Is Stream Energy A Scam?

It’s possible that you have heard Stream Energy from your friends, family, or your colleagues. This business opportunity seems nice to you, but you cannot resist the thought of “Is Stream Energy A Scam?”

Don’t worry. I felt the same as you did right now, so I spent time doing researches online, and here came this review.

First of all, I am not an associate of Stream Energy, so you won’t see me selling how good Stream Energy is or how competitive their plans are. What I am sharing with you today is an unbiased and honest article, and you are able to make a better decision once you read it till the end.

Secondly, a big run of applause for yourself. I see you are doing the researches well before joining any MLMs or subscribing to any programs. This is the first step to avoid being scammed and keep the hard-earned money safe in our pocket. You are on the right track!

Let’s explore this business opportunity with more details further down.

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What Is Stream Energy?

-Summary of Stream Energy-

Product Name: Stream Energy
Founders: Founded by Pierre Koshajki and Rob Snyder in 2005
Product Type: Energy Service MLM
Price: $329 one-time enrollment fee + $29 per month
Rating: 30 / 100
Recommend: No

Stream Energy is an MLM company that provides energy services(electricity and gas) following the deregulation of the Texas electricity market. It runs the business in seven states inside America, and they also provide other services like mobile phone service and Stream Wireless.

For saving our world, Stream Energy purchased 1,000 kWh of renewable energy every month for each of those customers to offset all or a portion of their carbon footprint. In 2019, they have purchased more than 60 million kWh of renewable energy in total, which is enough to power 25,532 homes in Texas all year long.

Is Stream Energy A Scam? - Services provided by Stream

What’s inside Stream Energy?

Many energy plans that come with a fixed rate for a 12-month contract. After the contract expires, the rate may vary. It is similar to Ambit Energy that also uses multi-level marketing to promote its energy services.

Let’s look at some Stream Energy popular products:

Product Lines

  • Energy Services: This is the main service that Stream Energy offers, including affordable plans of electricity or natural gas to homes in seven states inside America.
  • Wireless Services: Stream energy provides various phone plans including international plans and 4G LTE unlimited talk and text plans.
  • Protection Services: The protection from Stream Energy offers you the phone or video consultations with U.S. Board Certified doctors around the clock. Other services include credit monitoring, roadside assistance, and identity theft protection.
  • Home Services: This enables you to monitor your house from anywhere by the smart home services, digital voice services, and a smart thermostat.

How Does Stream Energy Work?

There are two main ways to make money in the MLM industry, and Stream Energy is no exception.

  1. Sell the products or services to generate commissions
  2. Enroll other customers and teach them to do the same for extra bonuses and rewards

Before we go directly into the compensation plan, let’s know how you get started with Stream Energy.

Getting Started

First of all, you need to go to the Stream Energy website for your registration and pay $329 for enrollment. You will also need to pay $29 for the account administration. Let’s do a quick calculation here, if we sum up all costs for the first year with Stream Energy, we will get the below:

$329 one-time enrollment fee + $29*12 month administration fee = $677! It seems lower than other MLMs, but whether you could make sales and earn over $677? We will have a clue later!

The Compensation Plan

There are four ways to make money with Stream Energy:

  • Personal Customer Bonus: Earn weekly bonuses by enrolling customers and building your own team. You will get $100 if you enroll 3 new customers into the system. $500 for a total of 10 customers, and another $500 for a total of 15 new customers.
  • Team Customer Bonus: Increase your earning potential by building your team and helping them succeed as you do. If your first direct associate also recruits three associates, you earn $100. Another $100 if each of your 2nd and 3rd also enrolled three associates. If you achieve to have 15 customers and three associates that each also recruits three associates in the first 90 days, you get an extra $500.
  • Monthly Earned Income: If your enrolled associates continue to recruit customers and new associates, the monthly earned income will be like the below screenshot. Even if you only achieve 10% or 50%, you still generate a nice and decent monthly income as it claims.
  • Incentives: car lease bonus, oversea trips, or free energy & WiFi services.
Is Stream Energy A Scam? - Monthly Earned Income

For more details, you may refer to the below YouTube video. Although it was made in 2017, there is still plenty of information we can learn from Stream Energy Compensation Plan.

How Can You Be Eligible For The Commissions?

If you become a Stream Energy associate, you need to recruit at least THREE individuals to become eligible for the commissions. It will be challenging if it’s your first time working with an MLM. Compared to other MLMs, the cost to start with Stream Energy is not extremely high. The question is whether you have a passion for recruiting?

Stream Energy Ranking

Depending on your commitment and dedication to Stream Energy, there are five levels in the system. Higher the rank, the more requirements you need to achieve to maintain the status.

  • Regional Director
  • Managing Director
  • Senior Director
  • Executive Director
  • National Director

Ugly Truth About Stream Energy

TOP#1 Not Transparent / Low Income Potential

While I want to find an official income disclosure from the Stream Energy website, I cannot locate any documents. This is not transparent, and I think it also implies a low income potential for this business opportunity.

It doesn’t kill my curiosity, and I really need to know the exact numbers to decide whether it suits me or not. So, I dug harder online. I found the Stream Energy income disclosure in 2015, and we can use it as a reference.

