliate is, I got one review for you HERE. You are welcome.


  16. Hi, Matt
    Thank you for this thorough review of Jaaxy keyword research tool.
    I have been looking for a good keyword research tool to help my blog grow.
    My search lead my to a post that cites Jaaxy as well and it is the affordable one I found on their list.
    Glad I land on your site because I found an overall solution for my business.
    It seems if I join the Wealthy Affiliate premium, I can get access to the keyword research tool for free. Right?
    What I want to know, can I transfer my blog to Wealthy Affiliate?
    I hope it will be a way for me to save money for my business.

    • Hi Sebastian,

      Thanks for your feedback here! The best way to use Jaaxy is to join Wealthy Affiliate Premium, so you will get Jaaxy for FREE.

      For your websites before Wealthy Affiliate, if it’s built on WordPress, yes, you can bring it to WA hosting.


  17. Jaaxy is really great, I certainly do recommend the enterprise subscription if you are new to building websites as this enables you to track your rankings early on.

    This in turn gives you confidence because you can see that your ranking is going up.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Catherine,

      Thanks for the feedback, I personally use Jaaxy every day to find the best keywords for my article titles, which works well most of the time. Love to see that you are using the enterprise version of Jaaxy, it must be super powerful for your online business.


  18. It’s a very informative post there you got and I enjoyed reading your post.

    To get people to read your blog, you got to use the right keywords that a lot of people are looking for.

    Writing blogs regularly will help your website to get ranked, get more traffic and build more trust.

    Thank for sharing this post.

    • Hi Gordon,

      That’s correct, especially when you just starting your website, doing good keyword research is important, so I recommend Jaaxy. Love to hear your success soon, keep in touch.


  19. Hi Matt, and thanks for this awesome review of Jaaxy! I use this tool myself and love it.

    It’s a powerful way to find keywords with all the stats it provides. And these stats make it very easy for a new marketer to figure out. There are many tools out there that provide overwhelming amounts of information for a much higher cost. But all of that is unnecessary. Jaaxy gives you what you need, and for a much lower monthly cost.

    I highly recommend this tool to your readers for great keyword searches and high ranking opportunities.


  20. Hi Matt,

    I completely agree with you on this Jaaxy keyword tool review. It is one of the best keyword search tool to put your content out there in the most effective way possible. It is also very simple and quick to use. No wonder Jaaxy has been in the game and loved by millions out there.

    No only the Jaaxy but whole of the Wealthy Affiliate platform is one of the best if you want to start an affiliate marketing and earn money online.

    Wishing you all the best.

    • Hi Habib,
      Thanks for stopping by on my Jaaxy review, and I am glad you like my sharing & I hope it solves some of your concerns. Yes, Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate(WA) are perfect platforms for everyone interested in making money online through affiliate marketing. I applied what I learned from WA and found good-performing keywords on Jaaxy to rank my articles better on search engines so that people will land on my articles. The more visitors, the more earning potentials. 🙂


  21. Hey Matt, this was a very thorough review of Jaaxy keyword tool. I’m using Jaaxy myself to get a ton of great data for any keyword I want to rank for. Moreover, it tells me whether should I invest time and effort into a keyword or not and that’s why I like it the most.

    It saves me time and helps me to make money online!

    I like how you have broken down this review into segments and thanks for sharing visuals. I always like to do additional research on the tools and courses I buy, and your review was very helpful.

    I can’t help but notice that my website shows on #1 position on one of the screenshots you’ve used for this review (class with Jeff review). 🙂 I just prove the point that Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool on the market!

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Hi Ivan,
      Yes, Jaaxy is the best keyword tool for affiliate marketing beginners because it’s easy, intuitive, and low cost. For people who cannot afford Jaaxy, you may consider getting Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership to take Jaaxy Lite home for free.
      We both use Jaaxy to rank our articles on the 1st page of Google. 🙂 What else do we need to show people that Jaaxy does work well for an online business through blogging…? Your website is my learning target, so let’s keep working hard by leveraging Jaaxy for our keyword researches.


  22. Keywords aren’t just important, they are the essential element of search engine traffic.
    Jaaxy is not just a topnotch online keyword tool, it is the best one out there in its field. The thing I like about Jaaxy is that it is maintained by the same team who owns and founded Wealthy Affiliate, which is an extra credit when it comes to trusting in what you’re going to get.

  23. I’ve been using Jaaxy for years now. I use it for all my research. It is also very affordable compared to all the other keyword tools.

    I especially love it because of the time it saves me when I’m doing keyword research. The alphabet soup technique and the related search terms it provides is very helpful.

    • Hi Shaun,

      I have the same thought as yours, and it’s so nice to connect with likely-minded people here on my website. Jaaxy’s indicators are easy to understand, and it’s so powerful that you might find better keywords to outrank other websites just like my proof.



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