How To Get Ranked On Google – On-Page SEO Techniques For The Next Decade

Do you ever think about how to get ranked on Google, Bing or Yahoo faster than your competitors? In this post, I try my best to write On-Page SEO Techniques for the next decade.

The internet is a thriving industry, and it gets super important to rank on page one for all search engines. It’s simple and easy to understand the reason why this counts a lot to rank on page one.

If your rank on #1 page, there would be more traffic driven to your website. More traffic means more positive results for your online business. So, let’s go further for the On-Page SEO today, shall we?

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What’s inside this Post?

A Captivating Post Title

Let’s rewind again for the experience you are checking something on Google Search. What is the first thing you see for all the results? Yeah! The title of the article or post!

So, choosing & naming your post title to become #1 thing when you write an article. Let’s see some examples below:

-The importance of SEO for your post title

-How to rank on Page One FASTER of Google by SEO

Which one would catch your eyes when you google the keyword “SEO”? I believe it’s the second one because it makes you want to read it immediately and know the techniques.

To achieve this, you could either try the FREE method to check one by one on Google to see every result, or check Jaaxy – The Best SEO Keyword Tool.

I use Jaaxy every day to check and compare different keywords, and it’s hard to describe the feeling when you get the one that suits you the most!

Captivating Post Descriptions

Once we finish picking the perfect title, the next step is to write a captivating description too!

The description is under the result after we googled as below red frame. What makes you stand out from other competitors?

Another tip is to capitalize the first character of each word in your captivating description, and it will emphasize the impression when your target audience read them.

Internal Links

Another thing Google likes is the internal links! It shows search engines that many of your posts are valued and worth a read for all your target audiences.

You need to be careful about the relevance of each internal link. The higher relevance brings your the higher possibilities to get ranked on Google.

Usually, I make internal links when I have a detailed review of some certain words. For example, I write about keywords and I cannot wait to let my audience know there is a great tool called “Jaaxy” which could save your tons of life searching for the perfect one.

External Links

After the internal links, you could add some external links to your post. Try to make the same amount of internal links & external links. If you have 5 internal links, then try to have 5 external links too.

For example, I write about SEO(search engine optimization). I could google on the internet for the related information. I might link “SEO” to Wikipedia for the definition.

Or I write about Wealthy Affiliate, then I could link it to the official site of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s quite easy to understand, right?

Related Images

What images on this page do you find the most related to this post? Yeah, adding at least one image to your post will also help the ranking.

PS. don’t forget to add the “ALT TEXT” after adding your photo. “ALT TEXT” should describe what the image about and try to have your keyword in the “ALT TEXT” too.

You could either edit the “ALT TEXT” when you edit your post. When you are editing your post, you will see there is a Featured Image on the right-hand side.

Simply click it and choose one of the photos for this post, then edit ALT TEXT for every image.

You could also edit it in the media on WordPress platform. “Media” is on your left-hand side on WordPress when you log in and you will see in the dashboard.

Simply click it and add the ATL TEXT for each image if you don’t process this in the past.

Embedded Video

Find a YouTube video and embedded it for your post. If there is no related video on YouTube, I would try to record a video by myself and embedded in my post.

It helps you to get free traffic to your site since YouTube is the 2nd search engine right now for all the video content. It will be nice to make your own videos.

The common situation is that your reader would stay longer on your site when they click the video and want to see more from the video. So, Try it today!


The last of my On-Page SEO techniques are comments. When people comment on your post, it shows Google & Bing & Yahoo that people like your post and willing to leave their thoughts on your post.

So, don’t forget to write the last paragraph of every post to invite your readers to comment below. You could check how I do it in the last paragraph of this post! Once you have comments from your reader, reply to their questions or thoughts in two days. The quicker, the better!

Check out this video to get more information about ON-PAGE SEO.

My Other Thoughts?

How about non-on page SEO? Like OFF Page SEO? Yes, I have. Once I have finished posting my articles, I would do the following. They would also help with my rankings too!

  1. Paste the permalink in my Google Search Console to let Google knows “I just posted it, please crawl it and get it indexed.”
  2. Resubmit my sitemaps to Google Search Console & Bing’s webmaster
  3. Post my permalinks to YouTube discussion as an impression.

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It might look many to do when you write articles, but it worth a try in this thriving internet industry with so many competitors, right? I would try all of them when they could eventually help me with a better ranking on search engines!

I hope you enjoy my On-Page SEO Techniques in 2019 and it should work for future SEO too. If you have something related to share about this post, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below or your honest feedback.


Matt is a 30ish guy who has a corporate job and chases the dream to become a digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle. He is passionate about making money online and will keep creating quality content to find his online success.

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