Is Opinion Outpost Legit?

You found Opinion Outpost to make money online by taking surveys during your stay-home quarantine caused by COVID-19, but you wonder “Is Opinion Outpost Legit?” Am I right?

Taking paid surveys is a good start to try how to make money online, but it’s not on my top list. Why? The reason is simple. It’s often that people end up spending lots of time but only get a little buck as a return. I value my time much, so I write this review to see whether Opinion Outpost is the same or not.

First of all, I am not using any links in this article to refer you to Opinion Outpost, so you can trust me that I am not just bragging about how good Opinion Outpost is. I will provide you everything you should know before you make your final decision.

Secondly, I must give you a big hug and applause because I saw you are doing your researches to avoid being scammed and find out the most legitimate way to make money online. This is the first important step to filter out bad programs. Good for you.

Let’s find out more about Opinion Outpost further down.

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What is Opinion Outpost?

-Summary of Opinion Outpost –

Product Name: Opinion Outpost
Founders: Survey Sampling International
Product Type: Paid Survey Site
Price: FREE to join
Rating: 20 / 100
Recommend: No

Opinion Outpost is a market research company that collects feedback from real customers and send the data back to its clients. You need to do pre-qualification to qualify for each survey because the clients only want the feedback from the right people to produce new and improved products and services.

After reviewing many Get-Paid-To sites or paid survey sites, there is no surprise from Opinion Outpost. It is just the same as Vindale Research, nice and decent. It is worth to get your first bite of making money online, but if you are talking about replacing your 9-5 jobs by doing Opinion Outpost, it’s a mission impossible to me.

Opinion Outpost currently collects opinions for its clients in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Is Opinion Outpost Legit?

What’s inside Opinion Outpost?

Paid Surveys, of course.

There are surveys about electronics, medicine, politics, sports, advertisements, appliances, or even what you ate for breakfast. Before each survey, you need to do a pre-qualification to know whether you are the right target audience the clients want.

You might be kicked out during the pre-qualification, which seems a waste of time. That only means you are not the type of customer the surveys require. Don’t take it personally. Every time you’re not qualified, Opinion Outpost submits an entry for you into a $10,000 quarterly prize drawing to keep your anger away.

How Does Opinion Outpost Work?

Many companies, brands, or international corporate want to develop or improve their products or service, so they hire companies like Opinion Outpost or Vindale Research to do the work for them.

Once Opinion Outpost collects enough data, it will send back to its clients to get paid. For you and me, we get paid per survey we complete.

How Do You Sign Up with Opinion Outpost?

It is free to sign up with Opinion Outpost. What you need to do is simply go to the website and choose the way for the sign-up. You could use either your email, Facebook account, Google account, or your Linkedin account for the process.

Once all done, you are required to fill out many questions about your habits in order to qualify for the right surveys. Sometimes, the questions are very personal. If they irritate you, just take a deep breath or choose other ways to make money online.

Is Opinion Outpost Legit? - sign up page

For more details, you may watch the below YouTube video for better understanding. You are welcome!

What Can You Redeem For?

On Opinion Outpost site, 1 point equals to 10 cents, which is easy to calculate how much you can convert to dollars. They have some options for your points redemption, but the below two are my favorite:

  1. PayPal Cash: You need to have at least 100 points for $10 PayPal Cash.
  2. Amazon Gift Card: 50 points for one $5 Amazon Gift Card.
Is Opinion Outpost Legit? - rewards page

How Much You Can Earn On Opinion Outpost?

There is no fixed answer to this. Just like the old sayings goes “No pain, no gain!”, it depends on the time and effort you spend on Opinion Outpost. The more surveys you complete, the more points you might earn.

Normally, one 5-minute survey from Opinion Outpost pays out 5 points($0.5). So, you probably get $6 per hour if you are lucky to get 12 surveys available in one hour.

Who Is Opinion Outpost For?

If you are one of the below three types of people, go for Opinion Outpost and ignore my alternative to make money online in the long run.

  • You want to get the first taste of making money online by doing surveys.
  • You like filling out lots of questions about your lifestyle without thinking it’s boring and tedious.
  • You like to spend lots of time doing paid surveys but only get a few bucks back.

Ugly Truth Of Opinion Outpost

TOP#1 Fewer Options to Make Money

Comparing to other Get-Paid-To sites, you only get paid surveys to make money. Other platforms offer more options, such as shopping, coupons, watch videos, play games. It’s quite tedious if you only get paid surveys on Opinion Outpost.

Here are some sites that offer more options to make money online:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Inbox Dollars
  3. Prize Rebel

TOP#2 You Don’t Always Qualify For Surveys

Even if you get 12 surveys in one hour to earn $6, but it’s not happening consistently. There is a limited amount of surveys available for you, and you don’t always qualify for all surveys.

The great part from Opinion Outpost on this is that they will send you emails about the new eligible surveys instead of logging in often just to check for them.

TOP#3 Complaints

There are three main complaints about any Get-Paid-To sites, including Opinion Outpost.

