Human Proof Designs Review – Done-For-You Website Builder

Affiliate Marketing is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to make money online. There are so many niche related services on the internet. But, my #1 choice is “Human Proof Designs” – Done-For-You Website Builder!

When technology advances, there are more and more people looking for other income resources to maintain their lives. Affiliate Marketing helps you achieve your goal, and the best part is you don’t even need to produce a real product or service.

The founder of Human Proof Designs discovered people’s needs and created & built it to help you on the right track without being overwhelmed when you first started.

Let’s look at what I found from Human Proof Designs(HPD). I hope it could lead you the way to your success!

Disclaimer: As the owner of, I have tracked down special deals for products, tools, and services mentioned herein. When you click my affiliate links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. This is a win-win advantage for both of us.

What is Human Proof Designs?

-Summary of Human Proof Designs(HPD)-

Product Name: Human Proof Designs
Dominic Wells in 2014
Bryon Brewer, April 2019 onward
Product Type:
Niche site builder & Training & website services
Prices vary for different services(check the price)
Best For:
Both Affiliate Marketing beginners & experienced marketers
Rating: 85/100

Human Proof Designs has lots to offer, but the top one they are pretty good at is building websites. They help you to build your very first website and guide you to turn it into a profitable one.

The founder of Human Proof Design – Dom Wells found many people failed in the Affiliate Marketing industry because they didn’t have a correct website for what they are promoting.

He found Human Proof Design to help newcomers for a nice-built website and guide you for your own success.

So far, they made a good job. In 2017, Human Proof Design recorded $1.1 million dollars in revenue which were amazing and a milestone for them.

Meet The Founder & Owner

Dom Well created and built Human Proof Designs in 2013, then Bryon Brewer purchased this done-for-you platform. They were both members of Wealthy Affiliate, and you are welcome to check the below HPD introduction video by the founder – Dom Well.

We have something in common!

Wealthy Affiliate is the exact platform I joined and got educated to be more experienced with Affiliate Marketing. You could check my full review HERE to understand why we all joined the same platform.

Services & Pricing

HPD provides the below three services and each service has different packages that suit everyone.

TOP#01 Custom Made Website(Main Focus)

Building a niche website for its customers is the main service HPD does, and there are three kinds of the plan comes with different prices.

Basic website: Start from $798

  • Unique Site Design
  • Hand Selected Domain
  • Premium Plugins
  • Premium Theme
  • Premium Images
  • Disclaimer & Privacy Policy
  • On-Page SEO
  • 4,500 Words Total of Buyer’s Guide Content

Standard website: Start from $998

  • Basic Site Features, PLUS…
  • An additional 5,500 words of Buyer’s Guide, Standard Info, & Review Content
  • TOTAL of 10,000 Words that are fully optimized with On-Page SEO Best Practices

Premium website: Start from $1,298

  • Basic & Standard Site Features, PLUS…
  • Standard Content upgraded to Premium Level for a total of 10,000 words of Premium Content (English Writer with more experience)
  • Social Media Setup Pack for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Professionally Designed Logo
  • eBook Lead Magnet (NEW!)

All plans have the below extra supports from HPD:

  • Detailed 6 Month Plan
  • Free Tech Support
  • Email Support
  • Lifetime Access to the HPD Video Training Library
  • Lifetime Access to the HPD Private Facebook Group

What if you don’t like the above websites?

Yeah, Human Proof Designs also makes a custom website for you! But, you should know that the prices would be a bit higher than the above ready-to-go websites. Averagely, it takes about 4 weeks to get it done for a custom niche site.

The price starts from $1,298 to $5,400, but if you purchase anything during its Black Friday period, you would have the most 20% OFF for every plan & service.

You are welcome to check it out HERE.

TOP#02 Training Resources

After HPD offers you the niche website you order, they don’t hang you out to dry. Instead, they provide you comprehensive training to guide you in the direction.

The training includes many aspects of affiliate marketing, and most of them are really helping shape the correct mindset and techniques you need to make it work.

Below are what HPD is providing for training:

  1. Monthly Training: At least one LIVE each month. You could ask questions during the live training, and have access to the previous training in the past.
  2. Our Proven System to Success: An entire Step-by-Step method of exactly how HPD grows our sites to be profitable. This includes 16 modules and over 30 hours of video training.
  3. Coaching: Except for LIVE training, you could also get coaching in HPD’s Private Facebook Group.
  4. Community: HPD’s Private Facebook Group is a judge-free community, JUST ASK!
  5. Amazon Affiliate Course: For your own niche to promote products from Amazon, this course walks you through every step.
  6. Link Building Video Course: They also teach you to build links and combine it with their own proven strategy to make it work.

TOP#03 Website Services

Except for website builders, they provide some key services to help you overcome any problems that you might face in the future.

Content Writing

For me, to keep creating quality content is always my first challenge when it comes to Affiliate Marketing. HPD writes the content for you!

You could outsource your content writing to HPD! This is because they understand Google very well and test their articles on more than 1k websites, and they keep improving themselves writing with better content structure and quality.

You may check their prices as below or check HERE for their official pricing.

Monthly Article Subscription:

  • $149: 2 Articles/ Month with 1000 word per article
  • $279: 4 Articles/ Month with 1000 word per article
  • $479: 8 Articles/ Month with 1000 word per article

Other writing services:

  • Article Packs: HPD will write for your website with search-friendly & premium quality articles. The Price varies on your demands, check the pricing HERE.
  • ebook: If you have email lists, this would be good for you. It allows you to provide more value to your target audience, and you could share your own ebook as a bonus for anyone who likes to know something from you! The price is $249 for a niche-specific ebook with 3000 words.