In the below screenshot, Qualified Director should equal to associate, and the average annual income is $49.52. $849.93 for regional director level associates. $1,540.93 for managing director level associates. $5,841.21 for senior director level associates.

It might be enough to cover some of your bills, but if you are talking about replacing your 9-5 jobs, it seems impossible. For an associate, you only make an average of $49.52, which is around $4 per month. Tell you what you are going to do with these 4 dollars?

You could also check the average days to achieve each level, and it takes around 3,555 days to reach as a national director(the top). It’s literally 10 years. Ask yourself, can you dedicate this much to work with Stream Energy for more than 10 years? I don’t!

Is Stream Energy A Scam? - Income Disclosure

TOP#2 Recruit, Recruit, and Recruit

While you read the compensation plan, it’s easy to find out the focus is recruitment. It’s the nature of the MLM industry, so I don’t blame Stream Energy on this. I still hate the idea that I cannot sell and promote products that I love to generate commissions.

In the beginning, I assume you will start to sell and promote to your family, friends, or maybe your neighbors. It’s easy to fall into the No-Friends-Left Club because people will avoid you ever since. I am not the kind of person who only approaches friends for selling, so this is definitely not my thing. I will choose another alternative to make money online.

TOP#3 Complaints

There are so many complaints about Stream Energy on BBB, here are some that I found. Customers complain that Stream Energy cut off the service if you don’t pay the bills on time, or they double the price of electricity or natural gas without prior notice. It’s likely you are going to face the same complaints after you enroll new customers, and you don’t know how to help if they turn to you for some supports.

Is Stream Energy A Scam? - Stream complaints
Is Stream Energy A Scam? - Stream complaints
Is Stream Energy A Scam? - Stream complaints

What I Liked About Stream Energy

TOP#1 Renewable Energy

Reducing the carbon footprint is the primary thing that we could save our planet, and Stream Energy is working on this. They purchase renewable energy on behalf of customers to offset all or a portion of their carbon footprint.

They understand the energy for the future comes from wind, solar, hydro & biomass. And, they have a plan called “Stream Green” which gives out more options to protect the globe from harmful fuels.

TOP#2 A+ Rating on BBB

BBB has determined that Stream Energy meets its accreditation standards since 2010, which include a commitment to make a good effort to resolve any consumer complaints.

Regardless of all complaints on its BBB page, Stream Energy gets an A+ rating. BBB records customers’ issues with the Stream Energy’s services, so I am surprised they still got an A+ rating after those complaints I just showed you.

TOP#3 One Simpler Compensation Plan

Compared to other MLMs, Stream Energy shares a simpler compensation plan. You only need to remember to enroll as many associates as possible to generate team customer bonuses and other rewards. There is not much calculation needed for your earning, so it’s good for everyone.

Who Is Stream Energy For?

People love the service from Stream Energy and cannot wait for any second to share with anyone around. It’s highly possible to make money with any programs if you have passions about, and your passions always overcome all obstacles on the way to success.

Can You Make Money Selling Stream Energy?

Yes, you can. Scroll/slide up to see the income disclosure again. There were around 0.34% of associates that made a $42.965.83 annual income, and less than 0.01% who made $366,900 per year. Can you spend 10 years selling and recruiting people into the system and never quit?

Is Stream Energy A Scam?

No, definitely no! Stream Energy offers many kinds of services to the customers and it runs the business for more than 15 years. I don’t believe any scams that could exist so long without being forced to shut down by FTC.

Before you make up your mind to join this business opportunity, I hope you think twice and be responsible for every decision you make. Let’s go through three things I loathe about Stream Energy:

  • Not Transparent: I cannot find the income disclosure from the official website to know the average monthly income that associates make.
  • Recruitment: I am not a people person, so recruitment is the last thing I would choose to make money with MLMs.
  • Complaints: There are tons of complaints about customer services on BBB, and I expect a higher standard of customer service from Stream Energy.

If you loathe the above too, you will be interested in my alternative to make money online:

My Alternative Way to Make Money Online

My alternative way to make money online is through Affiliate Marketing instead of promoting Stream Energy services by the oldest way of promoting, word-of-mouth. Try to imagine you sell Stream Energy plans to your friends, family, or anyone you know, don’t you feel blushed immediately? I know my face turn red if I do that selling.

Doing affiliate marketing will save you and me from that:

  • You don’t even need to buy any physical services and sell to someone face to face.
  • You also don’t need to convince people to join you as you downlines to build a team.
  • You are not restricted to only promote Stream Energy services. You can promote anything you like!

What you need to do is to create a website, YouTube channel, or Facebook/Instagram with quality content that makes your target audience trust you then purchase through your affiliate links. If they do purchase, you earn commissions. Simple as that!

The platform I am using is Wealthy Affiliate. The reasons for “Why Wealthy Affiliate?” are for all the WA training courses, LIVE training sessions every Friday night, 24/7 SiteSupport, and the world-famous/awards winning WA community!

For more details or top secrets about Wealthy Affiliate, you could check my full review below.

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I hope you enjoy this review and you are more than welcome to share ideas or leave your comments below. I will reply as soon as I can, thanks.


Matt is a 30ish guy who has a corporate job and chases the dream to become a digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle. He is passionate about making money online and will keep creating quality content to find his online success.

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