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To promote your online business, you need a platform to build a website and share all your great ideas & thoughts. This website builder helps you create a website just in one minute.

I would like to show you how I build a website just in one minute and chitchats for the other minor setups for your website too.

Check this out by one of the most active member from Wealthy Affiliate – Nathan, and he shows everything you need to know!

What is This Post About?

A Niche

Before building your own website, you need to think about a niche that you like to go further.

A “niche” means a product or service you got the passion about and would love to share your personal ideas to the world.

It could be your hobby, your interest, or your problem/need/health issue. They all could be your “niche”.

Imagine this, there are BILLIONS of people searching on the internet for their needs, so basically any topic works!

The other benefit to find a passion/hobby/interest as your own niche is because you won’t think it’s a routine job. But, a thing that makes you exciting instead!

It’s also important that you narrow down your target audience you want to focus on your online business.

So, be careful and thoughtful for your own niche that could burst your hard-working attitude & consistency. They would lead you to your own success in the long run.

There is no limit for a niche, literally. I personally fall in love with the super-competitive smartphone industry in recent years, so it means I could create a blog or website with all the smartphone technology & product reviews & the latest updates as much as possible for my first touch of affiliate marketing!

Still have no clue to find your niche? No problem, check this step-by-step guide to find the perfect niche.

Important Notes Before Going Further

Please FULLY understand the below notes before you scroll down further to all my instruction for your own success.

  • You would create quality content for your own niche
  • You would promote the related products & services in this niche
  • You will communicate and share ideas with the target audience that are also interested in this niche
  • You will have passion and enthusiasm about this nice and not treat it as a routine job
  • You will provide value and helpful ideas to the world and your audience
  • Don’t try to perfect everything and spend too much time on the first niche
  • A niche you are truly passionate about will bring you a full-time passive income source

Build a Website in ONE Minute

I hope you read the above notes carefully and have the basic concept about a niche, so let’s go!

There are many website-building platforms on the internet, but I am using a platform that takes less than one minute to create your own website. This powerful tool is included in Wealthy Affiliate membership and you could try it for free today. Let’s go step by step for each process and it won’t burn your brain, I promise!

Using the powerful tool called “SiteBuilder” inside Wealthy Affiliate, it takes less than one minute to create your own website. To be more precisely, 30 seconds.

First of all, click the sidebar where houses many cool tools on Wealthy Affiliate. The third from the top is Websites, you would see more powerful tools that Wealthy Affiliate to create an amazing website. But, we will only start our journey on building a website today.

After clicking Site Builder, here we come the three choices as below. “What kind of website do you want to build?”

The first one is a free domain, the middle is a domain you own or purchased already, and the last is to register a domain on Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteDomains.

If you still don’t buy what I am writing so far, it’s OK. I am just like you when I first read about Wealthy Affiliate, but eventually, I open my arms and let go of my doubts & embraced it.

Let’s go for the first one, it’s FREE. Once you click it, you are able to see there are more options to design your website. “Choose a domain name for your website” is the brand name that you want people to remember your blog. It should be something captivating, memorable, and catchy.

For example, I named my first website “” since I love the wording “blablabla”! It’s really catchy and fun to remember, right?

Which one would stay in your mind longer?

PS. SiteRubix is powered by which provides you with training, support, and tools to turn your creation into something truly valuable. Once you have purchased your own domain, you could transfer all your content at siterubix to it.

Then enter your title for your website, it should be something that could draw people’s attention and make them stay longer on your website. If they don’t stay longer on your website, you might not be able to tell them the valued stuff, right?

The last part is to choose your favorite style and layout for your website, and once it is chosen. It’s all done! Congratulations!

Watch this video to know more from the Siterubix founder – Kyle.

↑↑↑Build One Website Before Bed Tonight!

My Recommendation For Building A Website

You could go to WordPress to build your own website for free, but what is the reason I use the internal tool inside Wealthy Affiliate for the same purpose?

It’s because Wealthy Affiliate makes it less than 30 seconds to build a website. If you go your own path to build your website on WordPress directly, that’s okay too.

But, you won’t get that much support from the world-class helpful community and all the access to every powerful tool to maintain your website on Wealthy Affiliate platform.

In 2019, I think what we need is the time to focus on something bigger and more important things to cope with. That’s the reason why I chose to embrace Wealthy Affiliate.

Besides the website managing function, Wealthy Affiliate does have other great tools to offer. If you are interested today, please click HERE for more details about it.

I hope you enjoy the quickest way I found on the internet to build your own website for free Just In One Minute. If you have something related to mention about my post, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below.

Maybe, you got a better solution for this topic, please please please don’t hesitate to contact me since it might save more of my time for something bigger.

Smile Today!

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How To Start A Blog in ONE Minute?
Build Your Own Website For Free - Just In One MinuteBuild Your Own Website For Free - Just In One Minute

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