Is SendEarnings A Scam?

Update: SendEarnings is no longer available since July 2, 2020, but you still have other GPT sites to make money online. Read on to find out other choices right below!

Let me guess! SendEarnings popped out when you searched on Google for ways to make money online, and it seems a good opportunity. You still cannot stop thinking “Is SendEarnings A Scam?”

Yes? I am sure you will have that kind of feeling when you first meet a Get-Paid-To site(rewards site), and SendEarnings is a legitimate platform that you could earn a few bucks when you have lots time to kill.

First of all, I am not referring you to sign up with SendEarnings, so you won’t see me selling how good SendEarnings is or request you to “Apply Now”. What I do today is to share my honest findings and evaluate whether it worth the time.

Secondly, I can see you did your researches well and landed in this article. A big round of applause for you. Going searching online for everything about the platforms or programs you like to join is the first step to avoid being scammed. Congratulations, you are on the right track.

Let’s read on for more details about SendEarnings further down.

Disclaimer: As the owner of, I have tracked down special deals for products, tools, and services mentioned herein. When you click my affiliate links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. This is a win-win advantage for both of us.

What is SendEarnings?

-Summary of SendEarnings-

Product Name: SendEarnings
Founders: Not disclosed, but founded in 2000. Now owned and operated by IndoxDollars under Prodege.
Product Type: Get-Paid-To site(rewards site)
Price: 100% FREE to join
Rating: 30 / 100
Recommend: No

SendEarnings is just like IndoxDollars where you can do lots of your daily online routine to make money. It is founded in 2000, but no one really knows who the founders are. Now, SendEarnings is owned and operated by IndoxDollars, and they are all under the same mother company called “Prodege”

You can do paid surveys, play games, search online, shop with coupons, refer friends to make money on SendEarnings. I like the way they make it so much fun than just getting paid surveys like Vindale Research or Opinion OutPost. I do see there is a possibility to earn $10-$20 per month, but if you are talking about $200-$500, I think SendEarnings is not the platform for you.

Is SendEarnings A Scam? - SendEarnings Welcome Page

What’s inside SendEarnings?

You can do lots of online activities to make money on SendEarnings, they include the below options:

Cash Offers

Offers from SendEarnings are similar to other sites, and you earn around $0.5-$10 depending on a free offer or paid offer. SendEarnings is to reward all the members for trying products and services from the advertisers. Meaning you might use your credit card information for the registrations.

SendEarnings encourages you to continue using the products and services beyond the trial, not just stop using them once you complete a cash offer. I doubt how many of you will follow the instructions.


Yes, play games to make money online! You can earn cash by entering tournament games and receive cashback in your account, but the options of games are not the ones we are playing in the real world.

No Crash of Clans, NO Candy Crush, NO Angry Birds. No Fruit Ninja.


People do paid surveys for a long time, and there is no extra explanation needed. You will get paid surveys based on your demographics and take them to earn cash.

Usually, you will earn $0.5-$3 per survey depending on the length of time needed.(15-50 minutes)


Ditch Google/Yahoo/Bing for a while, you earn cash every time you complete 4 qualified searches! For every four searches you completed, you are able to earn either $0.01-$0.04 and the max of 0.15 per day.

I know the reward amount($0.01-$0.04) is little, but it’s probably the easiest way to make money on SendEarnings. Once you reach the max of the day, it’s alright to go back to your preferred search engines.

Is SendEarnings A Scam? - SendEarnings Search


You will be credited once the stores you shop report the purchase back to SendEarnings. Those online stores that SendEarnings partnered with include Gap, Macy’s, Priceline, etc.

Feel FREE to check the list HERE, you are welcome.


Visit the coupon page under the Deal from the top menu and select the coupons for the products you wish to use. Then you take the printed coupons and redeem them for your grocery shopping like the old times.

You will be credited $1.00 for every 10 coupons redeemed. One coupon printed and used brings $0.1.

Refer Friends

You can refer your friends to SendEarnings and earn 10% of their earnings. For example, one of your friends joins SendEarnings and completes a $10 task. Your referral will get $10 and you get $1.

There is no limit for the amount of referrals you can have on SendEarnings, so there is also no limit for the amount of cash you can earn by referring friends.

How Does SendEarningsWork?

Advertisers pays SendEarnings to reach consumers like you and me. Once SendEarnings sends our feedback for any paid surveys or offers back to advertisers, they get paid and we earn cash!

How Much You Can Earn On SendEarnings?

How much you can earn from SendEarnings depends on the time and effort spent on this platform. Normally, the more tasks you complete, the more you can earn, that also means the more time needed.