  1. Account Termination: when you are cashing out all the points you earn, they get your account frozen for unknown reasons.
  2. Terrible Customer Service: You write lots of emails for help, but the customer service seems to answer with vague instructions.
  3. High Payout Threshold: For some sites, you need to have $50 or the equivalent points for the payout like this one, which feels like forever.

Let’s look at what I found on its BBB page, people complained about the terrible customer services.

Is Opinion Outpost Legit? - complaints
Is Opinion Outpost Legit? - complaints
Is Opinion Outpost Legit? - complaints

It seems that Opinion Outpost has the same problems as other sites! If you request for payout, it’s highly possible that your account gets terminated. You must feel bad about it. What if I told you this is normal among all the Get-Paid-To sites(rewards sites)? Does that change your mind?

What I Like About Opinion Outpost ?

TOP#1 Low Payout Threshold!

Yes, you only need to have 100 points for $10 PayPal cash or 50 points for one $5 Amazon gift card. This makes you feel like it’s possible to reach the minimum requirement for your rewards, so you will try to do as many paid surveys as possible.

My tips: Try to redeem your points once you reach some certain amount to avoid your account terminated like what I just showed you.

Is Opinion Outpost Legit?

Opinion Outpost is not a scam, and it’s legitimate based on my findings. Although people could make $10-$20 per month, I still don’t recommend Opinion Outpost to people who want to make money online.

Why? I got THREE reasons:

  1. There are fewer options to make money on Opinion Outpost while other sites offer more.
  2. You don’t always qualify for surveys, and it’s possible you got kicked out when you are doing pre-qualification.
  3. Lots of complaints about the customer services, you may not receive the response you expect with a reasonable explanation.

If you dislike any above and feel bad, I think you are interested in my alternative way to make money online:

My Alternative Way to Make Money Online

My alternative way to make money online is through Affiliate Marketing instead of joining Opinion Outpost.

Doing affiliate marketing will save you by below:

  • You don’t need to spend lots of time and just make a few bucks.
  • You don’t need to worry that you will get kicked out when doing pre-qualification.
  • You are not restricted to do only paid surveys to make money online.

What you need to do is to create a website, YouTube channel, or Facebook/Instagram with quality content that makes your target audience trust you then purchase through your affiliate links. If they do purchase, you earn commissions. Simple as that!

The platform I am using is Wealthy Affiliate. The reasons for “Why Wealthy Affiliate?” are for all the WA training courses, LIVE training sessions every Friday night, 24/7 SiteSupport, and the world-famous/awards winning WA community!

For more details or top secrets about Wealthy Affiliate, you could check my full review below.

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Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

Here are some most active members from Wealthy Affiliate. Each of them did succeed in generating a sustainable income to replace their 9-5 jobs. You are more than welcome to check their stories HERE.

I hope you find this article useful and helpful to guide you on the right track. If you have other opinions, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below. I will try to reply as soon as I can, cheers.


Matt is a 30ish guy who has a corporate job and chases the dream to become a digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle. He is passionate about making money online and will keep creating quality content to find his online success.

6 thoughts on “Is Opinion Outpost Legit?”

  1. Hi Matt,

    I have heard about Opinion Outpost before but I haven’t tried them. I am familiar with Swagbucks and InboxDollars though.

    Making money online through these survey apps is okay if we do it in our free time and we don’t expect to earn much money fast. I do it just for fun or just to pass the time if I am waiting for my flights in the airports and such. Swagbucks and InboxDollars are both legit. I’ve got Amazon gift cards from them.

    The thing that I don’t like is sometimes we get spammy mails or phone calls (there are some surveys that require us to submit email address or phone numbers). So, I just unsubscribe and delete the emails and never answer those calls.

    • Hi Ferra,

      Yes, Get Paid To sites do require lots of your personal information to let you engage those activities on their platforms.

      Glad that you finally unsubscribe & delete all the emails and just do them when you wait for the flights. My alternative will give you more options to pursue a laptop lifestyle and work from home for a long time. Feel free to check it out.


  2. Thank you for your survey. In my opinion, it is better to stay away from the opinion post ? thank you for your review highlighting all pros and cons.

    I will check out your #1 alternative soon!

    • Hi Prav,

      Opinion Outpost is just good for the first bite of making money online, but it won’t worth the time and effort you spend earning on the platform.

      My #1 recommendation is a platform that you could learn everything about Affiliate Marketing, so feel free to check it out HERE.


  3. Hi Matt,

    I didn’t see any positive reviews on Opinion Outpost – is that because you could not find any?

    Those negative reviews are certainly a major red flag to me and would make me question whether it is a legitimate organisation.

    In my view, when it comes to handling the financial aspect of any business arrangement an organisation has to be totally transparent – after all, it’s the most sensitive part of any business agreement.



    • Hi Martin,

      Yes, the negative comments make it difficult to join Opinion Outpost. I believe that people can find a better way to make money online. For example, affiliate marketing. You can have so much fun to promote things you love in your life, and you don’t need to do online surveys for extra bucks like Opinion Outpost.



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