Ambit Energy Review – Is Ambit Energy A Scam?

Ambit Energy is a company sells electricity and gas for residents in 17 states of the USA, and you could make money when people turn the light or the heat on. You probably start to think “Is Ambit Energy A Scam?” But, Energy deregulation did make things happen.

Don’t panic now, I am gonna dive deep for you with all my discoveries with this article!

I want to become physical and financial freedom by online opportunities, so what I write on this website is simply to share my findings on my way to succeed online and have a digital nomad lifestyle.

My first hug for you today is you start to search an online program before the scam got it, and this is the first step to avoid online scams. Without further ado, let’s dive deep.

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What is Ambit Energy?

-Summary of Ambit Energy-

Product Name: Ambit Energy
Founders: Jere Thompson Jr. & Chris Chambless
Product Type: MLM(Electricity & Gas)
Price: $75 one-time setup fee + $24.95 monthly recurring fee to maintain your website
Rating: 30 / 100
Recommend: No

Since Ambit Energy started providing services in 2006, it has grown into the largest direct-selling energy company in the world.

It obtains business by all independent consultants(ICs) who work directly with the customers. Currently, there are around 1.2 million people using Ambit Energy and considering it as an amazing all-around value.

Usually Ambit Energy offers customers with one to two-year fixed-rate contract. Once the contracts expire, they will automatically switch to variable-rate plans unless customers manually renew the fixed-rate plans.

This rule causes many complaints and even a HUGE class action lawsuit. I will talk more about this with more details further down.

What’s inside Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy has electric, gas, solar services and Green-e plans. Depending on your location, the cost will differ. Before, we go further, you may check HERE to know your rate and compare to other suppliers.

Commercial Services

Ambit Energy helps large & small businesses to cost down their energy cost for over a decade now, and they are doing quite well.

They have commercial experts to review your current energy plan and will advise you to avoid the unnecessary fees. Besides that, they will offer you special benefits and competitive prices.

Green-e Energy

Ambit Energy is going green to leave a better world for us and the next generations, but it is only available in some areas that also limits the independent consultants to recruit business or customers who have interests in this!

Renewable energy is a very trendy topic in recent years, and Ambit Energy isn’t absent. Climate change starts to impact people’s lives in the world, we need this to stop thing going too bad.

If you are an independent consultant in the available area of green-e energy, you would grasp this opportunity into your earning. This is a win-win situation for our land and your earning!

Ambit Energy Review – Renewable energy is a very trendy topic in recent years, and Ambit Energy isn’t absent.

Solar Energy

Ambit Energy has another option as Solar Energy, and this is so environment-friendly. Ambit Energy hired Sunrun as the solar provider, but solar service is only available in 6 of their 17 states nationwide.

It is good to promote with solar energy since it’s also a renewable energy, but the limit makes it hard to work for independent consultants who live outside of these 6 states.

Ambit Energy Review – Solar Energy

How To Make Money With Ambit Energy?

Here comes the most crucial part of Ambit Energy. People join an MLM company in order to make money, so it’s always better that we know the rules then win the game.

There are three ways to make money with Ambit Energy:

  • Make people switch their energy supplier to Ambit Energy
  • Recruit people into the business(MLM) and you gain a percentage of their earnings
  • You earn money when people you recruit also recruit other people into the system

The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is the most important part of this article, and I think we all need to take it very seriously.

  • Bonus for getting customers: When you first sign yourself up, you earn 1 ambit customer point. You earn two more points when you set up your website. Once you get two customers within your first 4 weeks, you earn $100. All the way up to $400.
  • Bonus when customers in your organization get customers: help the independent consultants in your organization to get their $100, you earn $100 too. So, the more consultants under your organization reach 5 customers, the more earning you will get!
  • Promotion: As you sponsor new consultants, you get the chance to be promoted. The more you got promoted, the more you get paid. For example, you earn an additional $55 when you reach regional consultant level.
  • Residual income: Every time you pay your energy bill, you earn residual income monthly. As you help more consultants, you also earn residual income from their customers and all the way through 7 levels of your growing organization.
Let’s watch this video if you don’t like reading too much.

What I Liked About Ambit Energy

TOP#1 The Lowest Cost Than Ever

To be honest, the one-time setup cost used to be $429. It reduced to $75 now, and I think this is a great move to attract more new customers.

There is nothing better than a lower cost when you first start your journey with any MLM companies in the world, and Ambit Energy does a good job on this.