Since it’s closed permanently, you can check my list of other GPT sites to make money online.

Who’s SendEarnings For?

I know I am not the target audience for SendEarnings because I know I got a better way to make money online. But, if you are one of the below, go getting your account ready for SendEarnings.

  1. You like to have the first taste of knowing how to make money online.
  2. You like to turn your daily online routines into something profitable.
  3. You like to spend lots of time and effort but only get a few bucks back.

Ugly Truth Of SendEarnings

TOP#1 Low Income Potential

The minimum threshold to cash out is $30. Let’s say you only do paid surveys to accumulate your earning, and each survey pays you $0.5, which needs 15 minutes to complete.

So, to get your first $30, you need to complete 60 surveys that costs you 900 minutes in total (60*15minutes = 900 minutes = 15 hours). Then, we get your average hourly wage is close to $2 per hour. You will be so much better if you get a job in Mcdonald’s with a minimum wage.

The above calculation is based on a lucky situation, but people complain about there are not available surveys for them when they log in to get new surveys, which brings us to my next point.

TOP#2 Not Enough Paid Surveys

SendEarnings is the intermediary between you and the advertisers, and it allocates surveys for you based on your demographics. If you log in and find out that there are no new surveys for you. Don’t take it personally. You are not the right target audience the advertisers want, so that’s the reason why you don’t get new surveys.

Having inadequate surveys on SendEarnings makes it harder to get the $30 in a short time. You might need to take this into consideration.

TOP#3 Many Complaints

There are three main complaints about SendEarnings, which include:

  1. You don’t get credited after completing all kinds of tasks, and nothing changed when you contact the customer service.
  2. It takes forever to reach the threshold($30) because SendEarnings pays minimal.
  3. Your account gets terminated after you request a payout for unknown reasons.
Is SendEarnings A Scam? - SendEarnings Complaints
Is SendEarnings A Scam? - SendEarnings Complaints
Is SendEarnings A Scam? - SendEarnings Complaints

What I Like About SendEarnings?

TOP#1 Very Straightforward

On SendEarnings, you will see the amount of money you are going to get once you complete a task. It’s very straightforward if you compare to other sites that use the point conversion system.

People feel exhausted after surveys and other online activities(like me!) If they need to calculate again for how much they just earned, it would be a big hassle. So, I like it simple here at SendEarnings.

You can see all of your earnings at the top of SendEarnings website page, or you can click on the earnings amount to get more details about your current earnings!

Is SendEarnings A Scam?

No, SendEarnings is not a scam at all, but I won’t recommend it to people who like to make money online.

“Why?” I know you may ask! I value my time much, and I don’t see it’s a good opportunity in the long run. The low-income potential, inadequate surveys, and many complaints are things that I loathe much. I could also end up like those members who complained as the above screenshots I just showed you.

To avoid myself being like one of them, I would go for my alternative way to make money online:

My Alternative Way to Make Money Online

My alternative way to make money online is through Affiliate Marketing instead of doing all kinds of our online activities on SendEarnings.

Doing affiliate marketing will save you by below:

  • You don’t need to spend lots of time and just make a few bucks.
  • You also need to worry that you don’t get credited after completing the tasks.
  • You are not restricted to only do online activities to make money with SendEarnings.

What you need to do is to create a website, YouTube channel, or Facebook/Instagram with quality content that makes your target audience trust you then purchase through your affiliate links. If they do purchase, you earn commissions. Simple as that!

The platform I am using is Wealthy Affiliate. The reasons for “Why Wealthy Affiliate?” are for all the WA training courses, LIVE training sessions every Friday night, 24/7 SiteSupport, and the world-famous/awards winning WA community!

For more details or top secrets about Wealthy Affiliate, you could check my full review below.

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Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Here are some most active members from Wealthy Affiliate. Each of them did succeed in generating a sustainable income to replace their 9-5 jobs. You are more than welcome to check their stories HERE.

I hope you find this article useful and helpful to guide you on the right track. If you have other opinions, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below. I will try to reply as soon as I can, cheers.


Matt is a 30ish guy who has a corporate job and chases the dream to become a digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle. He is passionate about making money online and will keep creating quality content to find his online success.

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  1. Hi Matt, Thanks for sharing. At first, I thought “SendEarnings” is quite awesome, they are offering so many kinds of services that include search engines that make money, survey rebates, games and shop to get rebates. After hearing from what you say, it probably takes a longer time than we thought to make just peanuts… I shouldn’t waste more time using the platform then, I will do furthermore read ups about the affiliate marketing course that you recommended. Appreciate it.


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