SEO Packages

We all understand the importance of SEO in your posts. And it’s better that the experts from HPD do all for us, right? Based on the experience of 1000 websites they built in the past few years, they track and study all the SEO techniques they made for each different niche.

They have “done-for-you” SEO package to suit your needs on this.

  • Step 1: They provide you the baseline report to let you know the performance of your site, then start their hard works.
  • Step 2: HPD will conduct an audit of On-Page & Off-Page SEO factors.
  • Step 3: CREATE PLAN & Actions…
  • Step 4: The Monthly report to compare the difference with the first report they give a check on your site before they start, and it is a perfect way for you to see progress every single day!

You are could check the SEO packages HERE. You are welcome!

Keyword Packages

If you want to rank on Google faster or higher than your competitors, you would definitely need a good keyword to let Google or other search engines find it!

What they do is to hand-pick the keywords they think are best for starting a site with, and they cost $99-$200 by other similar keyword services.

The packages include:

Standard Keyword Pack $69: Hand-picked profitable niches with all the data you need to start creating a site.

Custom Keyword Pack $99: All the great things of the Standard Pack, but with a niche you choose, made just for you.

Let’s watch the founder – Dom talks about Keyword Packages in the below video:

The process

If you decide to buy a website from the professional Human Proof Designs, the process would be browser, choose, and purchase!

Browser: Go to HERE to check HPD’s custom-made websites and find the one that suits you.

Choose: If you don’t find the perfect one, you could click “custom” to make one with your requests.

Purchase: Add to your cart and complete the purchase with PayPal. HPD will reach you once done.

What I Like About Human Proof Designs

TOP#01 Custom-Made

If you are going to buy a niche website from Human Proof Designs, they would proceed with a thorough process to make sure that everything is made by your choice & decision.

So, the niche website they provide you be super professional and unique in your niche, and it saves you tons of time exploring all the knowledge needed to build a website by yourself.

TOP#02 Save Tons of Time

For me, it took me half a year to learn all the needed information to build my first site.

If I know there is a service provided by HPD to deliver my own niche-specific for less than 4 weeks, I would take this service from HPD since it saves tons of my time!

TOP#03 So Many Add-Ons

Buying a site from HPD starts from $798, and yes, it’s costly for all beginners! But, if you look closely for what they have included in the package, it is saving you at least $319 immediately.

Nobody doesn’t like add-ons if they come for FREE! Take the professional content as an instance, the content HPD provides you might eventually bring you thousands of passive income.

If it sounds nice to you, it would suit you very well.

TOP#04 A Legit Outsourcing Platform

Build a new site? No problem! Professional content writing? No problem!! Keyword research? No problem!!!

If you don’t have much time for the above main factors from your tight schedule, HPD could do all for you. It suits best for all successful affiliate marketers who like to automate their website to create more quality content!

Ugly Truth About Human Proof Designs

TOP#01 It Takes Time to See The Progress!

All affiliate marketing beginners look for quick results from their website. But, I have to be honest with you!

It might take you 3-6 months to get your first affiliate commission, and it takes you a whole year(if you do things right) to get a stable income resource.

People quit quite often when they don’t see the positive feedback in the first 6 months, and I think it’s such a pity that you cannot stick to your plan and turn your website into something profitable.

TOP#02 The Services Are Costly

When I first started my affiliate marketing journey, the first thing came to my mind is always the pricing. If the prices are higher than I could afford, it would make me stuck and overthink.

The price at Human Proof Designs is a bit higher for all the beginners, and I think it doesn’t suit those who have a tight budget.

If you could barely afford all the services from HPD, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate – my #1 choice for beginners of Affiliate Marketing.

Successful Stories From HPD

Before I proceed with my last purchase for anything, it is important to check what others say about it. I found the below real feedback on the services HPD did provide to them.

I love all the stories shared on the internet, and I think a good service or product could stand through time.

A good deal of positive feedback you could find on the internet for HPD, so it is a good & strong proof that HPD is legit and trustworthy!

Is HPD for you?

Yes, I have enough budget.

If you have a budget that could afford HPD’s services and buy a pre-made site with all the add-ons to embark on your affiliate marketing journey.

HPD will give me the reports regularly that I could know how I am doing and the progress. Total Worry-FREE!

No, I prefer to do it by myself!

I would love to do it by myself and make it totally with my pace although that means I have to learn how to register a domain, set up hosting, create my own content.

YEAH, I love learning! But, don’t panic here. You could also join the same platform that has me, Dom(HPD founder), and Bryon(HPD’s current owner). We are all members from the same platform, and it will surely take you to step by step to your own success in affiliate marketing.

>>>Try Wealthy Affiliate Before Bed<<<


I hope you enjoy my review of Human Proof Designs, and I also hope it clears some of your concerns so far. I am not HERE to sell you something. What I did on this post is to HELP you with your questions.

If you still have questions of Human Proof Designs, you are more than welcome to PM me or leave your honest feedback below. I would try to feedback within 24 hours!


Matt is a 30ish guy who has a corporate job and chases the dream to become a digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle. He is passionate about making money online and will keep creating quality content to find his online success.

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