Best 10 Camping Affiliate Programs

November 19 is National Camp Day. You know you can actually go camping and make money online simultaneously. How to do that? This is what I am going to tell you in this post.

I share the best ten camping affiliate programs to help you achieve it so that you can enjoy your camping time. Let’s get started. 

Disclaimer: As the owner of, I have tracked down special deals for products, tools, and services mentioned herein. When you click my affiliate links on this page to make a purchase, I may get a small commission, and you will definitely get a great bargain. This is a win-win advantage for both of us.

Camping Affiliate Programs

1. CampingMaxx

Commission: 10%
Cookie: never expires

CampingMaxx is an online marketplace with backpacks, tents, clothing, disaster preparedness, and survival gear. The founder family takes calls if you cannot find the ones that suit your needs.

Their affiliate program work through ShareASale since 2014. Affiliates get a range of banners and text links you place wherever you like. It could be your blog posts, social media, or text messages.

The best part is that they offer affiliate links that never expire, so you don’t have to update with new links often. I prefer affiliate programs with this cookie policy.

2. Alpha Camp

Commission: 7%
Cookie: 90 days

Since 2007, Alpha Camp provide had provided its clients with a fantastic experience of outdoor life with excellent products and after-sales services. Now, it focuses on developing its own brand with years of experience and professional insights.

Customers can find camping equipment, men’s & women’s clothing, outdoor smokers & grills, and yoga clothes on their website. The best part is they offer free delivery worldwide.

A dedicated affiliate program manager will take care of all affiliates’ needs. There are also great banners, text links, monthly updates on promotions, contests, and sales opportunities waiting for you.

3. Go West

Commission: 10%
Cookie: 60 days

Go West is a Christian-owned outdoor and survival store. They offer free worldwide shipping, a 100% money-back guarantee, and support western companies. Customers can find a huge range of camping gear on their website at affordable prices. 

The average order value is $120, meaning you earn $12 per sale referred by your affiliate links. They regularly have purchases that were $300+ range, especially when customers buy long-life emergency food, which helps you make more money by promoting Go West products.

4. Leisure Co 

Commission: 10%
Cookie: 30 days

Leisure Co was born out of Northern California after an epic camping season in 2017. The founders believe those weekend camping trips with loved ones are to be cherished, so they created camping gear to capture this spirit by connecting people.

Customers can purchase blankets on the website, which are lightweight & portable, water-resistant, easy-cleaning, and machine washable. They offer free 2-day shipping over $50 and a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee return policy. 

You can join its affiliate program through ShareASale. They hope to co-develop unique, custom, and exclusive offerings to help you get personalized marketing materials for promotions.

5. Nomadix

Commission: 10%
Cookie: 90 days

Nomadix makes products using certified post-consumer recycled plastic and contributes to 1% for the planet. They reinvented towels for any activities. Whether you are going camping, beaches, yoga classes, boating, or a hot spring, they’ve got you covered. Besides the flagship towels, customers can also purchase blankets, ponchos, and accessories.

Their average order value is $110, meaning you get an average commission of $11. Sometimes, in peak season, the average order value goes up to $400, so you make $40 per sale referred through you.

6. Viator

Commission: 4%
Cookie: 30 days

Viator is a leading marketplace for travel experiences, and customers can find 300,000+ options to explore, ranging from simple tours to extreme adventures. 

With free cancellation, various payment options, last-minute availability, and high-quality standards, Viator is backed by millions of positive reviews online. You know you are getting the best.

If you run a travel, outdoor, or camping website, you cannot miss this chance to promote Viator. Although its commission rate is lower than other affiliate programs, it is still worth a try.

7. BRoadout

Commission: 25%
Cookie: 45 days

BRoadout is a startup shopping platform for those looking for top-quality outdoor gear at competitive prices. They believe going outdoors is about embracing more possibilities, having an adventure, getting refreshed, and spending wonderful time with loved ones. 

At BRoadout, consumers could shop professional gear for outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, watersports, cycling, overlanding, and car traveling, at one’s best budget.

Their affiliate program work through ShareASale and AvantLink. The average order value is $127.00+, meaning you get at least $32 per sale through your links. Affiliates get access to banner ads, text ads, a complete product data feed, and exclusive coupons.

8. myPanier

Picnic Affiliate Programs

Commission: 5%
Cookie: 14 days

myPanier combines the authenticity and integrity of a farmer’s market with the convenience and diversity of a digital store. In short, myPanier is a good online food store where you can find local and international artisan specialty foods for picnics.

Customers can shop by country, featured collections, featured brands, or holiday, saving you tons of time searching online.

