Is The Super Affiliate Network A Scam?

Super Affiliate Network is one affiliate marketing training courses that teach you how to generate a nice income online. I know you researched online and landed on my website to know “Is The Super Affiliate Network A Scam?”, right?

You are at the right place! In this review, I am going to reveal everything you need to know before you sign up with Super Affiliate Network(SAN), and you are able to make decision once you read to the end.

In the world full of scams online, I am glad you do your researches on Google before you really join any training courses and programs. This is the first step to filter out the bad ones and find the one that suits you the best. You are on the right track!

Secondly, I am not referring you to join this program to earn commissions because I hate that when I read online reviews, so you won’t see any affiliate links that direct you to Super Affiliate Network. You can trust me on this.

Without further ado, let’s dive deep for Super Affiliate Network!

Disclaimer: As the owner of, I have tracked down special deals for products, tools, and services mentioned herein. When you click my affiliate links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. This is a win-win advantage for both of us.

What Is Super Affiliate Network?

-Summary of Super Affiliate Network-

Product Name: Super Affiliate Network
Founders: Founded by Misha Wilson in 2015
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Courses
Price: $7 per month + upsells up to $297
Rating: 40 / 100
Recommend: No

Super Affiliate Network was founded by Misha Wilson who became a multimillionaire by the age 25. He started his online business on 2012 when he went broke. After three years, he made his success through affiliate marketing. So, he launched SAN to help people achieve the same success just like what he did.

SAN is an online training course and community educating people how to set up their own business through affiliate marketing. They also offer strategic education, ongoing mentorship, and personal hands to make you succeed, which leads you to a lifelong business.

Super Affiliate Network Product Lines

The Profit Boosting Bootcamp $7

A full blueprint that shows you how to create your business just like what Misha did between 2012 to 2015. There are 15 modules that teach you marketing tactics and strategies to build your online business.

You will learn from mindset, psychology, email Marketing, list building, selling, automation by this 15-module step-by-step training course.

The IM Profit Formula FREE (Plus $7 Shipping Fee)

The IM Profit Formula Book: written by Misha Wilson, which outlines the exact formula he used to make $10,000,000 Online By the age of 27. Misha will guide how to increase your profits by selling high-ticket programs($2,000+) without you promoting to people face to face even if you have zero tech sales and zero sales experience.

Besides the book, you will also get the below bonuses:

  • Three consult calls with a SAN business enrollment advisor
  • The first 6 modules of the “Super Affiliate Profit Boosting Bootcamp”
  • A full 2-hour “Accelerate To Profit” webinar
  • 3 done-for-you tested and proven traffic sources that helps you get profitable

The Solo Ad Success Formula $297

This is an 11-Module step-by-step home study course that guides you on how to generate leads by using Solo Ad Marketing. The secret behind this course is Email-Marketing, and you will learn tips to get traffic that converts into Sales.

The Super Affiliate Inner Circle $297

The Super Affiliate Network Inner Circle coaching call is a weekly coaching session that is held every Monday at the Official SAN Fan Page. It will help you to build a right mindset and the right focus as an entrepreneur. The highest earning students of this course will share their way to make sales, so you will get motivated and inspired by their stories.

Besides the weekly coaching, you also get the monthly coaching with one of the SAN corporate team members. It’s good to talk to them and get your inner questions solved!

How Does This Affiliate Program Work?

Once you finish your training courses, Super Affiliate Network will let you know how lucrative it is to sell the courses that you just completed. You can earn commissions when someone buys one of SAN products through your affiliate link if you decide to make money with this system.

The commissions are listed below for your reference. For more details, feel free to check HERE!

  • The Profit Boosting Bootcamp – 70%
  • The Super Affiliate Inner Circle – 70%
  • The Solo Ad Success Formula – 70%

Who Is Super Affiliate Network For?

People who want to learn Email Marketing with the guide from Misha Wilson.

For me, I prefer to build my website and generate money on my content. So, if you ask me whether I would join SAN, my answer is maybe no… I will let you know my favorite program for the moment in just ONE minute.

Ugly Truth About Super Affiliate Network

TOP#1 Videos Promise Easy Money

Do you believe that money comes easy just like the sales video promises? I don’t buy it. If so, I believe you are not here and read my review of Super Affiliate Network, right?

Making money online takes three simple elements, hard work, patience, and persistence. If you are not ready to proceed with these three simple elements to build your online business, it may not work in the long run. People quit before they see positive results.

TOP#2 Focus On Email Marketing Only

Email Marketing is essential to any online business, but it should not be the focus. And, one more concern is that they use Solo ads to promote your business instead of teaching you the basic SEO and the way to do your keyword researches for the organic traffic.

The worst part is that Super Affiliate Network doesn’t put all courses in the profit boosting bootcamp, but they try to sell you another advanced course called the solo ad success formula. For me, this is an upsell.

TOP#3 Expensive Products

If you look closely at all the prices listed above and sum up the total, you will get a higher cost to build your online business. This is calculated by all the courses listed on this review only, the extra costs like the fees of the Solo ads are not included. So, you will eventually spend more than my calculation here.

