Can I Do Affiliate Marketing On Mobile?

Thinking about doing affiliate marketing on mobile? But you don’t know how to start and which affiliate programs are the best? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s post, I will show you how to do affiliate marketing on mobile and some suggestions for your affiliate success. Let’s dive deep. 

Can I Do Affiliate Marketing On Mobile?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing on mobile but a laptop makes it easier. There are things you should check whether you have a reliable mobile network, a short & simple purchase flow, short links, and a responsive website for all devices. In that case, you can be more flexible and work anywhere & anytime you want. 

1. Things To Take Care of When Doing Affiliate Marketing On Mobile

Before you start your affiliate marketing business on mobile, you should pay attention to something that plays an important role in your business.

  • a reliable mobile network so that you can work anytime & anywhere without impacting your online business
  • a short & simple purchase flow so that your customers immediately click through without being distracted
  • short links so that you promote more stuff without wasting spaces
  • a responsive website to support all devices

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2. How Does Affiliate Marketing Work On Mobile?

The concept is simple! You must help merchants or service providers to achieve some tasks so that they will reward you with a commission, a coupon, or some credits. 

You play as a window between merchants and customers and try to drive traffic to your pages, promoting relevant affiliate products or services, and getting new customers, new apps installed, or new subscriptions. 

Most affiliates run affiliate marketing businesses on websites or blogs since they are much easier to scale the business and show the target audience everything in one place. 

If you consider running affiliate marketing on mobile first, that’s okay, but eventually, you’ll need a website/blog, why not start it from the beginning?

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3. What Affiliate Programs Are Suitable On Mobile?

Since you like to run affiliate marketing on mobile, you must think about what services work on the move. Here are the best four options you can consider:

Dating: People are using smartphones for online dating, so you may use social media to promote dating apps.

E-commerce: People are shopping on mobile, and this trend won’t stop. You may choose the products that are relevant to your social media niche and share them with your followers.

Gaming: Playing games on the mobile? Yes! More and more mobile game developers like affiliates to promote the apps with great rewards. Higher the downloads, the higher the commissions.

Travel: Smartphones help people book flights and make hotel & restaurant reservations. If you are a travel-related social media account, don’t stop promoting. 🙂

Before sharing your affiliate links on social media, you have to create eye-catching images or relevant pictures that tell a good story about the products or services. Once your followers trust you enough, they will more likely try them. Hence, you make affiliate commissions.

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4. The Disadvantages of Doing Affiliate Marketing On Mobile!

As an affiliate marketer, I foresee some disadvantages of doing it on mobile. 

  • Fewer marketing tools: most marketing tools are mostly designed for desktop, not for mobile. So if you can find one for mobile, the features may not be completed. 
  • Low click-through rate: Since everyone has so many apps on their mobile phones, people get distracted by the notifications from other apps so easily. Besides, the smaller screen makes the click-through rate lower than running affiliate marketing on a desktop. 


Now, I am sure you understand how to run an affiliate marketing business on mobile to make extra money every month, and I cannot wait to hear about your success. Just remember to create useful and valuable content to help your followers, they will love trying the things you promote. 

I hope my blog post helps you today and you get information on how to focus on your affiliate marketing business. If you have anything to say, don’t hesitate to comment below. I will reply within 24 hours.

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Can I Do Affiliate Marketing On Mobile?Can I Do Affiliate Marketing On Mobile?

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