FREE Google Tools – You just need ONE Google account!

As an Affiliate Marketing Starter, you do not want to spend too much money on digital tools. So, I wrote this post about FREE Google tools you could do with just ONE Google account.

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FREE Google Tools:

What you need to do is to have only one Google account, and you are able to use all the above. Sounds super easy, right? Let’s go!

Google Search Console

This is previously known as Google Webmaster Tool, and now it’s called “Google Search Console”.

It gives you a chance that Google reads your website and all the permalinks of your posts, then it would index and rank your pages & posts.

What you could do on Google Search Console is ask it to crawl(read) your site, find out any errors on your site, check total clicks, impressions, average CTR, and average position of your site on Google! Sounds nice, right?

Google loves a website with more updates, so don’t forget to resubmit your sitemap and copy & paste the permalinks to Google Search Console once you made any changes on your site. It would make it easier to rank higher on Google.

Sam from ahrefs talks about Google Search Console and provides great insight!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a more powerful tool! It’s to check the performance of your site, and totally FREE!

You could know much data from Google Analytics. The major parts are users’ behaviors and their activities. 

For example, I could know how much time my users spend on my site, through what medium they come to my site, are they returned users, when they come to my site, where they live, they come to my site via desktop or mobile phone, and etc.

It surely takes you some time to understand what each data means, but it worth the time you spend! Once you get more traffic and visitors step by step, you will definitely need to understand which pages have the best results & which pages you need to improve further.

The MORE you understand, the BETTER your site would get ranked higher which ensures you GET money online!!!

Before that, please do not get stuck at Google Analytics since I was doing the same things. I used to check every detail for my blog when I barely have visitors a day. This doesn’t help much when you first start.

Your goal in the first three to six months is to create as much quality content on your site and provide value and helpful insight to your target audience. 

Once they keep coming back to your website for other related posts you wrote about some services or product reviews, your blog and website will be recognized as highly valuable and get ranked higher!

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is another great tool that you could get money online by posting Google’s advertisement on your blog and website.

If you ever heard that people GET money by only posting ads on their blog, Google AdSense would be the tool they are using.

As a starter, it might be difficult to have this since you need to get approved by Google. They estimate your website by the number of articles, and you will be approved once you have many quality posts which they think it’s valuable.

So, my suggestion is to keep writing quality articles and attract more traffic to your website. Once your website gets more and more visitors, the higher possibility you could get money by Google AdSense.

Google Instant Search

If you don’t have a keyword research tool, you might use Google Search to find out the best keywords. 

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, you could type the keyword in Google search to know what other words people are looking for then write all related in your post. 

By doing this, you should be able to get ranked higher and faster on search engines.

For example, if I am searching for the keywords for “iPhone 11”, I would type “iPhone 11” + “a” for the most asked keywords on Google. 

In this case, I would write about Apple Pay in my post too since people do search for it very often and it’s the 3rd one from the below screenshot. Sounds easy, right?

The Alternative of Google Search

You could repeat the above alphabetically, but it does cost a lot of time and effort to include all the keywords in your post. What if there is a tool could save the process for you and you could focus on creating the quality content? Will you give it a shot?

The tool called “Jaaxy“, you could check my full review HERE for a better read. It makes keywords search become beginner-friendly and faster! 

For example, Jaaxy allows you to do the same as Google Search does. You only need to type in your keyword on Alphabet Soup of Jaaxy. 

Let’s see the below image, Jaaxy saves your time from typing “a” to “z” again and again, and this is only one of the great features Jaaxy has to offer! Jaaxy gets more to share. Click HERE!

Wanna Try Jaaxy for FREE? Click HERE! Wealthy Affiliate provides a free 7-day trial with limited Jaaxy searches, and you will know how powerful it is to save more time for you!

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When you first start your online business, you don’t have much traffic and visitors. I would suggest you only spend 15 mins on Google Search Console & Google Analytics.

Do Not overthink since everyone starts the same journey as what you are doing right now. You need to focus on creating quality content and improve all posts again and again until they are very easy to read and with helpful insights.

I hope you enjoy reading my post about FREE Google Tools today. You are more than welcome to share ideas or leave your comments below. Don’t forget to smile today. Everything gets easier when you smile!

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