TOP#2 Green & Renewable Energy

People that find Ambit Energy for the very first time must think it’s a good way to cut their energy costs. Yes, I agree with that.

Let’s think again for the next generations! Ambit and its customers are doing the right thing to leave sustainable mother earth for all the children.

We cannot ignore this when it comes to Ambit Energy since we all need to consider the environment. Right?

TOP#3 Power at Your Fingertips

Technology made it super easy to track everything on your palms, so does Ambit Energy. You will be able to check every details in MyAmbit Mobile.

You can pay a bill, update contact information, track your electricity usage, or schedule a call with an Ambit Energy Customer Service Representative all by your fingertips.

Ambit Energy Review – Ambit Mobile App

Ugly Truth About Ambit Energy

TOP#1 Low Income Potential

At Ambit, ICs earn bonuses by referring Customers to Ambit Energy and by helping the ICs who join their team do the same. But, let’s look closer to this 2018 income disclosure from Ambit.

The average monthly income for paid ICs is around $110.62. Meaning it’s not enough to support your daily cost and your bills. It also cannot make you quit your 9-5 job any time soon.

But, some people made it to National ICs that brought them $342,753.09 annual income in the period of 2,244 days(6 years & two months) That means you need to keep working your butts off in this period time and your dream will come true one day.

Ambit Energy Review – Income Disclosure

TOP#2 It Takes Longer Than You Think

This works for both online or offline business. Since Ambit Energy is definitely not a scam, it requires you lots of time and effort.

They also mention this clearly on its 2018 income disclosure paper. Join Ambit Energy & Earn income needs your long-term commitment to your business. It’s cliche, I know.

The truth is that doing business through Ambit Energy’s MLM system is no different to other MLM companies. Nothing that lasts is built in days or weeks. I will assume you get the idea, right?

Ambit Energy Review – How to Earn Commissions Through Ambit Energy

TOP#3 Class Action Lawsuit

Ambit Energy has agreed to pay $26.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit alleging the company overcharged New York customers for the electricity and gas fee.

Like I mentioned previously, if your contract expire, it will be switched to variable plan automatically. Because of this, New York customers this is something they cannot accept since the switch process is without proper authorization.

Besides that, customers of Pennsylvania also have the similar situation, and Ambit Energy agreed to pay $9.3 million to settle claims.

This is like a bait-and-switch scheme for me. To attract more customers at first with a lower price, then switch your plan to a more expensive one in the following months.

I feel bad for NY & Pennsylvania customers, and I will pay more attention to this kind of companies or check all the negative comments before I join them.

NOTE: In Jan 2019, NY customers who filed a valid claim for N.Y. Ambit Energy rate class action settlement started to receive more than $2,000 cheque in their mail.

TOP#4 Limited Location

Ambit Energy only provides service in 17 states in the USA that includes California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Virginia.

For the Japanese and Canadian, you are welcome to check HERE & THERE.

Who Is Ambit Energy For?

Ambit Energy is not available for all states of the USA, so I would say those people that live in the 17 states are the best for Ambit Energy. If you happen to live in the cities that solar service is available, you are lucky.

In 2017, Ambit began operating in Japan and Canada, and I think it worth a try for local residents with Ambit’s energy plans.

PS. Solar service is available in California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Is Ambit Energy A Scam?

No, Ambit Energy is not a scam at all. It’s a legitimate company that sells electric, gas, solar services to all customers across the USA.

Before you really join Ambit Energy, I hope you go through my review carefully and think twice for the below three:

  1. Low income potential: You may earn less than $110.62 the first year, and some people might only join to pay their electricity and gas bills.
  2. It Takes Longer Than You Think: The enough amount to support your daily life & cover your bills I think it should be around $30k per year. Only the Executive IC and above could achieve this, and you need to work hard at least 1,140 days to become an Executive IC.
  3. Class Action Lawsuit: Ambit Energy over-charged customers of N.Y. & Pennsylvania, and they settled to pay $26.5 & 9.3 million for class action lawsuits. Old habits die hard, right?

My Alternative Way to Make Money Online

You may also choose to become of Ambit Energy independent consultant and recruit more people into the system, but I think I might go for another alternative which is Affiliate Marketing. The best part of affiliate marketing is you don’t even need to buy products from a distributor.

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I hope you enjoy this review and you are more than welcome to share ideas or leave your comments below. I will reply as soon as I can, thanks.


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