How I Rank On Google

Do you ever think about how to get ranked on Google higher than your competitors? In this post, I share all my secrets about how I rank on Google.

The internet is a thriving industry, and it gets essential to rank on page one.

If your rank on #1 page, there would be more traffic driven to your website. More traffic means more chances to turn them into real customers, hence more sales.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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#1 Keyword In Post Title

Let’s rewind for the experience you are checking something on Google. What is the first thing you see in all the results? Yeah! The titles!

If you name your title in a way that readers cannot understand, they probably will not click through. If you name it right and captivating, you will attract much traffic from online searches.

So, naming and putting keywords in your post title becomes #1 thing when you write an article.

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#2 Keyword In Meta Title & Description

The next step is to put your keywords in the meta title and meta description. No ideas? Don’t worry!

The meta title and meta description are shown on the search result page. Let’s take my Wealthy Affiliate Review as an example:

You may come across it when you search for Wealthy Affiliate, and you know you can edit these two sections in your WordPress Dashboard!

Another tip is to capitalize the first character of each word in your meta description, emphasizing the impression when your target audience read them.

#3 Keyword In Social Media Title & Description

Same as meta title and description, you can also type for the social media title and description.

So that once you or your readers share this post on Facebook, it will look like this:

#4 Keyword In The First Paragraph

To repeat your chosen keyword again, you can also add it in the first paragraph of the article. So that your readers will know this is what they are looking for.

#5 Keyword In Image Alt Tag & Alt Title

For each image you upload and add to your article, you can edit the image Alt Tag and Alt Title. For example, I put my post title “Wealthy Affiliate Review” + “Online Entrepreneur Certification” in the below screenshot.

#6 External & Internal Links

For each post, you may add one external link to Wikipedia or similar authority websites for some specific keywords.

Another thing Google likes is the internal links! It shows your posts are valued and worth a read for all your readers.

You need to be careful about the relevance of each internal link. The higher relevance brings higher possibilities of getting ranked on Google.

Usually, I add internal links when I have thorough reviews. For example, I write about keywords, and I cannot wait to let my audience know there is a great tool called “Jaaxy” from the best affiliate marketing platform, Wealthy Affiliate.

Remember, try your best to balance external and internal links. If you only add one external link, you may only add one internal link to the same blog post.

#7 YouTube Embedded Video

Find a YouTube video and embed it for your post. This will keep your readers staying longer on your post, which helps your ranking.

If there is no related video on YouTube, you can try to record a video by myself and embedded in my post.

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#8 Strong Call To Action

Once you complete writing, you must add a strong call to action at the bottom of your blog post. Your readers will know what to do next. Name a few here:

  • Try Wealthy Affiliate Before Bed Tonight!
  • Try Jaaxy To Find Your Keywords!
  • Try This Best WordPress Theme Ever!
Wealthy Affiliate commissions in Mar 2023
Wealthy Affiliate commissions in Mar 2023

#9 One Social Image With Social Settings

Usually, I will add a Pinterest Pin at the bottom of my blog posts. If my readers like my reviews, they can pin them on their Pinterest accounts for future reference. This will also help you rank higher on search engines.


The last of my On-Page SEO techniques are comments.

When people comment on your post, it shows Google that people like your post and are willing to leave their thoughts on it.

So, don’t forget to write the last paragraph of every post to invite your readers to comment below. You can check how I do it in the last paragraph of this post!

Once you have comments from your reader, reply to their questions or thoughts in two days. The quicker, the better!

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is the art of linking back to your site. Once I finish posting my articles, I will do the following. Those help my rankings too!

  1. Create Pinterest Pins with different colors and fonts for one post
  2. Record a video about the post and upload it to my YouTube account
  3. repurpose the content and post it on my social media platforms

Remember to leave your website’s URL or your offer page’s URL on your profile, so that your readers can click and land on your websites.


It looks like many to do when you write articles, but it is worth a try in this thriving internet industry with so many competitors, right?

I would try all of them when they can eventually help me with better rankings on search engines!

I hope you enjoy this post, which should work for you too. If you have something related to share about this post, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below.

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How I Rank On GoogleHow I Rank On GoogleHow I Rank On Google

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