Easy 1Up Review – Legit or Scam?

When I search for an internet marketing program to make money online, Easy 1Up came to my eyes. I decided to go for a try to know whether it is legit or a scam!

However, the information I got is only recruiting more people to become my downlines so that their first subscription fee would be my earnings, not some legitimate training course or powerful features on the platform.

The whole system works as a Multi-Level Marketing system/pyramid scheme, so I definitely won’t join it and let them take $25 from my pocket.

I am not an affiliate of Easy 1Up since I’ve found some red flags that they are using to trap beginners. Let’s dive deep together to see all the gimmicks from their website.

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What Is Easy 1Up?

-Summary of Easy 1Up-

Product Name: Easy 1Up
Owners: Peter Wolfing
Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) System / Pyramid Scheme
Price: $25 / $100/ $250 / $500 / $1000 / $2000
Best For: No one!
Rating: 10/100
Recommend: NO

On Easy1Up’s website, they call themselves as an educational platform where you can get educated on starting your own online business.

Based on their website, It’s lack of information on the 5 training videos in each level. For me, it’s like selling me something without telling me what’s inside, right? So, my caution gets higher!

What I got from their promotional video is only to recruit more people into this system and they would pay you 100% commission directly.

So, it’s obvious that it’s a pyramid scheme instead of a legit online marketing program to teach you all the marketing knowledge!

Who is the founder?

Peter Wolfing is the founder of Easy 1Up. He created a number of online scam programs that only make money by recruiting more people into this pyramid scheme to be your down lines.

The reason why he needs to create new online scam programs? I think it’s easy to understand! The whole system cracks when there is no one who is willing to join, so he needs to create again and again to make our money instead of helping us to really make money online.

For any programs Peter makes, I would pay more attention to it, and I suggest you do the same.

Easy 1Up Products

As they mention on Easy 1Up’s official website, they provide the below courses for different online marketing knowledge.

Easy1Up Review - The pricing of Easy 1Up

Level #1 Elevation ($25+$5)

This is the entry-level of Easy 1Up. In level 1, you are able to learn all the network marketing basics and Affiliate KickStarter Video Series.

Level #2 Elevation Elite($100+$10)

In level 2, it speaks more on video marketing, and it has lots to offer how to do marketing on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest.

Level #3 Vertex($250+$25)

By their words on Easy 1Up, Vertex level is more advanced and in-depth!

It tells you the correct mindset you should have an affiliate marketing although they are indeed a pyramid scheme.

Level #4 Vertex Elite($500+$50)

There will be two main courses demonstrated in level 4. The first one is generating free organic traffic, and the second is drop shipping.

I cannot get the answer why there is a course of drop shipping since affiliate marketing doesn’t need you to produce or deliver the products to customers, right?

It makes no sense at all.

Level #5 Vertex Pro($1000+$100)

In level 5, you will learn paid traffic. For example, Facebook ads.

There are also some other small techniques in level 5, but they seem all scattered without organizing.

Level #6 Vertex “LIVE”($2000+$200)

This is the whole new level of Easy 1Up, and no older reviews tested on this. When I first see the price, I cannot believe my eyes. But, it is USD$2,000 plus admin fee $200.

The only benefit of this level is you could have two entry tickets to an event you like to participate in, and you could pay $295 for additional events.

Easy1Up Review - Product Image

If you purchase a higher level training, you would have the access to the training at lower levels with no cost. But, they are all one-time payment and no refund!

What if you bring many people at level 1 and want to upgrade to the next level? You need to pay for the full price for it!

Ugly Truth About Easy 1Up

TOP#01 No Free trial

I’ve written about an article to list out all the common traps from an online marketing scam, this is one of them.

Many legit programs today provide at least a 3-day trial in order to let you know the best parts of the products. When there is no free trial for any online course, you need to be careful.

TOP#02 No Refund

There is also no refund policy when you find out you are not into this program after a few days of learning online. You cannot take your money back.

Their feedback on this is “Easy 1Up is a digital product. Please make sure you are ready to join before making payment. You will pay the member directly plus a small admin fee.”

The first time I read this, it seems reasonable. But, after cross-checking with other legit online marketing programs, it sounds like they are a pyramid scheme in nature without trying to cover it, right?

My type of legit program should have a refund policy which allows you to take your money back at least in the first 3 days after purchasing.

If there is no refund policy for any digital products you buy online, especially for online marketing courses, you need to be cautious!

TOP#03 A Pyramid Scheme In Nature

Pyramid Scheme makes you enroll others into the system to become your down lines, then you could get their subscription fee as your income.

The other big issue is that they didn’t provide you any real product & service to promote. What you need to do is simply recruit more people into the system to get money.

The whole process is your down lines also need to get others into the system, so the pyramid scheme could last until no one continue to join.

Easy1Up Review - A Pyramid Scheme In Nature

All above about a pyramid scheme is close to Easy 1Up, although Easy 1Up does provide some training to make it feel less Pyramid Scheme!

TOP#04 The System Collapses Easily

Imagine there is no other new members to join a pyramid scheme, will it collapse soon?

The way a pyramid scheme makes money is keeping recruiting more people to join the system and all the top lines could earn money by that.

If people get smarter than ever to avoid this system, all pyramid schemes no matter they are in disguise or not will crash directly.

So, my advice is to try some legit online marketing programs instead of Easy 1Up.

TOP#05 Lack of Info About The Training

In the promotional video, I ONLY see a keyword which is “The more people you bring to the system, the more you earn by that!”

It would be so much better to know all the powerful or great stuff they are going to provide us with their online marketing program. But, Nothing!

They do mention they have different prices for different training at their website, but there is no section to mention

Since it’s not really providing a real product or service to promote, it’s indeed a pyramid scheme covered by a normal website with a promotional video to attract the interests of all beginners.

What I Liked About Easy 1Up

Hmm… I think the good part of Easy 1Up is close to nothing, but I found the below two are not very attractive to newbies…

TOP#01 100% Commission

In the promotional video, it’s mentioned that the first product you sold goes directly to you. So, if you sold USD$25, you would get USD$25 in your bank account.

The second sale goes to your up line to be your qualifying proof, and the 3rd & 4th are going to you. It’s obviously a pyramid scheme.

100% Commission

TOP#02 Get Paid Quickly

Easy 1Up ensures you could get paid as quickly as possible after your sales. Doesn’t it sound weird to you? My red alarm rings when I watch their video!!!

Normally, I ONLY get paid when a certain time passed after someone clicks my links and do the purchase in the end. This is because all the companies need to make sure there is no refund, so they could wire you the commission.

But, in this case of Easy 1Up, you could get paid quickly based on the ugly truth that it’s a pyramid scheme in nature!

Easy1Up Review - Get Paid Quickly

Is Easy 1Up A Scam?

No, I don’t think Easy1Up is a scam, but it’s a Pyramid scheme instead.

Easy1Up is not a sustainable program that I want to spend time and effort on. I would rather find some other legitimate programs to make money online.

My Alternative Way to Make Money Online

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I hope you enjoy this review and you are more than welcome to share ideas or leave your comments below. I will reply as soon as I can, thanks.


Matt is a 30ish guy who has a corporate job and chases the dream to become a digital nomad with a laptop lifestyle. He is passionate about making money online and will keep creating quality content to find his online success.

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