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Hello, it’s Matt, the founder of SmileAffiliateSuccess.com. I love to find all opportunities to make money online with a big smile. So, I created this blog back in 2019 to share all my findings. 

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Understanding the cold hard truth that if you cannot find a way to make money when you sleep, you will work until you die. I start looking for ways to make money online. After a few months, I finally landed on Affiliate Marketing

It helps me make my first commissions in less than one year, and my online revenue keeps growing. It has all the flexibility and balance that I want for a long time. Once you get the internet connection, you can literally WORK ANYTIME & ANYWHERE

I started this site with NO techy skills, NO prior experience, and NO writing expertise, but I still make online income. If I can do this, trust me, you surely can make it too. I decided to help people start their own online business through affiliate marketing to live a life with purpose. So, take action now and come join me today! 

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Your Affiliate Marketing Journey Starts Today!

Wanna quit your 9-5 jobs? Work anytime & anywhere? Here’s how to get started:


Learn Affiliate Marketing from the same platform I am using to make money online.


Wealthy Affiliate is a platform with 2 million members around the globe. It’s exactly the place that teaches me everything I need for an online business.


Here’s a list of my top recommended tools for you to build and scale for your website, affiliate marketing platform, SEO tools, and writing assistant.

How it works

We’re here to help you quickly understand the process of affliate marketing.

  1. Customers Search On Google
    People search for everything online these days. They will click the top 3 articles on the page 1 of Google search results.
  2. They Click To Read Your Articles
    They find your articles and click to read more about the products they like to purchase.
  3. Customers Buy Thru Your Affiliate Links
    People like your sharing and find value, and they buy the products thru your affiliate links.
  4. Earn 1-75% Commissions
    Once all done, people get the products they want, and you earn affiliate commissions.

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The best affiliate marketing platform with legitimate training courses, live training sessions, the best SEO keyword research tool, a friendly community, and other powerful features & tools in one place. I learned everything here to start my online business, and I am a happy member since day one.

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The most affordable and easy-to-use keyword research tool for all your article/video titles, headers, or even hashtags. You can easily find the competition for your keywords and the average traffic per month. It also helps you find domain names, site rankings, and brainstorming.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

I cover everything about Affiliate Marketing for beginners. You will get everything you need to start an affiliate marketing business today.

How To Find Affiliate Programs?

I will walk you through the process step by step and show you the most-used ways to find the best affiliate programs that suit you the best.

How To Start A Blog?

A step-by-step tutorial about how to start a blog. I’ll cover many topics to walk you through the whole thing, so you can build a blog effortlessly.

How To Make Money On Pinterest?

I will uncover my top secrets to tell you how I make money on Pinterest. You surely can follow my instructions to achieve the same.

See what they’re saying.

I have joined WA in February 2019 and it was the best decision of my professional life. It is completely FREE to join, so that made it for me super easy to give it a try.

Matt is a cool mate with whom I often chat and co-operate. His driven personality, the knowledge he collected, and the action he is taking are inspirational. I am really grateful for having such a “buddy” in my online journey. 

His blog serves me lately as an information base on various topics around blogging and affiliate marketing.



Founder of earningonyourterms.com

I’ve been looking for legitimate ways and means to make money online for years without any real success. However, that changed ever since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. 

Speaking of which, I’ve met Matt while I was building my online business with WA and he has been of tremendous help! Whenever I needed a push forward, Matt was always there to share advice, provide comments, and generally, help me on my way to success.

Matt is a great guy, a generous person, and a true marketing expert!

Matt’s product reviews have helped me a lot and I’ve learned much from him. His articles certainly helped me to make the right decisions online. There are many companies I haven’t heard of, and Matt’s reviews always give me all the information I need. They are detailed and well organized, easy to read.

I’m also grateful for the continuous support he gives me, being a frequent visitor to my websites, and leaving comments on my articles. I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate in 2019 and throughout my online journey Matt has been encouraging and kind, he’s a great online mate.



Founder of write-topia.com