What I Liked About Super Affiliate Network

TOP#1 The Founder Story

Misha Wilson is a very successful young man who became a multimillionaire by the age of 25. On his personal website, there are more inspiring stories and helpful tips to make you motivated.

After reading many posts from him, people will definitely gather enough courage to go further and work harder to achieve their goals when they first start online. Without Misha Wilson, a real-world example, we won’t have a chance to know that there is someone who made it work already, and what we need to do is to simply copy and paste the same business model.

TOP#2 30-Day Refund Policy

SAN provides you a 30-Day refund policy if you are not 100% satisfied with the courses you purchase. Besides this, SAN offers a conditional $100 “Just For Wasting Your Time” guarantee during the 30 days of your basic or annual membership.

If you want to receive the $100 “Just For Wasting Your Time” guarantee, the below must be completed:

  • Watch all videos in the Profit Bootcamp, and complete all assignments.
  • Make at least 3 calls with your designated coach within the first 30 days.
  • Complete all assignments provided by the three coaches you called.
  • Keep documentation of any traffic campaigns (including cost, vendor info, leads generated & ROI)

Side note: There will be no refunds or credits for setup fees, partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused with an open account. No exceptions.

TOP#3 A Step-by-Step Training Course

I must say the step-by-step training course is well-designed by Misha Wilson and the team. They are easy to follow and comprehensive. After each lesson, you can only proceed once you complete the quiz, which gives you another chance to go through again what you just learn.

Is Super Affiliate Network A Scam?

No, Super Affiliate Network is not a scam at all. Although it gets some downsides and things I don’t like, we still cannot call it a scam.

Before you sign up with Super Affiliate Network, I hope you think twice and be responsible for every decision you make to build your online business. Nothing speaks louder than your inner voice.

If you still don’t like to join this program as I do, I recommend you to check my favorite platform that I used to build my online business at the moment. I am sure it’s highly possible that you will love it too.

Alternative Program(My Favorite)

I believe that you don’t need to spend for upsells in Super Affiliate Network when you can get all at a $49 membership fee per month. An alternative I do recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. You are not restricted to promote the product from one specific company, and you can promote any niche you have passion for with the related products or services.
  2. You don’t need to pay for the upsells provided to know how the affiliate marketing system works. You can get it instantly from Wealthy Affiliate when you first start.
  3. You get all the powerful tools, features, training courses, and support you need to maintain the success of your online business.

>>>Try Wealthy Affiliate Before Bed<<<

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Here are some most active members from Wealthy Affiliate. Each of them did succeed in generating a sustainable income to replace their 9-5 jobs. You are more than welcome to check their stories HERE.

I hope you enjoy this review and you are more than welcome to share ideas or leave your comments below. I will reply as soon as I can, thanks.


Matt is a 30ish guy who has a corporate job and chases the dream to become a digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle. He is passionate about making money online and will keep creating quality content to find his online success.

4 thoughts on “Is The Super Affiliate Network A Scam?”

  1. I have heard of the Super Affiliate Network before. It’s a good name. The good thing is that they provide training and that the founder is someone who became a millionaire at 25, so he did it and he has the knowledge to teach others.

    What I don’t understand then is how he can talk about easy money in his videos when it was probably not that easy It may be easy once the business starts rolling, but the road to get it rolling is one with speed bumps, isn’t it?

    I think I prefer your alternative way of making money with Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn to build your business on your website, and email marketing is part of it, not the entire focus of it. I don’t understand how a business is built focusing solely on email marketing. Do you still use a website in that case?

    • Hi Christine,

      Yes, Affiliate Marketing does take lots of time and effort before we see positive results. Therefore, what Misha Wilson said doesn’t work for a complete beginner. You could say that kind of words once your business starts to generate money for you. But, for most of us, it’s not easy.

      Wealthy Affiliate(WA) is a platform that I use at the moment to build my online business, so it’s common that I tend to compare every other affiliate marketing training program to WA. It seems WA has more to offer at a more affordable price. You can even try it for free without giving your credit card information. Does it sound good to you?


  2. Hi Matt, Thanks for the review. How much total does Super Affiliate Network cost? I saw two times $297, it cost $297 for each item? $7 per month is cheap, I am worried I will have to pay more later to unlock more learning materials.

    The profit-making example sounds too good to be true… Refunding sounds tedious too just to get back $100 if the prog. doesn’t work… I am not sure if I should sign-up. Your alternative choice seems like a better course… I will read more about that before I decide which one to sign. Thanks again.

    • Hi Yongli,

      I am afraid that you need to pay lots of upsells after you sign up with Super Affiliate Network, so the best way is to consider another alternative. My alternative didn’t provide the exaggerated money-making example to beginners because they know it’s not good to lure people in that way. They prefer a low-profile way to attract newbies by word of mouth I believe, my mouth in this case.

      I do hope you can check my review HERE and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need extra information about Wealthy Affiliate.



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