If you are a foodie and live in the USA or Canada, don’t miss this chance to join its affiliate program with the perks below:

  • Shop unique and authentic gourmet & specialty food from around the world.
  • Enjoy international specialties and classic food brands that you love at fair value.
  • Discover new taste profiles and ways of celebrating food.
  • Learn more about where your food comes from, and connect directly with makers.

9. Wine2Go

Picnic Affiliate Programs

Commission: 15%
Cookie: 30 days

Since 2010, Wine2Go has provided foldable wine bottles that you can fill with your favorite wines without worrying about the traditional wine bottle cracks during transportation. It’s a fun way to pack all your drinks for picnics.

Besides foldable wine bottles, they also create bendable flasks, reusable water bottles, silicon wine cups, sipper cups, and pool floats, which are very convenient for carrying liquids.

Since 2013, they had partnered with ShareASale for the affiliate program. During those years, the average order value is $26.85, and the average commission was $4 per sale.

10. Fire Maple

Commission: 25%
Cookie: 30 days

Fire Maple Gear was founded in 2003, and its mission is to make kitchen mobile. It has an advantage over competitors as it has a self-manufacturing unit and has won many awards. Three Fire Maple products were also ISPO gold winners:

  • Titanium Spork with Function of Gas Canister Punch
  • BORE Tea Kettle and Drinkware
  • 300 T Ultralight Titanium Stove

Fire Maple provides a 25% commission rate, and the average order value is $60, meaning you earn $15 per sale. Affiliates get incentives, bonuses, assistance in promoting, and sponsorship for marketing campaigns.

How To Celebrate Camping Day?

Here are ways to celebrate camping day:

  • Sign your kids up for their favorite summer/church/band camp!
  • Join grown-up camps to unleash your inner kid(for adults)
  • Donate money to a boy or girl you know who loves camping.
  • Have summer camp food as snacks in the afternoon tea
  • Use #NationalCampingDay on your social media
  • Bookmark this article in your browser for future reference
  • Pin this article in your Pinterest board

How To Get Started?

You may start a blog sharing your experiences with Camping Day, especially if you are interested in the outdoor niche or camping sub-niche. It’s a great time to create more camping-related content and drive traffic to your blog. 

?Pro Tip: How To Find Your Niche? 100 Niche Ideas!

Create Quality Content

After setting up your blog, the next step is to create quality content, just like I did in this post. Remember that “Content is King” and should be your top priority. 

One common mistake I’ve noticed among affiliate marketing beginners is spending excessive time choosing the best theme for their blog and neglecting content creation.

If you create content that people search for online, you will drive massive traffic later. I’ve written this article to show you how to create quality content step by step. I am sure you will like it!

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Promote Content

After crafting valuable content that attracts readers, the next step is to promote it. Pinterest users tend to engage well with seasonal content, making it an effective method to drive traffic to your blog posts.

A useful tip to remember is that National Camp Day falls on Nov 19th, so you can plan and create content promoting relevant products 3-6 months in advance. As the date draws near and search volume increases, your articles have a better chance of ranking at the top.

Don’t forget to learn how to use Pinterest to promote your blog posts. You may be surprised how fast your content ranks!

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How To Find Affiliate Programs?

I use two ways to find affiliate programs. Both methods work well for me! 

  1. Type “Camping + affiliate programs” on Google to get thousands of search results. 
  2. Find “Camping + affiliate programs” inside Wealthy Affiliate

If you like to know how I find affiliate programs inside Wealthy Affiliate, feel free to check How I Find Affiliate Programs!

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for promoting camping affiliate programs:

  • Choose the right affiliate programs. Not all camping affiliate programs are created equal. Make sure to choose programs offering high-quality products or services your audience wants.
  • Track your results. It’s important to track your results to see which affiliate programs drive the most traffic to your blog. This will help you optimize your campaigns and get the most out of your affiliate marketing efforts.
  • Be patient. It takes time to build a successful affiliate marketing business. Don’t expect to get rich overnight. Just keep creating high-quality content and promoting your affiliate programs, and eventually, you’ll start to see results.


I listed ten camping affiliate programs for you. If those don’t suit your blog well, you could google it or join Wealthy Affiliate to find the perfect affiliate programs. 

I hope my blog post helps you today and you get information on how to focus on your affiliate marketing business. If you have anything to say, don’t hesitate to comment below. I will reply within 24 hours. 

Enjoy this post? Don’t forget to bookmark this page or save it on Pinterest!

Best 10 Camping Affiliate ProgramsBest 10 Camping Affiliate Programs

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